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noted R00174 - EHAM Schiphol

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I suspect it is a Vector problem, EHAM is a little bit messy... :wacko:


Higways crossing taxiways, parkings, other higways (when they should be at different level), vehicules disappearing in the middle of the higway (I think they should go underground).





Same with the default FSX mesh and FreeMeshX - AEC don't list EHAM (neither Enabled, nor Disabled).


Global + OpenLC Eu + Vector

All Transportation options On


Windows 7 64bits


No other scenery in that area


Any clue ?


Thanks - Gérard

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Regarding the highways in EHAM - I can fix the issue that highways are rendered where they should in fact go "underground". However, I can't continue the highways by adjusting the mesh and placing a real tunnel there. So the second screenshot is what you will also see in the future, because essentially the highway simply ends there.


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