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When I load into the default KMDT with vector completely enabled, i have water showing through the terrain and missing parts of the airport covered by water. When I disable ORBXVECTOR_CVX and ORBXVECTOR_EXX in the scenery library these problems go away. There is no option to enable or disable KMDT in the AEC so what could be causing this problem? 

Airport coordinates are  40.1931° N, 76.7633° W


With CVX AND EXX disabled




With both enabled






Any help would be appreciated.





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On March 2, 2016 at 5:24 PM, Stewart Hobson said:

I see about the same thing.  Vector is drawing the shoreline in a different location than where Global thinks it is.  Worth reporting to Pilot's for correction.  Somebody should pick up on your post soon.


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Stewart, there is nothing to understand.

The screenshots and location provided by  JB and the comparison with Google Maps provided by me should

equip the staff at Vector with the ability to quickly produce a remedy.

I have no means other than this forum of bringing things to the attention of Vector staff.

I cannot make them look at the forum but at least this topic will have all the required information ready.

You will see that I have edited the title for the same reason.

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  • Nick Cooper changed the title to Vector shoreline issue at KMDT

Hi guys,


I'm going to weight in here.  I've carefully checked and while the coastline is not accurate it doesn't interfere with the runway KMDT.thumb.jpg.913015e5ad14b40202c8082d8although I will agree the fence is in the water.  It so happens I did KMDT as a freeware airport for Pack 25 and when it's released (soon I think) the fence will be on dry land.  I will mention to Bernd about the shoreline not being as accurate as it might be.


Cheers, Neil

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Thank you, Neil and Bernd.  The OP had been waiting for several days, so I decided to help out when I noticed the same problems he was having. Will check out KMDT now, since Pack 25 has been released.


Edit to add:  This one looks much better now.  However, the shore opposite the runway, on the other side of the river, has some issues with the water creeping up the sides of the shore.  Not a game breaker for me, however.

Edited by Stewart Hobson
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