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Great! Orbx consistently displays an enthusiasm for it's products and culture of providing the best possible products and customer service.  Hence, my addiction. :)


Living on the largess of a grateful nation, military pension - 5% pay cut in the last two years, your recent price increase caused a pause to reflect. However, you courteously timed it so that we had the opportunity to stock up during the May sale.  Your product line is constantly being improved. (for example, there were reported fps issues possibly caused by Friday Harbour as issued, after the update I've read the fps issues are now gone - and it is on my short list for purchase).  And now this!  What a business model!  Create products that are the highest quality in their niche, constantly improve those products and even add new features to already existing products, at no additional charge.  It is no wonder you have an intensely loyal following among us occasionally cranky FS addicts


And since I'm in such a good mood with my morning coffee at hand and my tabby tom snoring behind me, I'd like to mention FSS.  At the very first, I was a bit suspicious about FSS being the default store link out of FullTerrain.  However, after doing business with them, they are my primary sources for all my FS software purchases.  They have the best archive system for re-downloading my past purchases of any I know of, which is has been very helpful lately as the joys of rebuilding my hardware and reinstalling my OS and all my FS software has been upon me.  They also provide great customer service.  So whatever the relationship between Orbx and FSS, both are great businesses who provide great products and great service.


Now I will revert to my normal cantankerous persona. :)




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Thanks John, amazing things here to improve the experience!


without going into detailed dates (as I know there are none), is there a high level/tentative revised timeline for the rest of the LC product line..?

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