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Thank you to ORBX , for ORBX Europe .


I am from Australia and have a fascination with English History . From Ethelred onwards .


I have crissed-crossed your continent , low and slow (sometimes looking for ancient castles) and I am still amazed how this small Island was defended in WW2 against overwhelming odds .


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Your interest in history reminded me of a story i heard of King Harold inspecting his soldiers before the Battle of Hastings  in 1066.

he asked the 1st soldier ..What do you do.soldier says I'M an AXEMAN..harold says well you chop as many of them Norman heads off as you can.I will sir he replies

he asks 2nd soldier.what do you.he says i'm a SWORDSMAN..harold says well stab as many as you can for me.i will sir he replies

he asks 3rd soldier what do you do..he says I'M an ARCHER..harold says you better watch that you'll have someones eye out.


  steve :)

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