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  1. After some days of wilderness hiking in Tasmania it is now time to change the perspective and leave Launceston. Climbing out over the green plains... ... and the charming city, ... ... we reach the coast, east of Bridport. Flinders Island is the biggest remainder of the land bridge that disappeared some 10.000 years ago in the floods of Bass Strait, ... ... a smaller one is Deal Island ahead of the Bus´es engine. OZx has brought some oil rigs to the sea. Canberra from flight level. And you c
  2. AU2 out of Sydney Rwy 25 Departure y... Decent into Cairns. Nice Reef Guys About to turn Base for Rwy 15 at YBCS About to turn Finals for Rwy 15 Localiser Approach via TODEG, CS402, CS404 STAR. AWESOME JOB to the whole ORBX team. After just nipping up the east coast, Au2 is a triumph.
  3. ... as there are only very few POIs depicted in Sydney - and we are far away from one of those great cityscapes. So we took an airtaxi after arrival at Sydney International terminal... ... directly to Circular Quay. The famous coat hanger, ... ... and one of its pylons. I think the harbour detail is OZx, as well as the buildings north of the bridge. And soon we got back to YSSY (domestic terminal) for our next tour. FTs YSSY caused some trouble with Sydneys landclass at first, but deactivating the FT-LC solved
  4. I thought I'd share some footage of my VTBS-YSSY flight: Queensland Towards Sydney Approaching To the gate
  5. However, taking into account the season and my personal preferences this will be the New South Welsh coast... out of Sydney... ... to Pittwater (yes, @teecee, now I know what you meant! http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/129876-low-pass-barrenjoey-and-pittwater/#comment-1156223 ... The Entrance... ... and Newcastle (again, not the english one). The area of Forster / Wallis Island is nicely upgraded in OZx... ... and Taree as well. Into Port Mac. Always worth a stop...
  6. Todays flight schedule saw the crossing of Abel Tasman´s Sea. And this means I headed westwards out of Auckland... ... waving goodbye to New Zealand. Two short snacks later, OZ comes in sight. Downwind over Botany Bay... ... and getting the lovely Windows chimes sound approaching Kingsford Smith. Perhaps too much ground detail, combined with lots of sea & air traffic, and a demanding plane. Luckily all went well... ... and I could even taxi (still under chimes) to the parking position. Ready to get
  7. Some flights from Sydney to Bathurst and return, and Sydney to Port Macquarie
  8. Carenado PC12 Swiss Army Knife from Sydney to Adelaide (apologies for being so dark)
  9. Goodbye Warnervale Nice Slipway Who'll get to botany bay first? FlyTampa's YSSY such a beautiful airport but, can also OOM you if your not careful FlyTampa Cliff Face looks majestic Container Yard as I approach Botany Bay for Runway 34L
  10. Not many words needed to recognize these settlements.
  11. Leaving Bathurst Runway 35 Good Bye Bathurst, see you next time Bankstown from Overflying Blue Mountains OZx Holsworthy Army Barracks There she is FlyTampa YSSY Sydney Lining up with the ILS RWY 07 Localiser
  12. Some shots of my early morning flight from YCFS (Coffs Harbour) to YSSY (Sydney) as VOZ1166 PMDG 737-700WL NGX Virginia Blue 50th Aircraft Livery
  13. ... and heading back south again, from Sydney ... ... across Wollongong (without the static 744, yet...), ... ... towards the Capital. Changed equipment, ... ... twice. And into ORBX´ best seller, ... ... spotting Boeing´s best selling widebody. Time to switch back to smaller planes from here.
  14. I good old days Qantas was serving Launceston with jetliners, namely 717s. The basic way of boarding (could need a bit more people flow.... ): Causing some disturbance, but what do they expect at this location? Northern Tas and Bass Strait were covered by clouds, so this is the first ground view I can offer: the mainland. Turning into downwind: Those lucky guys sitting on the left side... Finally. I have seen lots of great posts and scenery on this forum over the last years, but the own simming experience is still unbeatable. Thanks ORBX, for enhancing
  15. Heading to the city... ... looks great in the morning, with no many people around. Now to South Cape. Indeed, no cliffs to be seen in direct surrounding of the lighthouse... ... at least at Dover Heights. Nobody on Bondi Beach to be rescued (still before 6 am LT)... ... so I headed for the city to get some coffee!
  16. Leaving Sydney for another beautiful place ... ... climing across Wollongong: What a shocking view this was on short final: I am sure everyone of us has similar uncertain feelings when seeing something not working properly. In this case, the reason was Vector´s AEC enabled for YMML. Disabling brought back the relaxed enjoyment of Victoria´s entry point:
  17. Climbing out for a wonderful weekend tour. I had followed the roads given in my Blue Mountains travel guide to Katoomba (I just remember that I actually bought this book in a shop which must be on this picture), ... The Three Sisters in the left bottom part of the picture. Could be more detailed, unfortunately... ... like this: Approaching YKAT... And going back on the road to Penrith. Grab yourself a cup of peppermint tea to fully evaluate this impression! Sydney Kingsford Smith International ahead. Can you see the airport? Me neither. But do not think the tr
  18. ... I mean down the coast to THE town. From Port Macquarie... ... along the NSW coast... ... to YSSY, with a beautiful evening arrival. And, of course a city tour next morning... Do you know where you get the December offers? FSX knows...
  19. Hi all, Seems I have an AU traffic problem unique to my PC and not a problem with the AU traffic pack. I have been using AU traffic for years and love the realism. My problem is when I go to YSSY Sydney, I cannot see any international operators there. The only aircraft at the international terminal are Jetstar, Virgin and Qantas. The rest of the country seems fine, with Thai, Emirates etc visible at Melbourne. I recently installed v4.00 and then v4.10, but the problem remains. I also un-installed FSX from my PC and re-installed everything back on, including SP3 and AU traffic, but the YSSY p
  20. Since installing AUSP4, I keep on crashing into an invisible object on taxiway Alpha near where taxiway Alpha meets the sea. Anyone else experiencing this problem? http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/SSYAD01-137.pdf
  21. I dont get much time to fly these days and decided to practice some landings in my private 737, with my fictional company milo aviation's. This is Venus De Milo.. the business jet http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OCGynjmm4Sw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUK_dyzyynka0S1ICypCCbxA
  22. I can't manually select YSSY as a departure airport with FSX, when FTX AU is activated. I can depart from Bankstown and LAND @ YSSY but I can't START from there. When YSSY is highlighted in the airport selections on the FSX menu as soon as I hit OK it switches to Botany Bay! What am I not doing correctly? FTX NA PNW FTX AU All 4 Regions FTX NA SAK FTX NA PFJ FTX NA NRM FTX NA CRM FTX NA PAJN
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