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Found 14 results

  1. Our most ambitious project to date sees us take the next step in bringing more of the X-Plane world to life with our TrueEarth range of products. TrueEarth US Northern California is the result of years of research and development as well as countless hours of crafting together one of the most stunning and diverse regions in North America. Take off from across the sprawling region and explore to your heart’s content with over 212,000 square kilometers of orthoimagery and accurately placed autogen. The wide-range of landscapes, detailed mountains and stunning coastlines will redefine
  2. I first went to O68 to explore the freeware Yosemite scenery and found an elevation problem. I have all the OrbX NA regions installed along with Vector. Vector does not have an AEC entry for O68. Thanks for any help. A search of my P3D folder for "O68" yields these 6 files: Edit: Further investigation reveals O68 (in real life) was updated to KMPI designation. P3D shows both listed: And looking closer in P3D, there appear to be two sets of runways/taxiways:
  3. Hi All Updated my P3D from 3.3. to 3.4 Client only and all looks good But lost my Yosemite waterfalls Anything I could try? xxd09
  4. The NP fire inspection took off from Mammoth Lake KMMH, ... ... and crossed the (still disappointing) Mono Lake. I strongly hope this iconic area will receive an upgrade with OpenLC. An area which already received a serious upgrade is the valley to the west... Frank Dainese has done his magic here. Half Dome... ... y El Capitan. The only thing missing here is the JamesTKirkFlow. Bridalveil Falls... ... and the valley exit. Or entrance for ground-based tourists. Luckily enough no fires to be reported in t
  5. Flight from Groveland, California through Yosemite National Park landing at a little spot called Grupe Ranch in Mariposa, CA. Grupe ranch airport Tricky little spot to land. Got a little close to the hill on the left of the strip and skidded off in the grass but made it. Cozy little spot to spend the night.
  6. After the -32 series pics in the "Western visitor" set I chose the -73 for some air hauling between Palm Springs and Redding Passing over Yosemite National Park So sue me - I'm taking the scenic route past Lake Tahoe Redding in sight If the Air Force One can land there, then I can as well Cropped DX10s Cheers Mallard
  7. Hey everyone, hope life is good for you all. For a few weeks now I've run my FSX setup through a samsung 40inch tv.. The immersion is great, no question about it.. But the haziness of such a large screen at 1920 x 1080 takes a little getting used to,...... After spending a couple of months configuring my new rig and constantly playing with settings and tweaks, with Nvidia Inspector set per Nick's bible, and also playing with various combinations of locked frames, unlimited frames, different tv settings and fsx config lod and texture adjustments, I'd kind of settled on what seemed to be the
  8. Maybe it attracts interest for some of us. http://www.wsj.com/articles/two-men-reach-top-of-yosemites-el-capitan-in-historic-free-climb-1421280254 Spirit
  9. Given that the Northern California area contains photoreal scenery of Yosemite (I can see it in the screenshots), what does the freeware photoreal Yosemite add to that? Is it a larger area or is there some other difference?
  10. A showcase of a few of my recent purchases, thanks to all the sales happening. Great times ! Cheers, Gav
  11. My appreciation to the wonderful freeware scenery!
  12. So many posts with excellent shots of the recently released Yosemite-scenery. Why not add a few more from a different viewpoint while observing closely the Half Dome as most iconic element in this magnificent valley : By returnflight out of the valley is the waterfall also a spectacular sight(shot is made via FSX and represent in my system the waterfall better than in P3Dv2.2):
  13. Breathtaking Yosemite! My word, there are some talented people out there! Adam.
  14. Another NCA scenic flight to tempt people out of their usual comfort zones! This one started off in Mammoth (Yosemite) and ended up in Rodgers (Chester). KMMH - O05. It's roughly along the same latitude, so the scenery [but *what scenery*!] doesn't vary that much. Pick any other starting point and you'll more than likely see something completely different - and equally stunning. The Yosemite Valley (photoreal area) I kept this one in as it shows the boundary between default FSX to the left (I don't have Global) and FTX NCA to the right: No idea which lake this was - but cou
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