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Shine bright like a diamond

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Speeding northwards out of Balgo Hill...


... across Mt Argyle Diamond Mine. Looks like the search for carbon is done more systematically there.


Coming to the tropical zone...


... and into Darwin, the metropolis of the north.


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2 hours ago, RJ said:

Most impressive! :)


2 hours ago, Iain Emms said:

Great set of shots.




1 hour ago, Voyager said:

Impressive screenshots!

Fantastic airplane ever!



1 hour ago, MZee1960 said:

Great set,  Gerold  !     ....... I see this shiny bird bug is becoming contagious !       ;)    :)


1 hour ago, BradB said:

Superb shots Gerold !! .




Thanks, mates. She is shiny & robust enough for those flights...



2 hours ago, VH-KDK said:

WOnderful shots Gerold.

Plenty of lightning up north at the moment in the Wet.

Indeed, Martyn, I had to experience this on my subsequent flights with real weather. Either low & slow, or blind you have to go...

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4 hours ago, Taph said:

Fine set


14 hours ago, gumbypickett said:

Nice shots. Interesting aircraft :huh:




14 hours ago, lifejogger said:

Super shots, really like the P-38!!!!


21 hours ago, Orbxtreme said:

Very nice, the first shot is a real eye opener to start a set!


Thanks for your kind comments, mates!

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2 hours ago, ydelta said:

Find light in the beautiful sea 

I choose to be happy...

Nice set mate!

Thanks, mate!


1 hour ago, dolf8857 said:

Nice polished befor the flight . . . AND the nice shots!

All for some good screenies...

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19 hours ago, Airwolf said:

Excellent shots


15 hours ago, boetie said:

A fine set Gerold :)


12 hours ago, adambar said:

Super set of shots Gerold!! :)


14 hours ago, Aussieflyer38 said:

Really nice set Gerold. Glad to see you like flying Oz:D



Thanks for your comments, mates. Like I said, I need to fly in the red center from time to time...

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4 hours ago, Bermuda425 said:

These shotz are top-of-the-line!




Great to be reminded of these shots after 6 weeks. As I fly consecutively, it is amazing to see how "far" I have flown in this time...

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