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active radio buttons 01 > on next, line16: argument 2 Error message

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Hi there,


is seems this problem is occurring a lot yet I could not find an answer to my problem on your forum.


I reinstalled the Base Pack 1.40 without any problems.


Trying now to reinstall the Vector (I tried the versions 1.20, 1.30 and 1.35) still gives me the same error message.


I onlmy have Prepar3d V3 installed, no FSX on my machine.


I have tried to remove the registry entries under the "The Fmightsim Store" key, no luck.


I have cleaned up the registry several times, no luck.


I have tried to setup a freshly downloaded version, no kuck.


Can you help?


Thank you.



Order Number: FSS0402092
Order Date: 2015-08-09
[ORB-727] Orbx - FTX: Global BASE

Order Number: FSS0402238
Order Date: 2015-08-10
[ORB-079] Orbx - FTX: Global VECTOR


Order Number: FSS0410567
Order Date: 2015-09-09
[ORB-089] Orbx - FTX: Global openLC Europe


Order Number: FSS0436226
Order Date: 2015-12-15
[ORB-111] Orbx - FTX: NA KFHR Friday Harbour Airport


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Hello and welcome to the forums.


The message means that the installer cannot find the registry entry for the simulator you wish to install to.

Thanks to your very clear explanation of your problem, I can tell you that the installer you are using for Vector

is not P2D v3 ready. I suspect that it is either version 2 or the version 1.30 update from the support page.

However, you need only go to your account page at the Flight Sim Store and download the latest full version (1.30) to

obtain the P3D v3 ready installer.

Once you have installed that, only then install the update to version 1.35 from the Support page, which is also P3D v3 ready.

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Yes, if you want the P3D v3 installer you will have to.

You should be aware of this (from the release announcement) too.



The openLC package is contained in four zip files and all need to be extracted for the installer to work. The four individual installers that were previously in the original version is no longer used, so there is only one exe installer file and 19 data files.



Once you have all four downloads, unzip them all into one folder with the installer, or it won't work.

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