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Found 25 results

  1. Flight to YWOL Wollongong kept causing CTD with FSX with an error in g3d.dll which I previously had at Cessnock but had cured by reinstalling Cessnock. I attempted to start a flight from Wollongong but as with Cessnock FSX crashes as soon as it starts loading the scenery. I reinstalled YWOL using Central but it still crashed. I then removed all YWOL files from the Orbx/FTX_AU folder and started a flight from Wollongong again and it worked (apart from the missing files message). Reinstalled YWOL and the error returned so it seems to be the airport scenery files but I don't know why. Any Ideas a
  2. This flight started in Wollongong (uncorrected scenery)... ... over these fantastic looking coastal mountains... ... to Jervis Bay. Across Morton National Park... ... and Mills Cross radio telescope... ... into Canberra.
  3. Here we go, just off Sydney... ... passing Holsworthy Airfield, ... ... and Wedderburn, ... ... before we get back to the M1 and the Pacific coast again. In motion the step between the M1 and the coastal lowlands looks much more impressive than here, ... ... when you drop down to Port Kembla. Downwind along Lake Illawarra, ... ... and you can spot the runway lights just over the hill. This is next place where I feel the mesh is more detailed in v2 than before.
  4. Hello I would like to update my YWOL & YSBC products for FSX via FTX Central however I cannot obtain this update because I have the boxed version of these add ons. Is there a way I can download these updates? Also I don't think the FTX AI & FTX Australia and New Zealand freeware is working, I have installed the freeware World of AI packs previously so maybe that is why? Any suggestions of how to correctly get it working with the World of AI packs? Would it be possible to have FTX traffic in Australia and New Zealand and have World of AI traffic for the rest of t
  5. Just flew into Wollongong and noticed the updates ORBX has made to this airport i.e. QANTAS 747 and old terminal removal. Thanks!
  6. New Zealand near NZTG PNW near Vancouver Maule approaching YWOL in AU Cessna at YWOL Baron over Global NE USA Sierra between Canberra and YWOL one of my favorites in this group of shots and excuse the blurries - my system was being cantankerous (sp?) thanks for looking.
  7. This is a short flight from YWOL down the southern NSW coast to Jervis Bay. This flight is in the Canadair CL-215, a favourite aircraft of mine both RL and FS. I have been inspired by Bermuda's wonderful series of posts from Canada using the CL-215. 1. Plenty of wonderful ground detail here at YWOL. 2. An exciting smoky and noisy start up, just how a plane should be. 3. Taking off past some more old radial cousins. 4. Near Knight's Hill. 5. 6. Looking down the Shoalhaven River to the heads. Up river is Nowra with
  8. FTX:AU MV Baron 55 Flight around the Southern Coast on NSW started from Wollongong (YWOL) ____________________________________________________________________________________ 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Near Gerringong and Werri Beach 6. Looking down the escarpment over Illawarra Airport (YWOL) 7. Kangaroo Valley (No kidding) 8. Tallowa Dam 9. 10. Near Fitzroy Falls 11. Mittagong Airstrip (OZx) 1
  9. I'm a bit tied up at the moment - the movers will be here next week and I still have a hell of a lot of packing and organizing to do. But my sim-computer is still up and running Some pics from the leg Canberra -> Illawara. As you can see - the weather was not too much better than in the previous flight http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/97799-da-boz-had-to-abort/ I love the way ASN renders the 8/8 cloud cover OK - make that 7/8 Back under the murk - Wollongong/Illawara Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  10. ... in my Harvard on a flight from Wollongong to Sydney (and learing how to use the new image server at the same time) Cropped DX10s with filtering applied. Cheers Mallard
  11. The bay is so nice that I could not resist pimping up the area.
  12. Such a lovely event needs to be used for closing some old, painful gaps in the collection: Caloundra Wollongong More to come, but I can´t unwrap & fly fast enough...
  13. Just wondering why road traffic in my FSX YWOL (Wollongong) Orbx scenery goes across fields, and not on the actual roads? I have the latest AUSP4.003 Service Pack, and the latest 140405 Orbx libraries installed, and also have the Holgermesh AU installed. Is there a reason the traffic is not on the road? It doesn't overly bother me too much, but looks a bit silly. Thanks - Rob
  14. Just a quick spin with da Boz around Wollongong And one in the evening sun... Cheers Mallard PS - yes, I was really flying that erratically to and fro PPS - yes, the colours are once again enhanced a bit...
  15. Enjoy and thanks for looking! Sorry for so many shots, but i couldn't decide which one i should cut out.
  16. The terrible bush fires in Australia seem to have passed for the moment (at least they are currently not in our news). But you've got to keep your eyes open at all times in weather like this... On patrol around Canberra Hmm - why do I suddenly have an appetite for some spaghetti? Later that same day around Wollongong Thankfully these were some uneventful flights. Cheers Mallard
  17. Well - it looks like Skkuda and I had the same idea. But I took a slightly different route - and a different plane... Wollongong departure Approaching Canberra - but I won't land here today On to Bathurst Straight v-keys. I didn't even bother cropping them this time. Sorry for the amount of pics - but it was a long flight - and you get three airports and one cityscape all in one post Cheers Mallard
  18. Still getting to grips with the controls Some from a flight between Moorabbin and Essendon You do like your super-stores down around there, don't you? And some from around Wollongong Some cropping, but nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  19. A mourning flight from Wollongong to Aeropelican with my new Stinson SR-8 Gullwing. After seeing so many beautiful captures of this bird here in the forum, i couldn't resist to buy it today. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  20. Spent a lazy afternoon with da Boz found myself at 12,000 feet in no time at all so I decided on heading on to Canberra Whoops - already nearly there. Time to get back down below the clouds Passing all the big boys Da Boz eyeballing The Boss (who seems to have decided on an extended stay in Oz - at least his plane is always parked there) Cheers Mallard
  21. So much for my range of attention. Only after the flight with da Boz did I notice that it had Illawarra all over the tail fin... And there I was spinning around Coffs Harbour. That wouldn't do, but instead of loading up a flight directly at Wollongong/Illawarra I decided to fly back... Take-off from Coffs Harbour, fighter style and heading south Passing over Port Macquarie at 4,000 feet At Forster And approaching Aeropelican Problem was that it was getting dark so I landed at Warnervale for the night. Early next morning a
  22. Ok - so I wasn't exactly called out to do any painting as such... Heading north Some tourists had left a little campfire going. So here goes the red stuff (but why the local boys couldn't handle the job beats me...) As you can see - I was close to YSSY. They certainly didn't want any smoke in the glidepath of the 34 runways... While I was in the area I decided on getting some sight-seeing done Heading to Bankstown. Was getting a bit late to head home Tied down for the night Cropped but otherwise unedited. Cheers Mallard
  23. Warming Sunny's engine at Illawara/Wollongong Gaining altitude View over the township and airport Heading inland Coming in to land at Picton Now for a nice cup of coffee in the canteen Cheers Mallard
  24. For the life of me I can't remember when I last flew in to YWOL - so I hopped into the Diamond Twin Star and chose Canberra (still eagerly anticipating the cityscape ) as the starting point: And we're off (I still haven't figured out who my passengers are or who invited them along...) Quite a nice variety in scenery between these two airports... Oh, sure! Almost completely cloudless all the way - except directly over the destination... Circuit Coming in to land And tied down All straight from the v-key - nothing changed except for some
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