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Flight on the Breitling Super Connie - what a birthday present!

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Last month for my 60th birthday, my wonderful girlfriend gave me the best present ever - a flight on the Breitling Super Connie from Altenrhein (LSZR) over Hohe Kasten, up to Davos and back again to Altenrhein. Yesterday was the magic day.


Two PC7's from Altenrhein had flown over to Basel to accompany the Connie on her flight to Altenrhein, and right on time at 10:15 yesterday in perfect conditions she came in for the approach.








The PC7's were also going to accompany us on our flight, they were ready and waiting:




The Breitling Super Connie is operated by the Super Constellation Flyers Association, last year was their 10th Anniversary, while this year marks the 60th birthday of HB-RSC, "The Star of Switzerland":




Meantime just before 15:00 she took off for the first of two flights, returning again just over 30 minutes later for a low flypast before landing:






Then it was my turn to enjoy the ride. We boarded quickly:




Number one was the last engine to be started - what a sight and sound!




Soon after takeoff we were joined by the 2 PC7's, who treated us to a fabulous formation flying display - I was amazed how close they flew to us on occasion!








I was also surprised how close to the mountains we were flying at times:




Our route had been posted on a large map in the cabin:




Hard at work in the office:




This time we were really close to the ground!




But all too soon the fun was over and we landed again at Altenrhein. Shortly afterwards she left for home in Basel.


What a day, though, and what an experience! It was a privilege to have the chance to fly on this most elegant of aircraft. The crew and all involved at the Super Constellation Flyers Association were really great, very relaxed and gave us loads of information during the flight.


If you ever get the chance, then don't hesitate to book a flight with these guys - it really is worth it!







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