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I have all of ORBX's UK and although I fly around London a lot I hardly ever fly into Heathrow.

Well, with FS Economy I had a landing to make at EGLL, it was a good landing but when I taxied to the gate before I got there I crashed into something invisible.

So I did some testing, I placed my plane at ALL the gates, 99% of them, instant crash.  One or two I could push back then taxi and when I taxied, wham, crashed into something invisible.

I always leave crash detection for AIRCRAFT off but the other one on.  Stress off too.


This is very puzzling.  Any ideas?

FSX Gold, Win 7 64.  ASN, Track IR.




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I have the same problem with Heathrow Airport in Orbx scenery. Crashes for absolutely no reason (hitting something invisible or whatever). Either when launching a flight or taxiing. There's something seriously messed up with that airport, I reckon. Needs looking into.


Turning off crash detection does appear to solve the problem, but it shouldn't be necessary. And there are some add-ons (like FSPassengers) where crash detection is required (or maybe the setting is changed automatically when it loads).

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