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Found 24 results

  1. Hi. I'm not sure where to put this. I've bought Orbx YBCG Gold Coast today and it's great but in my case, when I flew to Mason Field YSPT I found most of the hangers Are black. Other buildings are OK. What have I missed? Can anyone help? Thanks Geejo
  2. New repaint for the ND EC135...heading out for the mornings patrol plus a shot from yesterday evening...
  3. gday. have just installed YBCG for FSX steam. with YBCG NOT activated FSX loads [with Orbx aust 2] with YBCG activated i get a crash at the load scenery sequence. does anyone have some ideas about this? i'm also using Scenery Config Editor to organize my scenery. thanks.
  4. I wish we had those wonderful water colors in MSFS (and also a great 737).
  5. Hello, I've just purshased the Gold coast city scene and gold coast airports this morning, I'm running P3Dv5 hotfix1, the airports are set to work with AUv2 and Gold Coast city scene. I'm seeing a weird ground texture popping on and on while I'm climbing on take off, and same with landing, in both YBCG and YSPT. My settings are set with high quality textures, 2048x2048pxl. I don't have this problem in any other Orbx airports. It feels like the original texture of Gold coast are conflicting with the airports textures, so I've tried to put the airports above Gold coast city scene in the
  6. Our days in Brisbane had to come to an end... ... but we will be able to remember the correct spelling of the city´s name. Or, most probable, much more. Getting ready at the Virgin Australia terminal for a series of flights... The first takeoff of the day, across Port of Brisbane... ... Mud Island, ... ... and Cleveland. Gold Coast in the distance. Northern NSW looks harmless in the sim, ... ... but in reality there were bushfires alre
  7. Reference topic of same name raised in P3D4. forum that is not receiving any response. Would someone please reply. Thanks Dave
  8. ... and I still had a slight headache when I entered my Cessna after last night´s party. Opening my eyes I was shocked: The engine seemed to be on fire! But then I remembered: My friends had already restarted the barbecue. So I just flew out of Southport, ... ... and did a quick round over Gold Coast. The Metricon stadium is already nicely detailed. I would not be totally surprised if we see AussieRulesFlow in the next level of development. Bye bye, Gold Coast! Hello Brisbane. Thank you for t
  9. Let's leave Australia and head back to Singapore. Catering at Gold Coast. Time for the outside check! Nose gear looks good. Pitot tubes look free... ...as do those other ports... The biggest danger for a pilot is to get run over by one of the ground vehicles. Fan blades look like new. The exhaust cone looks fit. Main landing gear looks good. Tail cone looks awesome. Don't forget to have a look at the gear bays.
  10. Flight VA962 is ready for boarding at Brisbane, gate 44. During taxi passengers can enjoy a last city view... ... and one of the terminals. Then we climb out... ... over Moreton Bay... ... into the clouds. Look carefully towards Gold Coast. I don´t mean the skyscrapers at the coast. I mean the foreground! I am not sure if this is Orbx or OZx. Ocurrence was about 4:15 pm on a Sunday. After notifying the local authorities (by mobile for sure, the way to the cock
  11. The hungry pilot does not meet any tourists at the beach of Fingal (south of YBCG). It looks very white on my screen. Which, in contrast makes the dark colours even darker (a p3d effect?). Let´s go north over Coolangatta, ... ... and Broad Beach. Here you can see a way to measure the altitude of the Q1 building. It is the tallest building of the southern hemisphere, as most of you probably know already. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Q1_(building) Some seconds further north we have a marina - with a nice helipa
  12. Not from the start at Brisbane, ... ... and also the "Port of Brisbane" is not significant in the sense of the post title. But wait and see. We cross Saint Helena Island... ... and come south over green estuaries to Boonnahbah Island, ... ... followed by Woogoombah Island. This part of the Gold Coast settlements is Coombabah. The view to the left uses different letters: Runaway Bay. Turning to Surfers Paradise, ... ... before we arrive in Coolan
  13. It turns out that the Scoot 777/787 that's normally doing the flight to the Gold Coast is under maintenance due to an electronical failure... Thankfully, the mother company SIA steps in and does the job! And they even have pilots! The night hours at a busy airport... Using South Crossing 1 to get to the runway 02L. Holding short at W9, Singapore 86. "Mommy, are we there yet?" Lineup. And takeoff, we have a takeoff... Leaving Singapore to the right. I love it
  14. Hey there, I recently flew into YBCG Coolangatta / Gold Coast, which I do own from Orbx together with CityScene Gold Coast. The slider setting was the same that I use when I fly to really big payware airports like Toronto or Frankfurt. Nonetheless I experienced really slow loading times. I was approaching runway 32 when I realized that the terrain textures where really blurry, so I paused the simulation. After approximately a minute, skyscrapers belonging to the Gold Coast scenery where popping up in the background, and then, slowly, the textures of the ground in the approach path
  15. Good day to all; I'm very happy to announce my next project; after 5 years Orbx has returned on Australian airports, and now is the time for Gold Coast Airport! Designed in parallel with the recently-released CityScene Gold Coast, YBCG is a highly detailed and incredibly complete reproduction of the airport and surroundings area, completing the most accurate and detailed airport-city combo currently in our catalogue. Gold Coast International Airport has been designed carefully and reflects the real-world layout of the airport; keen observers will ev
  16. Hi there, @John Venema Just wondering if these awesome sceneries are coming to X-Plane 11?, I'm a long time user and local over here in Australia. jumped ship from FSX a while back its it great in the X-Plane world... however I miss my orbx scenery thou... all siting there in my account unused for a while now..but no matter happy to wait just want to know if theres a possibility its coming our way. Cheers and keep up the great work Team... England True earth is a definite purchase for me when its released.!
  17. The spring tourists leave Down Under on a longish flight, so this needs to become a longish post. Australia time was over when they reached Gold Coast to take a regular liner up to Singapore. My Navigation & ATC programs told me the runway was too short for a 777, so I maxed it out... ... and did a carrier-like start with TO thrust already set while the brakes were still trying their best. As you can see this worked out by far. ATC made me climb in a 360° turn, so we can have another view of the Gold Coast scenery. In RL this flight is no longer e
  18. I wanted to do just a quick evening hop down the coast from Brisbane, so I chose the Lancair - in a colour that will be welcomed by some. A little look at the fabulous detail of the YBBN scenery... ... before turning towards the M1 Gateway Bridge. The obvious, part 1. The obvious, part 2. And now down to Gold Coast, just OZxed, despite of current rumours there might be an update in the making... But just after spotting the runway... ... my FSX hung up. OOM, the first after a long time. Re
  19. Inspired by a recent trip there and also the discussion in the Gold Coast airport thread, I decided to do a flight from Port Macquarie up to Coolangatta on the Gold Coast. FYI this was in P3D v4 in the Carenado Dornier 228 with the QantasLink livery. There's some beautiful FTXAU scenery on the way up
  20. A cousin of mine got married last weekend in a place called Midginbil, NSW, which is close to Mount Warning. So after checking out the venue and the locality I thought I'd take a look at it in FTX AU... Departing from Brisbane in the Twotter The peak of Mount Warning can be seen over the starboard wing, and the rim of the caldera in the background The (real) weather wasn't too great - at least not here. All around the skies were clear, but not directly around the peak... So I headed back to Brisbane Later, a new attempt this time departing from Gold
  21. From Brisbane to Gold Coast in an Airbus? Really? (For those who do not know the lay of the land - that's just some 90 kms / 55 miles apart) At the gate Lots of going and coming International Terminal Only found the patch for the landing lights after this flight. So it's a rather dark take-off Turning south Damn, night falls quickly around these parts By the time I landed at Gold Coast it was pitch black No edits. Cheers Mallard
  22. Quick flight from Gold Coast Airport to Hervey Bay Trying to revive the airline with a "new" type of plane Damn this plane takes to the skies like (a) mad (dog) Course correction over North Stradbroke Island In the gap in the clouds: Caloundra Passing Noosa Heads Coming in to Hervey Bay high and dirty Had to use the spoilers to bleed enough speed and altitude. Not really the elegant way to do things... All the nice parking spots were taken Cheers Mallard
  23. Finally got the "new" Gold Coast and checked it out on a flight starting from Caloundra Blends in nicely in the surroundings... Nice level of detail Tied down for the moment... And back later in another plane - this time trying the night-textures Since it was such a fine evening I decided on heading on to Brisbane (I actually wanted to make it to Redcliffe first, but it was closed by the time I arrived there). Flying by the light of the moon. And the bright lights of the docks after landing... Just some cropping - nothing
  24. After a couple of years on the Forum I thought it was about time I captured a shot of home.......... the mountain under my fuselarge is Mt Warning - named by Cpt Cook to warn of dangerous reefs jutting out from the mainland. I have climbed Mt Warning four times, it is supposedly the first place on the Australian mainland to see the rising sun. Our house is direcly under the final approach to Gold Coast Airport (YBGC) runway 14. We have the best of both worlds - beatiful beaches and a sub tropical hinterland of World Heritage National Parks (sorry it's Australia Day national holiday on Saturday
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