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I've just installed FTX Central v2 and noticed that "openLC Europe" is not shown although it's listed under "Installed Products":


Installed Orbx Products
FTX Global Base Pack FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.40 September 2015
FTX Global Vector FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.35 November 2015
FTX_OLC_AA FTX openLC Base Region Version 1.10 - September 2013
FTX_OLC_EU1 FTX openLC Europe Region 1 (Baltics Demo) Version 1.10 - September 2013
FTX_OLC_EU10 FTX openLC Europe Region 10 (UK & Ireland) Version 1.00 - July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU2 FTX openLC Europe Region 2 (Scandinavia) Version 1.00 - July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU3 FTX openLC Europe Region 3 (Russia) Version 1.00 - July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU4 FTX openLC Europe Region 4 (France) Version 1.00 - July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU5 FTX openLC Europe Region 5 (Turkey) Version 1.00- July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU6 FTX openLC Europe Region 6 (Germany) Version 1.00 - July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU7 FTX openLC Europe Region 7 (Mediterranean East & West) Version 1.00- July 2014
FTX_OLC_EU8_EU9 FTX openLC Europe Region 8 & 9 (Iceland) Version 1.10 - June 2014
FTX_OLC_NA1 FTX openLC North America Region 1 Version 1.00 - September 2013
FTX Global openLC NA Alaska/Canada FTX openLC North America Alaska/Canada Version 1.00 - August 2015
Orbx Libraries FTX AA ORBX Libraries Version 160321 21st March 2016


On the support page are no patch files for the openlc. Is there a fix to get the openlc EU recognized by FTX Central v2?


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Ok, I must be looking in the wrong place.  Where do you see "FTX Global openLC NA Alaska/Canada"?  Are you confusing the "Global" entry for the OpenLC NA listing?  Because I have both OpenLC EU and OpenLC NA Alaska/Canada, and neither is listed in my FTX Central v2.

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I've just bought and installed openLC NA A/C. Then I've downloaded the latest Orbx Libraries from the support page and installed it plus the new FTX Central 2.

The other addons are quite old installations (last year or so).



So how do you generally update your openLC products?

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Ah, sorry, that's what I get for trying to work from memory.  :rolleyes:


Your listings here for FTX Global are correct, except openLC Europe is indeed absent.  Something is surely amiss here, but I am not sure what happened.  The best thing I can suggest is to go to Settings, then Troubleshooting, then Resync Orbx Products.  Also, underneath that Resync Orbx Products button, you'll notice Check Products for Updates.  That's one way to check for updates.

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Hi there,


from the multiple OLC EU entries in your list of installed Orbx products I can tell that you're not using the current version. The outdated service packs (v1.1 and 1.5) have been replaced by a new full installer. Please log into your FSS account and download the four parts of the v1.2 installer package.


Cheers, Holger

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There have been three updates since version 1.00 that you seem to have.

The update to version 1.10 was 655 mb, to version 1.15 1.6 mb and to

1.20, 91 mb.

So between them very small in comparison to the overall size of the whole


I think you could carry on using the version you have if all you want to do is

update and otherwise have no problem with it.

It still works, even if not listed in FTX Central.

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Okay, then I'll leave it as it is for now. When I get a better internet connection I might consider to download the whole (updated) package from Flightsimstore again - just for the sake of being up-to-date.


Thank you all!

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I have the same problem. Europe doesn't appear in FTX Central so I cant select it to 

apply groups...

I have installed it several times and always the same

Version is 1.2...


Somebody can help me?





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