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Australian Airports/Any new ones in the pipeline

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Hello All,


Just out of curiosity, was wondering if there will be any more Australian airports being developed in the future. Alot has been happening in the world of ORBX, so many new airports and projects and more money to spend.


I would like to think that ORBX has not forgotton us aussie's, and that new Australian airports are on the go sometime in the near future. Without ORBX, my sim would be boring.

When ORBX came on the scene back in, crikey's, many moons ago, I was hooked. Purchased my first ORBX Australian airport, and it was clear that you guys are the masters for sure.

Seems now the whole planet is being covered and it is just awesome.


I also remember when I first meet JV and some of the team at the 2011 Avalon Airshow. So much has happened with the expansion of ORBX. Keep up the amazing work team, and perhaps one day we may see some new aussie airports.





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Pity is that there are not too many "Developed" airports left to do in Aus, almost all the majors have been done (Except Bankstown, I think, and no one seems to want to tackle that).. and perhaps Perth. How about you guys put a list together that might interest the crew? My wish for sure is Bankstown. Teecee.

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Hello Teecee,


Well it was worth a go Teecee. I have a list but not sure if anyone will really care so I will put it up here anyways.


Victoria : Wangaratta, Mildura, Swan Hill, Sale


New South Wales : Broken Hill, Dubbo, Bankstown


Queensland: Toowoomba, Townsville, Mackay, Longreach


Northern Territory: Darwin, Gove, Tennant Creek


Western Australia: Perth, Kalgoorlie, Esperance


South Australia: Cobber Pedy, Ceduna


Tasmania: Hobart, Wynyard


This is just a few that come to mind. I do know that some airports are covered with OZx. Can only try Teecee.





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Interesting list Sam.. Darwin, Coober Pedy, and Wynyard are available at Oziex I believe, as for the rest, with a few exeptions most are too small to be payware I would imagine.. and unfortumately the lads at Oziex are not turning out many freeware updates in recent years. Hobart souds like a goer though..Teecee.

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