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  1. Luminar is a nice gimmick. I can't deny. Unfortunately, we are not able to fly using Luminar. But you know what? I think P3D skies are beautiful enough. At YCDR, with AU v2. Done with Active Sky during the day, and beta EA at dusk.
  2. After arrival from Cairns we change vehicles in Brisbane, domestic terminal. Following Moreton Drive, just right of the airlink railway, until it meets the M1. On the way north we pass Caboolture, nicely upgraded in OZx. The Glasshouse mountains appear to the west of the motorway, ... ... and Caloundra to the east. We pass the coastal settlements of Noosa in the distance... ... and the surprising location of the airstrip IN Lake MacDonald. This is sugar cane land. No doub
  3. I followed Martyns advise and left Noosa Heads quickly, though my ladies did enjoy the Café Latte bars up there... Should be space enough for a German towel on Peregian Beach... Mooloolaba. Has there been a discount on O´s when these Aussies named their cities? Toowoomba or Mooroopna or... ... Caloundra. OK, just one O. But always worth a stop. ... and an equipment change, as my next destination is one of the most famous frame rate- and VAS-graves in FSX... A short look at Glasshouse Mountains... ... and
  4. OK, so I overspent . . . Another great bit of scenery. Think I'm gonna have fun in the sun
  5. From Bundaberg´s industry & business district... ... across the fields... ... to a harbour. Changed the plane next morning... ... to go down along the beaches... ... and Noosa Heads... ... into Caloundra. Low visibility that day, but still plenty of detail to enjoy.
  6. Once again no good weather for walking or sightseeing. But still we can make the best out of the conditions. From Caloundra... ... passing Glasshouse Mountains... ... into the city. Anybody here to clean the cockpit ?
  7. Hi everyone, enjoy looking at everyone's screenshots but I've never really been happy with my screenshots/settings so I've never bothered to upload any. After a lot of messing around I am finally happy enough with them to post some screen shots. Short flight from YTYH to YCDR via YDUN and YRED. Enjoy. http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/XMX http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/XMv http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/Xg6 http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/XgG http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/XgN http://fsfiles.org/flightsimshotsv2/image/XgT http://fs
  8. For my 5555th post - and my sixth anniversary on this forum (which was yesterday) - I thought I would revisit my very first Orbx-airport: Caloundra Just for laughs - here's a screenie I took five years ago More or less cropped DX10s (except for the last one...) Cheers Mallard
  9. Since Ozjet ran this service between Brisbane and Port Moresby I thought I'd give it a try Brisbane departure at 9:15 a.m. Passing over Caloundra... ...and Hervey Bay (a bit fuzzy - but I was at 20,000 feet) Leaving the Australian coast behind Jacksons International well in sight More or less cropped DX10s. Cheers Mallard
  10. Before checking out the Soft Clouds I had a quick spin with my new 117. The Deutsche Rettungsflugwacht (German Rescue Flight service) has the 117 stationed here at Freiburg airport and it regularly tears across the skies almost smack bang over my house on its way to Basle-Mulhouse airport and back to pick up organ transplants. And during winter it's in heavy demand with the guys who've had skiing accidents. It also services most of the more inaccessible parts of the Black Forest (actually this thing is kept flying 24/7). A bit like the RFDS and Westpac Rescue Here I'm testing it at Caloun
  11. Oh, what a lovely summer scenery... while it is getting really cold here (just in time for the Christmas Markets to begin, with the smell of warm wine...). A pity the freighter is not landable... ... but at least the light effects of DX10 get back the smile on the face, especially when you turn the copter fast... Moving down to OZxed Caboolture, ... ... where I have an appointment with Shirley´s sister. Sorry, have to stop reporting here...
  12. ... and back into the morning again. From Hervey Bay... ... over 75 mls beach ... ... and for an intermediate stay at Noosa Heads. Going south via Maroochy ... ... to Caloundra. What a region, though only virtual!
  13. ...around Caloundra Cheers Mallard
  14. Was doing some flying over the Sunshine Coast in the real world last week, so had to get myself a copy of Orbx's YCDR. Just two screenies for now, but have to say that I'm very impressed. The autogen placing looks completely realistic. I don't ever remember being this wow'ed by the positioning of 3D models on photoreal textures before. Great job team!
  15. No idea for a comment this time... perhaps the pictures are just enough to make sure you use the current discounts...!
  16. Such a lovely event needs to be used for closing some old, painful gaps in the collection: Caloundra Wollongong More to come, but I can´t unwrap & fly fast enough...
  17. A while back I flew the Brain & Brown C-47 from Brisbane to Caloundra. Now I got a phone call - could I take the gooney bird to Bundaberg? There were a few crates of rum waiting at the airport... Making a low fly-by over the rum distillery Cheers Mallard (bleedIN hEcK! Why can't one edit the titles. Should of course read rum run...)
  18. Taking a ride in a Classic Hope you enjoy
  19. Heres legs 5-9 starting at YBUD then YHBA-YCDR-YBBN and finally YCFS. http://youtu.be/f-Sq8ZuwnyM
  20. A quick flight from Brisbane to Caloundra I finally found the TNT "terminal" at Brisbane - but pulling up with the 757 might have been a bit difficult Departed on runway 14 Saint Helena Island in the foreground - Mud Island in the background Passing over Green Island After an uneventful flight: Caloundra approach Traffic - so I had to go around All went well the second time around... Cheers Mallard
  21. A bit of tube-flying. Set one from Brisbane to Hervey Bay Over Caloundra Hervey apporach The second flight was from Cardiff to Inverness 'Scuse me - coming through... (That was a tight fit. Can't image a 747 using that approach to the runway) Over Wales Closing in on Liverpool Changing course just south of Edinburgh Losing altitude over Loch Ness Turning in towards Inverness Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  22. Started off from Caloundra to catch some footage (the white lines above the rotor are contrails from other planes, btw) Helicopter favourites: tearing along just over the waves (ok - I could try it a bit closer to the surface next time around) Heading back home This chopper gives me the opportunity to check out Brisbane Intl. from "the other side" Loads of clutter Brisbane skyline And on to base at Archerfield Some cropping, nothing else. Cheers Mallard
  23. Back on the east coast... Three pics from around Caloundra. No edits. Cheers Mallard
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