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[Airport - KML] Comprehensive KMZ for all ORBX and Freeware Pack airports

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I have put together and attached a KMZ file that locates and documents all Orbx payware and freeware airports in addition to those that are contained in the freeware NA and EU packs. It should be up-to-date as of end July.


Blue GE locators are used for Orbx payware and green for Orbx freeware.

Yellow locators identify the NA and EU freeware packs.


Hope its of use to someone besides myself.



To install into Google Earth, just unzip and double click on the KMZ file. This will place it into GE's "Temporary Places" from where it can be dragged into the "My Places" navigator to make it permanent.

ORBX Airports.zip

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PS:   You need to double-click on the airport names or codes in the GE Places window to go direct to that airport where you will be be positioned about 1000' above it and able to see runway headings and markings.

A single click will only display a banner with the name of the airport.

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i had started this kind of file last year but some parts are not up to date (especially freeware global airports and Aerosoft).

It contains products of ORBX, OZx,  Aerosoft, FranceVFR+occitania vfr, RTMM, fsaddons, Alan Blencowe airports, BlueSkyScenery Area and FSX stock airports+Navaid.



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Outstanding, thank you so much for creating an up to date version of this. Also Nirgal76, thank you as well! I wish some chap would invent a flight planning GE plugin, it would be quite useful for planning site seeing trips.

Cheers :)

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