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Welcome to Friday Harbor Airport and San Juan Island!


It’s been a busy few months for Turbulent Designs, but we’re pleased to finally bring our biggest project yet to the quad installer!


Friday Harbor has been a huge project, not just because of the HD airport quality, but also because of the huge photo real coverage area. That’s right! Not only do you receive a high quality airport, but you’ll also have the entire of San Juan Island photo real to explore! In addition to Friday Harbor Airport, there are seven smaller airfields including Roche Harbor and Burden Field and two seaplane bases. San Juan Island is a GA pilot’s paradise!


We have also added extra features to the quad installer version, including a fully modelled control tower interior, improved night lighting, branding, hard winter season, more flow technology and extra clutter objects from the updated Turbulent Designs HD object library. We’ve also optimised the photoreal imagery for improved performance.


Here’s a quick feature list followed by some “Work in progress” shots. Please keep in mind that these beta shots are of a product currently in development so can be subject to change over time. In other words, more can be added and improved.

December 15th is closer!

More shots from the Beta team imminently!




·         Modeled control tower interior at KFHR

·         + Improved night lighting on KFHR buildings

·         + New clutter objects

·         + Added Hard Winter season

·         + Blended to NA Pacific Northwest

·         + Added “Flow” technology

·         Ground imagery at 15cm per pixel for the airport

·         The whole of San Juan Island in 60cm per pixel photo-real

·         Custom 5m terrain mesh for the entire island

·         Beautifully modeled airport, marina and fishing village

·         Updated ferry traffic

·         Made from actual onsite photographs taken at the airport

·         Incredibly detailed ground poly runway, aprons and lights

·         People Flow

·         Nature Flow

·         Accurate watermasks for the shores

·         Fully optimized for excellent performance

·         Expertly colour matched

·         Control Panel for optional content control


·         KFHR Friday Harbor (Main airport)

·         1WA9 Friday West

·         WA09 Roche Harbor

·         61WA Burden Field

·         2W4 Kanaka Bay

·         2W7 False Bay

·         1W4 Schoolhouse Field

·         3WA5 Hidden Meadows

·         W33 Friday Harbor Seaplane base

·         W39 Roche Harbor Seaplane base

We hope you enjoy!


Greg, Russ & James



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Absolutely beautiful, I'm really looking forward to this one! I don't know if it's appropriate to ask in this announcement thread, but I'd really love to see some shots of Roche Harbor, I have a soft spot for that place... ;)



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Looking great and eagerly looking forward to the 15th! In the real world, I visited Friday Harbor a couple of years ago with Kenmore air seaplane and really enjoyed it including a bike ride up to Roche Harbor and the historical English camp in the national park. From the looks of it I am sure your new location will bring back many more happy memories while exploring the island and airfields.

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Hello Orbx team ! Do you ensvisage an update for the NA AI traffic pack (with Kenmore Air and San Juan airlines for example) ? Best regards.? 

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I second that request for an update to the NA AI pack for the upcoming Friday Harbour scenery. It would really add to the fun with some realistic AI flights to and from the Island. I am very impressed already with the NA Traffic package for PNW, it adds so much value flying in the area for me.



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Just curious, as this is the default airport, is there a way of having the Control Panel bypassed so that this one spot is just automatically optimised every time we start FSX to go for a simple quick flight, rather than having to go to the control panel first and physically setting NA.


It's just a though to make life easy for those who want a quick session, without having to do too much setting up.




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Spacey, You can save a flight or make it the default if you plan to depart there a lot.   That is going to be my new default starting flight in P3d after it is released.  As far as FTX Central, if you own Global, place it Hybrid mode and you can start there whenever you want.  Russel will have to comment about what elements that will be missing or incorrect if using Hybrid mode.



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