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After finally having reached spring, I took the new Turbo Legacy for a spin. From Nice...


... across Monaco...


... to Genova.


And on the longer leg southwards, I tested the new features: an enormous climbing power, the sound of a heavily breathing pilot (made my daughter shiver), virtual oxygen supply. Check the instruments for altitude, climb rate and ground speed!


Crossing Pisa, already descending...


... towards la Isola d´Elba...


... and into Marina di Campo. A nice combination of a fast bird with IFR equipment, still suited for short runways.


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19 hours ago, Bugdani said:

Nice trip !


19 hours ago, Voyager said:

Wonderful screenshots!

All very nice and so suggestive!



16 hours ago, Ziggy said:

Awesome set of shots! :)


7 hours ago, Taph said:

Beautiful set


Thank you, mates!



17 hours ago, RJ said:

Turbo or Speedy Legacy? :D

The turbo version, RJ. First I was surprised to hear the singing sound during take-off. And then came the amazing performance, compared to the regular one.


7 hours ago, daladna said:

hi, look at accelerometer, legacy real air equilibrist only 1.5g was used, you are not fighter pilot, man! are you? lol

nice pictures and super accuracy flight :)

thank you

Well, sometimes I really like to spin this bird to much higher G´s. And listen to the cracking carbon... In virtual this works!


2 hours ago, jaydor said:

A cracking little trip out, I guess to sample the local vine?  Yes?  :D:D

Si, si, naturalmente. Il magnifico rosso... :blink:

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On 18.3.2016 at 7:41 PM, Iain Emms said:

Fine set these.



Thank you, Iain!


1 hour ago, Bermuda425 said:


The second from the bottom looks so dynamic - it's almost an optical illusion that makes the propeller come to life!

I don´t know how this happened, Bermuda. Maybe the reduced rpm during descend?


On 18.3.2016 at 5:53 PM, Maurizio Giorgi said:

It really seems it was a nice trip! :) Crackling screenshots!!

... and I am sure it will be even nicer around Nice once that certain add-on is ready... ;)

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