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  1. After all that shaking the day before... ... our plans for the next day at Fraser Island were smoother. Leaving Kingfisher Resort... ... with a tour where the name says what´s the intention. Heading north along the island´s beautiful coast and beaches ... ... to Platypus Bay where real life (and the map) indicate a high probability of encounters. Unfortunately in p3d they are placed somewhere else, much closer to Hervey Bay itself. At first we spotted some curious dolphins...
  2. Following the afternoon trip... ... we did not stay in Hervey Bay. Instead, we took a seamless connection... ... checked the parking lot of Woolworth Uranagan, ... ... and followed River Heads Road southwards for a short while. River Heads is the place where you park your car, ... ... and wait... ... before the shuttle bus takes you to the barge terminal. From there you "just" cross the bay to Fraser Island ... ... until you see Kingfisher Bay Resort https://
  3. After finally finding the rental car station at the end of the previous post ... ... we went on, using the motorways named in the title. Since I was the driver, there´ll be no real life photos in this post. It was already complicated enough for me to protect the wipers from getting totally worn whenever I had to change lines or directions... Easier was the flight out of blurry Brisbane... ... to the confusing intersections of Moreton Drive into the M1, ... ... along the Boondall Wetlands ... ... and then merging with the
  4. After another equipment change, this time in Hervey Bay... ... we follow the coastal road southwards, ... ... to River Heads ferry port. Ships depart to Wanggoolba Creek and to Kingfisher Bay Resort from there, ... ... which has a beautiful bay view. The resort gave home to a Royal visit recently, who most probably enjoyed the beach view as well https://www.kingfisherbay.com/royal-visit.html . For a little island tour we just follow the roads... ... which might lead to fresh water Lake McKenzie (Boorangoora as t
  5. In this case the King is a KingAir 200, being started in Hervey Bay. Climbing out over Fraser Island, ... ... and southwards to Rainbow Beach, the second ferry point onto the island. Passing Noosa... ... Caloundra, ... ... and Redcliffe... ... on the way to Vegas. Brisvegas I mean... When you are travelling in Australia, always look out for the Roos. They don´t follow established traffic rules and quickly come closer than you like!
  6. After arrival from Cairns we change vehicles in Brisbane, domestic terminal. Following Moreton Drive, just right of the airlink railway, until it meets the M1. On the way north we pass Caboolture, nicely upgraded in OZx. The Glasshouse mountains appear to the west of the motorway, ... ... and Caloundra to the east. We pass the coastal settlements of Noosa in the distance... ... and the surprising location of the airstrip IN Lake MacDonald. This is sugar cane land. No doub
  7. Hello, It's me again. I see this near YHBA (Big Woody Island). Just the North side of the island. Everything else is in perfect order. I have P3D 4.2.21 Client, Scenery and Content. Installed only FTX AU, YHBA, YBUВ and YBBN.
  8. While preparing for the big move (to p3d I mean), I still enjoy FSX at its maximum level on my way down the Australian coast. From Hervey Bay... ... taking the ferry at River Heads... ... to Fraser Island. 75 Mile beach, long enough for a walk... ... or better a drive. Nice views along this coast, with Rainbow Beach ahead... ... the tip of Double Island Point... ... and Noosa Heads. A good place for another stop.
  9. RAM upgraded to 16 GB. GPU upgraded to GeForce 1060 (6GB). Additional SSD installed (my old 128 GB). Hardware check done above Hervey Bay: Now my plan is to uninstall FSX on the D-drive and have a new barebone installation of FSX on the small E-drive (Just FSX and orbx) - as a fallback. Next step will be installation of P3D on the empty D-drive (as much as P3D allows to be on another drive than C). Any hints from you how I can do this setting up in the quickest way (especially I would like to avoid downloading my 224 GB of orbx stuff)?
  10. Leaving Bundaberg we needed a slightly bigger plane, you know why. A short look at Burnett Heads, ... ... before turning south over the cane fields... ... towards Hervey Bay. Another good place for some short trips into nature.
  11. Listening to a Kenny Rogers interview earlier on RTE - and of course they played Islands in the stream. Well - I changed it a bit to Islands in the sun... Anyway - I must be getting old. Not only, that I'm listening to Kenny Rogers interviews, but also that I found this plane languishing on my harddrive for nearly a year now. Never installed it, never flew it since buying it back in November of 2015. So I had to take it for a quick test: Piper Seneca V on a flight from Hervey Bay up to Heron Island past Lady Musgrave and then back to Lady Elliot Island:
  12. From Bundaberg´s industry & business district... ... across the fields... ... to a harbour. Changed the plane next morning... ... to go down along the beaches... ... and Noosa Heads... ... into Caloundra. Low visibility that day, but still plenty of detail to enjoy.
  13. It was a lovely day to skim the coast, so....
  14. ... or better "Bay City Flyer"... I needed some more spring atmosphere around me, so I did a little Hervey Bay tour, ... ... crossed Fraser Island ... ... to watch the trucks on 75 mile beach. No good place to swim near the SS Maheno wreck... ... therefore I returned to Hervey Bay, for some good seafood and a cold one!
  15. ... and back into the morning again. From Hervey Bay... ... over 75 mls beach ... ... and for an intermediate stay at Noosa Heads. Going south via Maroochy ... ... to Caloundra. What a region, though only virtual!
  16. I felt it was time for some more joyflights in Australia. So I followed the G20 participiants (and escapers) and toured along the QLD coast. From Rockhampton ... ... turning south after passing Great Keppel Island ... ... over Curtis Island ... ... and towards Gladstone, surveying the industrial development of the area. Changed the plane in Bundaberg (without having a tasting of local specialities between the flights)... ... along Woodgate beach ... ... to Hervey Bay. But it seemed to be wise going around this time ... ... and it was also a pleasure to the eye:
  17. Picking up the day-tour guests at Lady Elliot Island And we're off! Well - OK - I guess we can do a photo-op circuit But now it's time to head for Hervey Bay The tip of Fraser Island appearing in the haze in front of us Hervey Bay Nearly there Cooling and darkening Cropped straight DX10s Cheers Mallard
  18. I took advantage of the current discounts and purchased Bundaberg this afternoon. Enjoy and thanks for looking! FSX - DX10 - Shade
  19. Inspired by for015's pics of Heron Island I thought I'd check this place out myself. Never been there before - and it certainly looks like I missed out on something... On the way south towards Hervey Bay we're passing over Lady Elliot Island And here we're approaching Hervey Bay Won't be "landing" here today... ...instead we'll be getting the floaters wet. And moored within the marina Cheers Mallard
  20. The last leg of the Bundy rum run was done in the... 146. One of the engines of the C-47 had packed up - and we had to do some re-packing. Not the best weather for sightseeing Passing over Caloundra And Brisbane Intl. in sight Taxi to the freight ramp at the western end of the airport The flippin' fork-lift boys are late again Cheers Mallard
  21. First leg of the rum run back to Brisbane. Just a short hop to Hervey Bay... Warming the engines in the early morning sun: Passing over the rum distillery again: Now - where's the bloke with the fork-lift? Cheers Mallard
  22. Click on images to enlarge Over Bundy Cheers Stu
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