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Just jumped into Prepar3D - Carenedo, REX and PMDG

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Instead of investing so much time on my FSX installation (eg. getting my Saitek controls working well) I decided to jump into prepar3d. I did a couple of flights yesterday and without a doubt it is better than FSX (even the Steam version). I have been flying flight simulator since something like 1989 so this is an emotional day for me (well not really).

I installed one of the Carenedo planes and it seemed to be ok. I see that the others I own are only for version P3D V2. Any installed what they call V2 compatible into V3? 

I notice that the weather isn't quite what I was used to in FSX since I had Rex installed. I see that Rex is only compatible for V2. Does anyone have any information on that?

Same goes for PMDG. I think I would need to buy the P3D versions of my PMDG products. Is that true?

Thanks for the help. I searched these forums but couldn't find the answer. 

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I see that each of your three questions has nothing to do with FTX products.

I will move the topic to the Pilot's Lounge and with luck, someone will give you


I expect however, that the answers will already be on the respective product's


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Carenado have only a limited number of officially v3 compatible products.


I use REX4 Texture Direct which is definitely v3 compatible. Not sure about some of their older products though.


PMDG add-ons are absolutely either FSX or P3D, but not both. If you have FSX versions and you want P3D ones you will have to buy them again from scratch.


As Nick said though, the forums specific to each company is probably a much better place to go for specific compatibility information.

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