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No Feakin way!!!!!!:o


This is Awesome!!!! 


I say every ORBX airport is a must have but this is definitely a "Must have" airport (for me anyway ;)) this is going to be amazing!!


Great work (as usual) so far! :)

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It looks magnificent, I can hardly wait for the launch. I am not an expert at this, is it going to fit in with the default Microsoft Telluride Mission?

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You have made me a very happy camper!  My old stomping grounds!  A buddy has a cabin on that lake to the south.  I've hiked all over these mountains for years, and the chance to fly them is most welcome!    You even got the aspens covering Wilson Mesa right! 


Someone put put that poor broken-legged deer out of his misery please!

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Thanks very much guys, appreciate the feedback :)


20 hours ago, hwh83 said:

It looks magnificent, I can hardly wait for the launch. I am not an expert at this, is it going to fit in with the default Microsoft Telluride Mission?


I can 100% verify that it does work with the default "Telluride Landing" mission (which, incidentally, is referenced in the Telluride Airport Wikipedia page) - just for a laugh I tried the mission out a few weeks ago, and it works no problems :)


11 hours ago, Dom Mason said:

Incredible runway, even better than Sedona !


10 hours ago, BrianV said:

I look forward to flying in the thinner air.


This is something I've been discovering over the past couple of months - it's certainly a more challenging approach than Sedona due to the higher altitude and higher likelyhood of adverse weather. 


3 hours ago, Griphos said:

You even got the aspens covering Wilson Mesa right! 


Griphos, I am very glad you noticed the Aspens - the closest default vegetation type left much to be desired, so I ended up making an entirely new autogen vegetation set to better capture the feel of the trees on the nearby Mesa. When I visited the area a couple of years ago, these were something that really stood out to me, so I invested a little extra time on them. 


1 hour ago, Pavel.K said:

I was hoping for a payware Telluride. But no sloped runway? This is a huge disappointment for me. I am sorry.


Hi Pavel, as you may know, the infamous runway dip at TEX was removed a little while back. They closed the airport runway for an entire summer during 2009 to reduce the height difference by approximately 40ft, as well as some other major changes such as the addition of EMAS to both runway thresholds. As such, there isn't really any need for a sloped runway in the scenery, as this feature of the real-life airport no longer exists - particularly when you factor in the several major trade-offs/limitations a sloped runway introduces. I did, however, model the eastern third of the airport site as a single 3D terrain model, as I discovered that I wouldn't be able to model the sloped terrain, access roads and drainage tunnel within the limitations of the 5m mesh slider setting. You may notice this in some of the shots above, including the overview pic of the rwy27 threshold. I've also attached a quick comparison image of the runway from pre- and post-2009 showing the changes made.





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...and looking at the above real-world pictures, I am amazed and grateful. How lucky we all are with developers like you and your ORBX colleagues that can produce airports and landscapes so closely matching the real world using state-of-the-art technology. Years ago, I was excited flying around with a couple of pixels on a Commodore 64, then the early versions of FS, and now P3D v3 with outstanding image quality complemented by real weather and next-to-real simulated aircraft behavior. Creativity and technical drive continuously pushes the boundaries, just imagine where we might be 10 years from now if what we already have is so outstanding. Breathtaking!

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Thank you so much Jarrad!  I was wondering if you were going to take on KTEX!   - Well, you took the challenge, and from the looks of it, have succeeded once again !! :D


Thanks for bringing another ORBX Airport area to Colorado! 

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