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Hey, I bought ORBX Friday Harbor and installed it for my fsx steam edition and it's still default scenery but now the level is higher so some runways are under the ground but the entire scenery of airport and around is still default, how can I fix this?   This is my order number FSS0437586

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Also this has kinda happened to me, in some airports when I go in North England I bought an addon, but not ORBX, and when I land at like NEwcastle it is higher then then the rest of the scenery and so there is like a sudden cliff of a couple meters that gos straight up all around the airport.

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Hi Firetruck,


Extract from FSS (Flight Sim Store) KFHR Friday Harbor product page.

Orbx - FTX: NA KFHR Friday Harbour Airport

AUD$32.95 AUD$21.40
Available Options:
Delivery Option: Instant DownloadDownload with DVD-ROM (Digital Media Service) (+AUD$7.95)
License Type: Regular End UserCommercial End User (+AUD$626.05)
Help? Click the Add to Cart button to add this product to your shopping cart.  
Compatibility: FSX, Prepar3D v1/v2/v3
Rewards Points: Earn 25 FlightSim Rewards with this purchase
 Download this page as a PDF  
Orbx - FTX: NA KFHR Friday Harbour Airport
P3D2_Ready_Logo.png v3banner.jpg

This is an Orbx FTX airport, and as such a copy of FTX: NA Blue Pacific Northwest must be installed prior to use.



Also here:
Extract from Fullterrain.com ( KFHR Friday Harbor)  bottom of product pagehttps://www.fullterrain.com/product/kfhr





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Thank you for the screen shot.

Nothing of the airport and its surroundings are to be seen.

It looks as if it is not active.

You will need to check your scenery library for FTX_AA_KFHR



This is what you should be seeing, in this shot I have no other FTX products

active, the scenery library is FSX default with only those two entries added.

Yet I still see this


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There are spoonfeeding limits, If it were in blazing red capitals with flashing lights someone would complain that they can't see red text.


Your installation does look rather default still. And because you also have no PNW Region the textures aren't blended and possibly KFHR is not yet active in your Scenery Library

Nick has already written while I was head down typing.

Quick question though - Does "FTX_AA_KFHR"  appear in your FSX Scenery Library the KFHR PDF documentation should show a step-by-step procedure how to manually install and make active.

You should also have the Latest Orbx Libraries installed. And have opened FTXCentral to Enable the supporting Region PNW  or Global +Hybrid, although until you have PNW you might be manually activating KFHR into the FSX Scenery Library as a (Stand Alone Product).

Edited by Jeff Gilmour
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Looking at your files, you seem to have Friday Harbor properly installed.

What you don't have is any scenery library entries for it.

These should be written to the sceney.cfg file which is in 

C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\FSX, which you should now be able to see.

Check that there is no FSX-SE folder in the Microsoft folder.


When you open FTX Central, do you see at the left, Default?

At the right, do you see Friday Harbor listed?

Better still, can you open FTX Central and post a screenshot of it?

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Copied from earlier in the topic.


You need to go to this page and download and install the latest libraries.

When you have done that, you will have a new app, FTX Central.

You will need to open that and click on Apply Group.

Among other things, it will write the scenery library entries in for you.

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It is very important that when you have finished installing the last product, you then install the latest libraries.

Do this now.

Then when you have done that, open FTX Central select Default and click on Apply Group.

Now you have PNW installed, you will have also a North America Group.

Select that and click on Apply Group and it should all look as it has been designed.

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I can see nothing wrong with the files or your scenery library now.

Cycle from Default to North America a couple of times and if FSX

keeps going long enough, do a screen shot of Friday Harbor now.

I will need to know what the error message is when FSX stops.

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Okay, gonna take a screenshot of friday harbor but I know the rest of the locations are still default because the quality isn't clear and for example I went to seattle and it was still default, didn't have anything the pictures showed

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