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Found 34 results

  1. After the Tasmania tour of the past days we now take a jetplane to change the state. And to drastically change the climate... A rainy morning sees us leaving Launceston. Boarding the way I like it. True Glass works, and the weather radar also has a clear message. The first gap in the clouds came right in time to spot Wilsons Promontory NP. But the approach into Melbourne was not so clear. Luckily the curtain went away soon... ... and we could set ourselves. Time to get a coffee and change planes for leg 2.
  2. Time to start this autumns Tasmania tour, and, like most times from Launceston. Did I ever mention this airport look is as outdated as chinese sceneries would be, because the buildings and streets were complete overhauled during the last 10 years? A short view over the fields of Sharman´s Wines... ... and the golf course of the Country Club Casino. The buildings should be northwest of the little lake. Following the NH1 we find ourselves near Carrick. Some VIPs here know this village well, am I right, @teecee ? Next famous landmark for some of us is the TasAlk facility near Westbury, ... ... followed slightly later by the camouflaged airstrip at Deloraine. Meandering roads and rivers along the Alumn Cliffs, where we head left... ... to meet, under the right wheel, Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary http://trowunna.com.au/ , taking care for a huge number of Wombats and Tasmanian Devils. Here we climb over the shoulder of Mount Roland, ... ... with Claude Road airport situated at its north. Lake Barrington, ... .. and the nearby Cethana Dam guide the way to... ... the Cradle Mountain airstrip. Time to look for a tent or hut to sleep...
  3. My preferred domestic airline is getting ready in Tullamarine to cross Bass Strait. Having no advanced 737 in my hangar I have to cheat a little bit... Those passengers on the left side can enjoy a little view over Melbourne. "No, do not all move to the left side at once!!" Quite cloudy today... at least those on the right side could get a glimpse of Philipp Island. And soon after we approch Tasmanias north coast... ... with the mouth of Tamar River and the harbour of Bell Bay to be seen here. Turning into final... ... and here we are established. The summer was hot and dry, as we can see. Safely landed. I am still longing for a more actual representation of Launy aiport´s buildings .
  4. This video is a FSX flight of a simulated Beechcraft Duke Turbine aircraft using PRO-ATC/X. The flight departs from Melbourne International Airport (YMML), a.k.a. Tullarmarine Airport, in Tullamarine, Victoria, Australia and arrives at Launceston Airport (YMLT) in the rural area of Western Junction near Launceston, Tasmania. Based on YouTube analytical data, I’ve changed the format of my flight videos. The average person only watches for about 2 minutes. The best I can do with a flight is about 20 minutes. (Sometimes less time but usually because of the wonderful scenery more time.) I am concentrating on departures, landings and scenery while still having most of the important air traffic control (ATC) commands too. I am retired and a hobby flight simulator enthusiast user name Polymerman. I would be pleased for viewers to subscribe to my OVER YOUR HEAD PRODUCTIONS channel for new releases at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCu_zeEUvH6_33EI0tuBTfRw. This is a non-commercial hobby youtube channel. This channel enables me to have a year round fun hobby and share it with others of similar interests. The following credits are from my elder memory so please forgive me if I leave some out: (Please post a comment and I’ll try and update this area if possible.) Microsoft FSX Steam, Dovetail, Orbx’s scenery including YMML and YMLT , Pointsoft PRO-ATC/X, DX10 Scenery Fixer, Active Sky 2016, EZDOK EZCA V2, and the now defunct team at RealAir Simulations for their Beechcraft Duke V2. A special thank you goes to: 1. Marcel Verheydt for the Pro-Atc/X voicesets (http://www.mavecreations.weebly.com). I used voice “US Richard” as the copilot or PNF. 2. Samuel Freeman for sharing his AU Flight chatter sounds. 3. Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), a free and open source software for video recording and live streaming. Download and start streaming quickly and easily on Windows, Mac or Linux.(https://obsproject.com/)
  5. In order to singasong we start from Strahan today... ... turn left over the mouth of King River. After beginning of ore mining in the 1880s, this river was considered the most polluted river of the continent. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/King_River_(Tasmania) Since the closure of the mine in late 1995, and the construction of a tailings dam by the new operators, tailings no longer enter the river system. However, acid water continues to enter the river due to mine dewatering and run-off from the waste rock dumps. Without the buffering previously provided by the alkaline tailings, the acidity in the Queen and King rivers has increased, and dissolved metal concentrations have greatly increased-to levels highly toxic to aquatic life. Some photoreal has been added to the scenery here, confusing to see this in a "wilderness state". About 1.5 million tonnes of sulfidic tailings entered the river system each year up to 1995, along with huge volumes of acidic, metal-rich water flowing from the workings. This 'acid mine drainage' is derived from water leaching through the exposed and oxidised sulfide rocks. When it was in operation, the fumes from the ore smelter produced acid rain which also leached minerals from the bare Queenstown hills. Let´s continue flying "over the hills and everywhere"..., to be more precise: To Lake Macquarie... ... followed by Dove Lake. Its coastline and vegetation is only badly reproduced in the sim, some Vector & Landclass update could attract virtual hikers much more! To Lake Barrington and its rowing track https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lake_Barrington_(Tasmania) . Unfortunately Hendrik Nielsen has not (yet) added dragon boats to his ship traffic! Mt. Roland to the right, Claude Road airstrip below. And probably we even make "shepherds feared and trembled". Now following Bass Highway to Westbury... ... and approaching the Tamar Valley with Ben Lomond ahead. Turning into final over Launceston... ... and here we are! Now I´ll start to look for familiar faces here, maybe even some Orbx VIPs are around?!
  6. Testing, testing, testing... today it is going to be the Twotter, with some OZx spice. Out of Launceston (did I mention I would be there for a payware upgrade of this airport?), ... ... over Sharmans vineyards east of Launy... ... and towards Scottsdale, before following a Local´s advise and turning east over the lavender and poppy fields. Spotting the coast at the Bay of Fires, ... ... Binnalong Bay, ... ... and Georges Bay, which leads us to... ... St. Helens. Big dunes around here, ... ... plus a slightly OZxed airstrip. I´ll better call my forum friends now, to come over for a drink!
  7. It took me some time to get back into flying mode after meeting Martyn and Ken yesterday (albeit only virtually). Finally I left Devonport... ... waved goodbye over Port Sorell... ... and headed east over the peaceful coast... ... towards Georgetown at the mouth of Tamar river. Headed right (up the river) over Bell Bay... ... and spotted something for Jack. Batman bridge. Launceston CBD with the famous Stillwater restaurant. And here we arrive at the nearby airport, depicted in its status about 10 years ago. But still a pleasure to return to.
  8. Time to leave St. Helens at Tasmanias beautiful east coast... ... over Binalong Bay, ... ... not disturbing the local birds, ... ... and heading westwards with the Furneaux Islands in sight. Over Scottsdale... ... and Bridport, ... ... crossing the Tamar River... ... and the famous village of Shearwater, ... ... to arrive in a new OZx playground, the long-awaited harvest #1: Devonport. [Whoever enjoys these great OZx works, @Jay Kae is just looking for support to fund a new upgrade, consider to donate!] http://aussiex.org/forum/index.php?/topic/26245-donation/#comment-266353 It is getting late, so we are to leave... ... back to Tamar River again, ... ... over Sharmans wineyards near Launceston, ... (where harvest #2 awaits us...) ... and back into Lonnie again. Parking spots are all occupied, as it is often the case in cities. But there is some space left... And now for a good glass of the above...!
  9. Once upon a time the British decided they needed a more modern heavy bomber. So to meet Air Ministry Spec B.12/36........ 1. The Short Stirling was designed and first flew in May 1939. 2. With a wingspan of 99ft the Stirling was limited to just 16000ft ceiling. This was infact a Ministry requirement to keep the designs weight down and not as commonly thought so the would be able to fit into the standard RAF Hangars! 3. The Stirling had a tendency to fly nose down and the huge undercarriage was fitted to keep the nose up on take off. 4. It could carry a 14,000 bomb load over 590 miles and was the only British bomber designed from the outset with 4 engines. 5. It was powered by Bristol Hercules radial engines giving it a range of 2330 miles. 6. There were many take off accidents due to the aircraft swinging violently when power was applied to all 4 engines at once. A better technique was soon implemented. 7. A very popular plane with it's pilots, it was easy to fly once in the air and was able to outmanoeuvre both Me110 and Ju88 night fighters which was quite an achievement for such a big plane. 8. On long trips to Germany the Stirling could only carry 3500lbs of bombs and the design of the bomb bay restricted it to 2000 lb bombs. 9. It was eventually replaced by the Halifax and Lancaster but was still a very useful transport plane and came into its own as a glider tug. Out of the 2371 built none remain today. And they all lived happily ever after flying in ORBX world
  10. The Northwest of Tassie I mean, as this is the next part of my current Wilderness State tour, following yesterday evening´s arrival: Surely I waited for the sheep to clear runway 34 of Launy... ... and D-EXDA took off really quick, to show us YMLT in the construction status of the early 2000s. RL picture taken in 2004. Did I ever mention I would be in for a payware update of YMLT? Yes, I think I did... I have added @teecees OZx scenery additions, for example Breadalbanes industry area, ... ... some important houses in Carrick, ... ... and the extraction plant in Westbury. I love this level of detail. [RL picture of 2015] Closing in to Mole Creek, ... ... be careful not to come too close down there. Mt. Roland shows his beauty. A slight southern deviation to Cethana Dam, ... ... Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. I honestly do miss some details around here, virtually we are even lacking the trees & huts, and the mountain could also be more sharp. Back northwest again, to Milkshake Hills airstrip (how come the name?)... ... and getting to rest at Smithton. The slow plane combined with headwind makes this trip just over an hour. I mean, if you are not taking photos...
  11. One of my all-time favourite flights, inspired by a good friend. Set the time to about 30 minutes before dawn, take off in @Ken Hall´s OZx work at Wynyard, and enjoy... Table cape at the "right" end of the island... ... and the city of Penguin already starts to turn on the lights. Approaching Devonport... ... and crossing the Rubicon at Port Sorell. Bakers Beach, too late to see the PeopleFlow of Swimmers here. The mouth of Tamar River at George Town. Bell Bay and the Rio Tinto Alcan works. Launceston downtown. Still enough light for a VFR flight, ... but maybe no bad idea to have a bit of instrument support when approaching the 34... A perfect place to park with a warm welcome. Or perhaps a cold one? Thanks to those two (part-time) Tasmanians who created the scenery additions & the inspiration for me. I love it.
  12. ... in my personal history started in Launceston on a Saturday morning, leaving the hotel at 07:00. After a coffee with a friend at YMLT take-off was 08:40 hrs local time. Did I ever mention Lainceston airport has changed significantly since Orbx created the epic freeware? Leaving Tassie behind... Stopover in a rainy Melbourne. I have to admit the real flight was a 787, but as she is lacking a good representation in the sim, the 777 was my choice. Adding a bit more realism, I followed the correct flight plan. Nice to know the alternate airports on the way, as well as the ETOPS turning points. And good to know that Tim & Ken have already upgraded the Alternate which is nearly halfway... Greeting Sydney... ... and waving goodbye to OZ, at around 14:15 h local time. Which means you head into the night soon after. Here we find ourselves just about 200 mls out of Pago Pago. Now that is just a short hop! Still 4000 mls to go... Changing the hemispheres, for me this means from down under to upside up. Let´s summarize this view: In India it is still daytime, Saturday. In Brazil it is already daytime, also Saturday. And we are in the middle of the night. Good to repeat and realize this craziness in the sim... Good morning! The real wind (compare with the routing map above, it matches!) makes us gain lots of time on this route. Get up folks. I think I may post this blurry picture here with the impression of the 787´s mood light. A great plane, but stay away from the noisy galleys! Here we are, well prepared for the lovely approach into Los Angeles, with Catalina Island ahead. DX10 has given a lot to FSX... ... as well as Orbx SoCal. Ready for final, and into full brakes. Here we are. After 22 hrs of travel, started on Saturday morning, we have now arrived ... on the same Saturday morning. And when you see the lovely breakfast in United´s business longe, you know you have arrived in the USA. A long day makes a long post. I can not apologize for 31 pictures selected...
  13. I thought I'd give the new freeware YMLT quad installer a try in P3Dv3 - and give dear Heidi a treat while I was at it! Tasmania's a sweet destination for simming. Quite small - yet plenty of variation. Adam.
  14. A peaceful evening flight to celebrate my 6666th post here on this forum. And, as a little bonus, the first screenie I ever made with Orbx scenery: YMLT. Freeware that made me addicted...
  15. Qantas flight 5734, operated by Jetstar. Done on a recent Saturday morning. Repeated shortly after, just to check if RL mimics Fullterrain correctly. Did I mention already that I would be there to pay for a good quality update of Lonnie airport? RL weather in Melbourne was not too inviting. But the (United) lounge was... PS: The left drink is a mixture of coke & sprite. Not that someone gets wild ideas...
  16. Not that anyone thinks flying would be relaxing: It is hard work, in order to have proper documentation for this community. Gate F11 (yes I know I took the virtual Airbus, while VA flies 737...): The runway, as selected by ATC. Unfortunately a difference! As a consequence, the city view is different, too: Philip Island, with a little cloud layer... A fantastic breakfast, served just after 08:00 am. Tassies N coast: Cataract Gorge: Slowing down: Hmm, here´s a scenery mismatch...: Here it works, sure you all know this place: Once again, my request for an update. Even payware welcome, I´d be there! Good morning, Taz! Hope there is enough evidence in here that one needs Orbx for travel preparations. Sorry for so many pictures.
  17. Leaving Launceston (yes, I would like it payware-upgraded!)... ... and visiting a friend in Perth ... ... before checking the speed in Campbelltown (the Sheriff is hot there...). The view from Cranbrook Lookout: Fish & Chips in Bicheno. Friendly Beaches "International" airport. With a nice greeting.
  18. The third part of my flight out of YMML now takes us over Bass Strait and as Gerold rightly said onto Launceston. 23. 24. Land in sight. We will fly down the Tamar River to Launceston. 25. 26. Bakers Beach and the Rubicon River. One of my favourite spots in Tasmania. 27. Looking down the Tamar. 28. Swan Bay and Windemere ahead. 29. Georgetown. 30. Looks like we will be number 2. 31. Launceston. 32. Second landing attempt. It does help if you put the wheels down. 33. Much smoother landing the second time. 34. Ground crew working very hard ready for the return flight. 35. YMLT is a great piece of freeware. Hope you enjoyed flying along.
  19. TeeCee was asking about the Flight Replica Heron in another post this morning so I have done a series of shots depicting several of the liveries available. The shots were taken around YMLT Launceston and are in no particular order( Got plenty to do before I go out in an hour). Hope you like these, it is a wonderful plane to fly and I am eagerly waiting for the Dove to appear.
  20. I good old days Qantas was serving Launceston with jetliners, namely 717s. The basic way of boarding (could need a bit more people flow.... ): Causing some disturbance, but what do they expect at this location? Northern Tas and Bass Strait were covered by clouds, so this is the first ground view I can offer: the mainland. Turning into downwind: Those lucky guys sitting on the left side... Finally. I have seen lots of great posts and scenery on this forum over the last years, but the own simming experience is still unbeatable. Thanks ORBX, for enhancing this hobby so well!
  21. Just a couple of questions remain after finishing my Taz round this month: Q1. Why do I always see Wrest Point Casino as a frame (DX10, Steve´s fixer)? Q2. Did anyone report the balloon over Clifton Beach (south of Hobart) yet? Fantastic to see Launy´s runways are now working well in my sim. Q3. Does anybody know if the current upgrades of YMLT will be included in a scenery update from OBRX, may it be free- or payware? http://www.launcestonairport.com.au/web-assets/files/10753%20Master%20Plan%202014_5.pdf http://www.launcestonairport.com.au/web-assets/images/reports/7288%20master%20plan%202009%20plans_webLR.pdf Feel free to help & comment!
  22. Viscount flight from Essendon to Launceston - with the high-pitched whistle of the Rolls-Royce Darts Passing over Moorabbin And on into the clear air over Tasmania Some cropped, some not. Cheers Mallard
  23. May I use the chance of posting the next stage of my Tasmania tour (on the traces of TeeCee´s directions) to continue the "movie posts" series ( http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/93215-north-by-northwest/, ;http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/93163-the-wild-wild-west/ ): From Ken´s fabulous Wynyard ... ... eastwards over Burnie, ... ... Devonport ... ... and Bakers Beach ... ... to Low Head Lighthouse, where we turn south towards Tamar River. Bell Bay, with the industrial areas added by TeeCee: Batman Bridge: Lovely Launceston: Final... ... and a smooth landing (w/o double runway textures, finally!). Just in time for a sundowner, I think.
  24. Dear all, I am suffering a second runway surface on one of my favourite places: It shows up in steps from above, as you can see all is fine at the points where taxiways access the runway... ... but using the runway becomes an optical mess, as the effective surface is correct (only the bottom one). Not good for visual landings, or for the ultralight pilot. As you can see the area next to the runway is lifted up, too,... ... but this is solid, so the plane can fall down this step... Active scenery is - Oceania, with FTX AUSTRALIA SP4.003 - NOVEMBER 2013 - FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 141228 28th DECEMBER 2014 - OZx latest version - FTX GLOBAL BASE PACK - Version 1.30 September 2014 (should be deactivated) - FTX GLOBAL VECTOR PACK - Version 1.20 October 2014 (YMLT is not on the AEC list, neither activated nor deactivated) - FSGlobal mesh, Holgermesh No other addon sceneries for Tasmania active. I just had the Orbx lib newly installed, and the AEC auto tool running & activated.
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