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I fully uninstalled FSX and FSX-SE, removed all traces of both programs from the App Data, Documents and ProgramDAta folders.  I also ran a registry cleaner and ran Microsoft MSKB928080 in order to remove all traces of both programs.  I then purchased a new dedicated SSD to reinstall FSX-SE.


Upon resinstalling ORBX, Global, Vector and LC installed no problem, however, reinstalling the regions I get an error stating Scenery.cfg not found.  Just wondering how to correct this problem.  Is it because I am using an older installer with patches and need to uninstall and download the latest installers ?


Also, FTX Central 2 keeps asking me which sim I want to use FSX or FSX-SE....how can I fix this problem.  I don't have FSX boxed installed.  





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I have been able to achieve the registry matching the FSX Steam Edition file structure.  I no longer get both showing up when opening FSX Central 2.  I think this fixes the problem but I will need to reinstall these regions.

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I am thinking I may need to do as you originally suggested and try to make FSX installers think that my Steam install is really an FSX Install.  I guess my quesiton is this, are there any issues with me having FSX-SE installed in the normal Steam folders i.e.  F:\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX and then the appdata folders being FSX-SE named rather than FSX ?




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The location of the FSX root folder doesn't matter.


If FSX Steam is installed onto a system where there has never been a version of FSX,

it will set up with FSX folders and its file structure and registry entries will be identical

to that of FSX boxed.

In this case, FTX installers will recognise it as FSX and work correctly.


If FSX Steam is installed onto a system which has an FSX installation already, or as in this

case, where there has been one and traces remain, it will set itself up in "coexistence" mode.

This means additional registry entries and the renaming of the external folders to FSX-SE.

In this case, the FTX installers will recognise it as FSX Steam Edition and install to the modified

file structure.

Unfortunately, there will then be problems with FTX Central, such as it looking for the scenery.cfg

file in FSX when it is in FSX-SE.


For these reasons, it is far better to set FSX Steam Edition up in the FSX boxed format and then

use the FTX FSX installer option.

This is not a "trick" or "hack", it is correcting errors caused by installing to a system that has not been

fully cleaned of the previous FSX version.




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Nick, one more question for you.


I backed up the registry before deleting the FSX boxed entry but now realize that I backed up the full registry and not this individual entry.  Will the ORBX Registry Tool re-enter it or do I need to find another way to do this ?  thanks.

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The Orbx registry tool will add the correct registry entry for the installers to find your FSX installation.

Depending on what else is there, you may need to also run the FSX Registry Utility and ensure that

both entries are correct and point to the same location.

If you need to reset them, make sure that the Add to current user key box is ticked. 

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