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Happy New Year,


I am having problems with Vector. First, I set up a flight out of PAJN. When I went to the airport, it was about 20 feet underground. There was a wall all around the airport and on the runway. I opened FTX Central and ran AES. It ran for about 3 minutes the gave me a netframework 'system out of memory' error. Second, I tried a flight out of LFMN. The airport was OK but the montains is the distance became tall white cliffs. I have never had this problem before and am not sure what to do now.



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Hello Dan,


                 Do you have FTX Central 2 in Hybrid Mode? How much room is on your hard drive? with SOM error do you receive a report you can post on that? Please post Scenery Library Placement along with a screenshot and coordinates of the areas you describe. Also when you click APPLY on the Configurator are there any airports Enabled or Disabled in the list?

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Hi Richard,

Thanks for getting back to me. This is what I have found so far. The airport in question is PAJN at 58.365 -134.597.

 When I run FTX Central 2 with Hybrid Mode off with FTX Global applied, the airport is not underground and I have the default P3D scenery. When I set Hybrid Mode on with FTX Global applied, the airport is underground and I get the Orbx scenery. When I set FTX Central 2 to North America, I get the airport underground with Orbx scenery.

I have 1TB SSD with about 600GB free.

As far as the AEC is concerned, when I run auto-configure in FTX Global, I do not get any errors. When I run it in North America, I get the error.

The airport is not on the list.

The problem with LFMN seems to have sorted itself out. 

I have enclosed screen shots of PAJN, the error and my insertion points. I have also enclosed a copy of my scenery. cfg file. 


If you need any more info, just let me know.






Insertion points.jpg

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How much RAM do you have on your PC and when this error occurs, how much of it is reserved and/or free? Maybe we can fix this problem by giving you a 64bit build of VECTOR Configurator. I'll prepare one and we can test it on your system.



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