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Lesson learned: Have some extra fuel on board!

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It looked so sunny when we started in Kamloops...





... and the view from Mara´s Lookout should also be fine (you can spot the hut at the end of the road under the DC-3).



But Three Valley Gap looked already suspicious, ...







... and the city of Revelstoke was already hidden.



This is the moment, when a usual flight would come to a go-around...



... but the common simmer goes a bit further >:D !



At least I saw the runway... :blink:



But with 3 approaches it was impossible to land. So I had to divert to a place with instrument supported landing, in fact the most suited one was Kamloops, again. Not Ryan Air style to have so much fuel on board, but in this case a good practice.

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Great shots Gerold! I like it when the weather is changing so quickly! Makes the flight much more interesting... ;):)


Well, I usually panic! Not a good quality for a pilot but... :)


Bingo fuel and deteriorating weather , right in your wheelhouse Gerold . 8)>:(:blink::D




Great set Gerold.

So good when the weather closes in and makes the landing a challenge.

Would not like to try it in RL.


Marvelous journey! Well, better luck next time!



Fantastic set Gerold, 1st one is a mega beauty!


lovely shots, and a nice story too!


Thank you all. I know you would have been in similar situations in your simming life...  8)

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