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Without John V's industry output, since the Oz days...would I still be in this hobby?

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Flying today with Global/NA OpenLC (Canada/Alaska) in play, enroute outbound from CYMO, with supporting weather and vector data in play, I was wondering to myself, would flight simming still hold my interest, at the level today, it still shines from?


If John V's entry, into the genre, had never taken place?


Honestly?  Honestly pondering?  The answer is; I don't know.


Here are three shots enroute, from Moosonee, Ontario, with tundra below me at 6,000 ft, that looks like the real deal. The real deal!  As far as I am concerned, personally, I have arrived as 'as real as it might get'.












Below, are three grabs out of Alaska, and folks, to this flight simmer's mind....I accept this as truly as close to real life and visuals, that can be had in an artificial, computer-driven virtual world. It is simply crystal clear, and the life detail and mimicry, is amazing to take in in fly over's.













Without the above six examples of what I can visually experience, each fire up of FSX:MS, I can only say, that it is ORBX (for scenery injection) that keeps me in the virtual pilot seat.  If I would be flying over basically, stock FSX output....I would have probably since it RTM'ed, have moved on to other endeavors.


Thanks John for entering the game. Thanks ORBX/(and supporting contractors) for keeping me there, as well...



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If it was not for ORBX I would have given this away many years ago.

I remember way back I was gobsmacked when "VOZ" was released.

Wondering how many of the "old" crew from the VOZ days are still around ?

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John has given us the FSX we have always been wanted from Microsoft.


Without Orbx the world between the airports would be monotonous and boring


Thank's John - Thank's ORBX Team for your fantastic work!


Hope we will have in the future one big ORBX World also with Europe from north to south und west to east , Asia  and Africa etc.


regards Ted :)


PS: Nice Pics from PNW User 

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Without getting too 'enthusiastic' ;) , I am in the painful process of reinstalling FSX. At each stage I had a flight around Friday Harbour. In default FSX I thought 'Hey, this isn't too bad'. Next FTX Global. Oh, that's a lot better! Then came Vector, up another notch. Finally PNW and libraries. Now that's what I'm talkin' about! :blink:

The point I'm trying to make is this, we/I take it for granted how marvelous FSX looks like these days and it is, in my case anyway, all down to OrbX. It's cost me a bleedin' fortune but thanks anyhow. :D

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Without ORBX I would have never known about addon's period......My friend Creekdog discovered them in 2010 and have just been amazed ever since.....Before that we only flew vanilla FSX with a few freeware aircraft...

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How many of you began with the first FS? I began with #3 1988




I bought them all and still have them.

But FSX became more nice in 2000


That said, yes, without some companies like ORBX, Fly Tampa, Aerosoft and a few others... Many would have left the hobby because our big powerful computer would laugh at FSX only... and laugh at stock FSX scenery and for sure be tired of looking at the same kind of house FSX as.


JV and the gang got us hooked big time, the hardcore fan and customer like us are sold way before a product get out.


To be honest, this year and the past one have been so interesting with new stuff like PAGO, Norway, airport outside region with the use of Global.


There is not much left to show in the USA considering the OZ Grand Canyon is free and done NICELY... they are doing all the crazy nice place in the USA.


I love full fat region, for now I'm not ready for vector or LC stuff. Region are way more detailed. It suit me well.

I consider PAGO like a mini region... And what Jarrad just did with KEGE, well it's crazy, it's a micro region.... love it.


Cheers, Ben

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Proud to have been VOZ member 125 and become a "Bloody Legend" on the Forum (remember those great OZ rankings 8) ), proud to be a continuing member of its freeware successor OZx, rapt to be a customer of Orbx/FTX - I stopped updating my sig with FSS Order Numbers some time ago.


Thanks JV and an unsurpassed development team including, of course, JayKae and Adrian, the IT and delivery genuises.


Would I still be simming without their input?  Probably.


Would it be one thousandth as good?  Not bloody likely ;)

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