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  1. C´mon, lets get on board in Aeropelican. Down the coast... ... this must a place where the energy for Sydney is made. One for Jack: Norah Head. And just a few kilometres away we are closing in to Warnervale. Ready for a drink. But... something else than that.
  2. I left Bathurst in the morning... ... to reach the Great Dividing Range only a few minutes later. It just takes about 15 minutes to reach the Hunter Valley - ... ... do you see the blue balloon just next to Cessnock´s runway? Here you can see it better, though surrounded by reflections. In the evening I went on, after tasting the products that are made from these rape fields. A golf course with an airport. Very useful for a short flight. Maitland, just some miles north of Cess
  3. If you are looking for a nice tour...for exemple in Australia ....take a slow and cool plane like this one from Warnervale YWVA and fly to NNW for about 20NM...to YPEC Of course you could met other planes... don't be distact by some who have very pleasant pilot ... of course you can follow some who are going to the same direction... you can land and talk a bit with the pleasant pilot... but you have to go to another place... it is just before the airport ... Look ...
  4. Hey guys I just read here that YPEC Aeropelican got re opened as now YLMQ Lake Macquarie Airport
  5. Just a couple from the Mustang and the Boomerang (over Coffs Harbour and Aeropelican) Some cropping... Cheers Mallard
  6. Lining up Runway 35 checking if the coast is clear Love the detail of the vineyards in the Hunter Valley Goodbye Cessnock So much detail in the township of Cessnock Quick turn onto final runway 02 Warnervale
  7. Next leg for the Aussie tour and the A2A skylane is prepared and ready, T/O YPEC and spread wings to YPMQ, hope you enjoy the trip
  8. Well it has been an interesting afternoon. Decided to reinstall FSX on Drive C and use it just for Australia. I will add the OZx airports and use the planes that I cannot fly on P3D, which will also include many freeware favourites. All has gone well so far and I am very happy with the performance. 1 Been missing the Real Air Duke, on of the best planes out there is the piston Duke. 2. Love their contra prop Griffon Spitfire too. Must be because there is no vicious torque on take off. Tamworth by the way, another place I like and have been missing. 3 Real Air's Champion se
  9. Took the Baron from YTRE to YPEC Aeropelican Airport, Blink and you'll miss it, thankfully there is a small Powerstation to fly over to line you up with runway 07. 50, 40, 30, 20, 10 FLARE! in the afternoon flare.
  10. When I lived in Forster-Tuncurry NSW this used to be me at YPMQ while I waited and dreaded the Dentist B.O.B. thought he could outrun a Cessna Taking Off, nearly caught it too, clocked B.O.B. running at 80KIAS, hence the title of this Topic
  11. 4 Shots from tonights flight from YWVA > YPEC > YCNK > YSTW. 1. I believe that rail below me as departing Warnervale is the railway that goes between Sydney and Newcastle, then up to Brisbane, the City Rail Intercity Train uses it to Newcastle stopping at both Warnervale and Wyong, Freight trains use it and the Countrylink XPT uses it to Roma Street Station Brisbane. 2. Until I got to Aeropelican I used visual navigation even though the Centurion cruises at 166knots, 1 of 4 Power Stations (3 were with Warnervale, 1 was with Aeropelican. 3. On Approach Runway 35 at Cessnock
  12. Following in Jan's footsteps (and using his brilliant repaint) on a flight in the Grumman Duck around Aeropelican More or less cropped. Cheers Mallard
  13. A visit to Aero Pelican to see the if the dolphins are still there. Another flight where I take off without and destination. Just fly and enjoy the wonderful ORBX scenery. 1. Yes the dolphins are alive and well. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  14. Picked up the CAC Boomerang yesterday and made my first flight with it over Aeropelican Nice little plane with a great sound! Now I only have to get my pilot back Cropped DX10 pics Mallard
  15. A beautiful spot on Australia's Central Coast of New South Wales for a VFR flight. I choose the Cirrus-SR22GTS for a leisure sightseeing tour around Aeropelican airport YPEC before heading south to Sydney, enjoy the views:
  16. Two from a flight around Aeropelican Only recently found out that the "canal"-like structure was actually intended as a WWII anti-tank ditch agains a possible invasion by the Japanese... Cheers Mallard
  17. No - the title has nothing to do with a pub... Inspired by teecee's flight along the coast a few days back I decidet to take the Catalina for a spin from Warnervale to Aeropelican: The Wyong racecourse and showground Heading towards YPEC Curving landwards over Belmont Lagoon Don't ask me how I got to the pier Some cropping, otherwise straight v-keys. Cheers Mallard
  18. With the Twotter from YPEC to YPMQ. Enjoy and thanks for looking!
  19. Taking the Moth on a spin around Aeropelican in the evening... Uh oh, the lights are coming on. About time I head back home... Cheers Mallard
  20. ...and went on a flight on a bright and sunny day... Apporaching Swansea/Aeropelican changed to Lake Macquarie-side Passing over Cessnock Showground Crowne Plaza Hunter Valley Hotel below Parked Let's see if you can guess, which two pics have been cropped a bit Cheers Mallard
  21. Another mix of fixed- and rotorwings. Taken around Aeropelican and Warnervale (yes, I'm still installing and testing) Around Warnervale Switched to the firefighter-185 and headed back I really love the mixture of textures around this area... Some cropping, nothing else. Cheers Mallard
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