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Found 18 results

  1. After arrival in Australia it was now time to explore the surroundings of Melbourne. Getting ready... ... and airborne. Two airports in a row. It seems that the Essendon elevation issues are solved now? A little Melbourne overview. Don´t get sick! "This is ReinAir, we do not have bags for you." I can´t name all the icons here. Therefore let´s follow the M1 southbound... ... passing Avalon, ... ... Torqay´s Tiger Moth World, ... ... and joining
  2. ... but not, as the livery suggests, coast to coast. At least not today... Taking off from Melbourne Tullamarine... ... and initially heading into town. With a slight turn over Marvel stadium... ... towards St. Kilda. Lake Borrie, just before crossing... ... Avalon. Barwon Heads, I think I have experienced the elevation errors here for years now. At Torqay (with the Tiger Moth World) we encounter the Southern Ocean. Passing Anglesea, .
  3. Inspired by Jack's recent adventures down under, I decided to head back there as well. A short, rain-filled trip from Lilydale to Avalon. In the V-Tail of course.
  4. When I started my first virtual Australia tour in FSX years ago, this was my first flight out of the Melbourne area: Starting from Avalon... ... over Geelong... ... and towards YCES Ceres. The curved runway impressed me a lot, but I do not plan to land here today. Going on to YGLG Geelong... ... towards today´s destination: YTMW Tiger Moth World. A place well suited for @VH-KDK due to the static plane, and to @Jack Sawyer due to its color. Did you recognize the purpose of this flight? Kudos to Jorge @aeronauta
  5. No problems in Melbourne Tullamarine after forcing my sim back to the 1024² resolution. And the immersion stays acceptable with this setting... Turning into Avalons 36 over Port Henry ... ... - just to see I have double textures on the ground in KMAV. A quick search on my HDD showed there was a second (photoreal) scenery for Avalon active. Just as so often: "Are you already flying or still repairing your sim?"
  6. Leaving Avalon (now without double ground textures), ... ... over Cheetham Salt Farm, ... ... and into Ceres. Dou you see the runway ahead? There it is. No problem at the speed of the trusty Katana. Next stop today: Geelong YGLG. We have to pass the beautifully OZxed Barwon Heads, as I can´t get some elevation issues solved at that place. Tiger Moth World, another chance for a stop, but I did that too often before. So we go down the coast, passing Anglesea... ... and the Sp
  7. Melbourne airports: Melbourne city from the west: Slowing down: All stopped: Not been brave enough to take punters just yet. That is the plan for the weekend...
  8. I recently picked up a rather nice Piper Warrior I by Spike Productions from the FlightSim store (where I've bought all my Orbx add-ons as well), and took it for a quick journey from Avalon Airport near Geelong (Orbx YMAV add-on) to Tullamarine Airport in Melbourne (Orbx YMML add-on). Here are four screenshots I took of that short trip. Parked on a ramp at Avalon Airport Looking at the aircraft from the other side, with a bunch of hangars in the background. I was particularly pleased with this next shot as I took off from Avalon.
  9. Got myself the "update" / "version 2" / "whatever" for the CLS 747. And while I was more than unhappy with the original plane it now looks and behaves much more nicely... Quick ferry flight with the -200 from the maintenance facilities at Avalon to Melbourne International: Nice new runway lighting effects. The strobes also reflect off the surrounding terrain The airstairs-option seems to be gone, but GEX will bound to be able to handle this Cheers Mallard
  10. Bringing the 747(-300) in for a service at Avalon Looks like someone just picked up a 737... Glad, nobody was parked on the ramp. Would have been a tight fit. Cheers Mallard
  11. I actually only wanted to check that I had GSX set up correctly. but then decided on a quick flight Turning eastwards Passing over YMML and YMEN at FL 160 and heading into the unknown Cheers Mallard
  12. Avalon, of course Just before that I took a spin around Canberra Cheers Mallard
  13. Had to ferry this Dash to Melbourne - the weather wasn't the finest After shutting down the engines the mechanic said that the parts needed weren't there. I should take the plane to Avalon. But it could wait until the next moring. Pity the the weather did not improve during the night. Early next morning Not much of the scenery to be seen At least it got brighter by the time I touched down at Avalon (and only during the approach did I notice that I still had the air show mode activated - so there's just this one of YMAV) Cropped, nothi
  14. These are how I actually wanted to have the pics - fancy looking around for all kinds of "turn-the-picture"-tools, when Windows throws it at you in the viewer... (yeah - so they might be a little bit too large to fit in the screen, but so what) Heading towards the fun Cheers Mallard
  15. Since the Avalon airshow is currently underway I decided to hop into the PC-9 Gaining altitude And on with the show Then it was time to join the mates and act a bit more disciplined Cheers Mallard
  16. That time every two years has come around again when YMAV makes way for the Australian International Airshow. The RAAF 20th Anniversary Hornet lines up to start off the show.... Rotate... ... and climb! Making the first pass... then climbing again... Then a low pass... See you at the show!
  17. Thanks to Jim Hodkinson for his great repaint of VH-VAD, one of four Air Ambulance Victoria B200C King Airs operated by Pel-Air Aviation, I took a quick couple of flights yesterday Avalon (YMAV) to Horsham (YHSM) and back to Air Ambulance Victoria's base at Essendon (YMEN). Here's some screenshots to share: FSX with ORBX 4.0, YMAV, YMML and YMEN addons. Only editing was to crop out FSX title bar. I've uploaded Jim's repaint for him at OzX and just waiting on it to be approved, keep an eye on the Downloads section then download and enjoy! Thanks for the repaint
  18. Hi The Avalon Air Show works beautifully but sometimes I would like to use Avalon without the Air Show. When I bring up the ORBX control panel and click on ORBX YMAV it brings up the panel Turn Airshow Mode ON and it has a tick in the box. When I click on the box to remove the tick, a small panel comes up saying "Could not switch option 'Turn Airshow Mode ON' How then can I turn it off? If I bring the request up again, the tick is back in the box. Many thanks, Mike
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