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DC6 in California


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A lovely trip back in time. CadillacFlow at the airports would suit well... ;D


CadillacFlow... Great idea! ;):)



Great shots, I'm sure there's a lot of forum followers


that would have travelled on these old birds. ???


cheers Gumby



Super set of shots.





Very nice !!!




Ooo yes! In a Belgian air force'one to Solenzara, Corsica.... in '74



Mind-blowing captures mate! Well done!




Thanks a lot to all for your kind comments! :)

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A stunning set with fantastic looking classic bird!



After seeing these smashing shots , it is time to bring my DC-6 out of retirement too . 8):D







Reminds me of my last flight in a DC6 - after discharge from USAF at McChord (KTCM) in 1960.  United (UAL) DC6 from KSEA to KPDX to KPDT to KBOI to KSLC to KDEN.  The milk run.



Impressive set again, awesome plane too Karsten!



Thank you very much mates! :)

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Excellent set Karsten.


Love the DC-6



Never went on a DC-6 but my first flight was on a BOAC DC-7C in '58.



I love this sequence of shots



Great shots Karsten, really takes me back.





Outstanding set of shots Karsten! :smile:



Super shots of a great lady, congratulations Karsten !



fantastic set of shots, those classic aircraft always look great. 



A great set of shots!!

I'll have to dust off my DC 6 and take her for a rip! :)



Thanks a lot for your comments! Glad you like the shots!

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