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noted R00189 - Vector Road in the sea at Unalaska

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At Unalaska (PADU) there's a vector road that crosses the coast and into the sea.
This is at the southern end of the PADU runway.  In the real world the coastline has been built out to allow the end of the runway to be extended, but FTX Vector's coastline does not reflect this. The road is supposed to run around this extension.  The vector road is correct but the vector coastline is not.
At the Northern end of the runway in real life the coastline has again be extended out to allow runway extension and again the vector coastline does not reflect this.
These man-made extensions now represent the actual coastlne.


With FTX Global and Vector the Dutch Harbour area generally looks brilliant, but what is given by one hand is taken away by the other, when FSX default scenery objects and airports are broken in the process (misplaced objects, water cliffs, double bridges).  This sort of thing can be seen at water side airfields and cities in many locations, but Alaska being a great place to fly (and having rather knobbly terrain) stands out in particular (it's ORBX's fault for drawing me to the region with the wonderful SAK).


So I feel saddened, but also a little bit annoyed that I've shelled out to improve the way FSX looks, only to introduce new realism shattering defects.
Is there a plan for a bit of joined up thinking here, to add some token fixes within Vector to correct selected airports and FSX default objects that get broken by vector's improved accuracy?
I'm not suggesting anything extensive, just tweaks here and there. It would be diifficult to argue that such work is outside of Vector's remit, since the product is designed to work with and improve FSX/P3D. That is Vector's raison d'être.

Anyway, I don't mean to sound ungrateful and in other respects I am very happy with FTX Global and Vector otherwise, so thank you, but you know...


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I'll fix the PADU coastline issue for the next update.


The other problem(s) you mentioned are something we are considering, maybe for one of the updates following the next one. The main reason for most of these issues is, that FSX didn't have accurate data and they decided to adapt their objects to this wrong data which of course - once you replace the underlying vector data - leads to some of these effects.



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Thank you Bernd.
I do appreciate that the original FSX stuff is often misplaced and that Vector is now just exposing the original flaws.
I can imagine that you probably find it as frustrating as the rest of us at times.

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