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Adam Banks

Just scratching the surface

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I know where I am now (!!), as I left the FTX kmz file open on another PC whilst flying.


I'm not a huge fan of urban areas in flight sims - they tend to look like AutoCAD. *However* if you venture into the open country, the results can often be stunning! No buildings autogen means I can crank up the detail to maximum, sit back and watch the show!


It seems every new FTX release raises the bar. South California is full of amazing features and texures - with the most amazing atmosphere. Here are a couple of early morning flights in militay aircraft, as there seemed to be a fair few military bases where I (randomly) took off.








All these shots were taken in a relatively small (geographical) area. So much more to explore ... I've only just scratched the surface! Get SOCAL, folks quick - while the sale is on ... you won't regret it ;)





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So much to see in this area Adam and happy you are enjoying it.

I like the second last shot with your smoky old bird!

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Great shots, Adam, truly inspiring. Orbx did a bang-up job on SoCal didn't they. And like you say, a great place to zoom around in some pointy piece of airborne aggression - all those big empty spaces to roll around in. Enjoy!

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