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ACTIVE Keep getting elevation issues at airports.

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I have run the Vector elevation tool many times but I still keep getting issues at airports (usually my landing airport for some reason).  I come in the land and when I get close the runway is below the grass.  This is happening at default airports, addon airports and at KEGE.  Its very random and definitely not at every airport but I have no idea how to fix it once and for all.  Any help appreciated.  thanks.


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"This is happening at default airports, addon airports and at KEGE."


Something is not right for sure.  I am assuming you are running the Sim with GLOBAL active and not NA?


Since you are flying mostly in GLOBAL make sure this is active and Hybrid is selected.


Then open the tools and run AEC.  But, before see what was your last airport in the exception list on the right side.  Once you apply the AEC run, see if you list has changed on the right. 


I never leave Global / Hybrid when I fly.

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