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Found 111 results

  1. Hello. Can we please get a small update for YBBN for the new runway titling (01R/19L) and get the missing link on taxiway B filled in?
  2. Hi, Was wondering whether anyone has experienced this before and might be able to provide me a fix. After a fresh new installation of P3Dv4.5 Hot Fix 2 with Orbx Central installed, Im slowly loading in new orbx regions. Started with Global, Vector, Australia V2, then added airports. Cairns, Brisbane. All good with install so far. Loaded onto a brand new SSD. Puzzled now why this may be happening. Does anyone know how I can fix this little issue I'm having with cars travelling around on dirt roads and roads/highways not looking correct. Have studied the YBBN Manual and set scenery settings as preferred. Have also checked to ensure Australia V2 is selected in control panel and it is. The rest of the airport looks fine. Just the outside airport road network Interested in some help if anyone can assist me please. Regards Dave
  3. Our days in Brisbane had to come to an end... ... but we will be able to remember the correct spelling of the city´s name. Or, most probable, much more. Getting ready at the Virgin Australia terminal for a series of flights... The first takeoff of the day, across Port of Brisbane... ... Mud Island, ... ... and Cleveland. Gold Coast in the distance. Northern NSW looks harmless in the sim, ... ... but in reality there were bushfires already in September. Broken Bay, ... ... and an approach into a city y´all know by name. Unfortunately ATC choose a STAR from the east, I would have loved to have the sun behind. But the clean windows of VA help! The final into YSSY proves that spring textures are green here. Botany Bay. Sydney, here we are! Now grab the luggage and move...
  4. After our arrival in Brisbane... ... we were lucky: It was the final day of the Brisbane festival https://www.brisbanefestival.com.au/ with some extra shows in the city. On our way to dinner a suspicious plane crossed our way... Big. Noisy. Low. Very low. Unfortunately we can see that the iconic pedestrian bridges over Brisbane River are missing in Orbx Australia, like Kurilpa or Goodwill Bridge. After hiding behind the skyscrapers the pilot probably proved to be a real Jack. Just a little documentation showing that the correct livery was used... And another proof: No bridge was hurt that day.
  5. Hi all, After putting it off for too long, I've purchased the Australia v2 package and the Brisbane International (YBBN) airport. It looks absolutely outstanding, however I have a strange issue. When selecting Brisbane as my starting airport in free flight, I can only select 'Active Runway' for my starting point. No gates or ramps in the list. The 'active runway' point is also in the middle of one of the terminal/carpark buildings. To add to this, FSX is telling me there is no ATC, just Brisbane Traffic. Not the biggest issue as I use VATSIM, but may be related to the lack of gates to choose from? Hoping someone is able to help! I've uninstalled and reinstalled Brisbane and the Australia v2 package. I also have no other scenery for Brisbane that would be interferring. Transaction ID is 5df5c00fe49d2 Thanks in Advance! Brock
  6. After finally finding the rental car station at the end of the previous post ... ... we went on, using the motorways named in the title. Since I was the driver, there´ll be no real life photos in this post. It was already complicated enough for me to protect the wipers from getting totally worn whenever I had to change lines or directions... Easier was the flight out of blurry Brisbane... ... to the confusing intersections of Moreton Drive into the M1, ... ... along the Boondall Wetlands ... ... and then merging with the M3 into Bruce Highway. Many options for a stop in Orbx/OZx lands: Passing Redcliffe, ... ... Caboolture, ... ... the Glasshouse Mountains ... ... and Caloundra. It is nice to see the roads modeled in 3D, ... ... but not so nice to see Gympies runway also modeled in "3D". The city itself has a remarkable number of traffic lights, all in red of course. Finally we passed them ... ... to the settlements of Hervey Bay. Uranagan below. Can you see the 16 squares of the sunshades left from the middle, just next to the park? That is the supermarket where we grabbed some food for the next leg, wait... With this vehicle we just went downwind... ... into YHBA. The road below us is Booral Road. I was excited to see the airport from the road, but my family did not react quick enough to take a picture! We might have to come back... Touchdown. Stay tuned.
  7. Ok, our time in Cairns had come to an end, ... ... so we needed to get ready for another exciting location. First we took the commuter from Cairns, ... ... and checked the competition. JetStar even parks on the wrong side. The SID leads directly out to the sea... ... making it difficult to catch a good city view. Just after the first hills you see the sugar cane fields of Gordonvale, ... ... while the left side of the plane can enjoy the reef islands. After passing the Hervey Bay area (far in the distance)... ... the STARs SMOK5x lead us along Redcliffe. A beautiful final into the 19 over Brisbane harbour and the mudflats. Not so beautiful the ground textures in YBBN since the AUv2 upgrade. And difficult to land... But at least we found a proper parking lot. Now let´s try to find the rental car station (not easy I can tell you)!
  8. Hi, I've got a problem since the installation of AUv2 or the check of files of the YBBN scenery in Orbx Central: - when I start the 1rst time FSX, I can choose what I want in the fly organizer for YBBN as runway in service, one specific runway or ramp or door... => the list is full of entries => GOOD! - when I've flown there, if I change the airport or if I've choosen another airport and then want to fly from YBBN, the list contains only one entry, the runway in service, all the other entries are gone! => BAD What problem can cause that? And if I choose this entry, the aircraft is placed in a building in the center of the airport of Brisbane or of the zone covered by the Orbx scenery perhaps, certainly not on the runway... Please see the pictures below.
  9. Getting ready for Virgin Australias flight 1709 from Cairns to Brisbane. Just out of runway 15 there is Cairns hockey center. Would be great to play there... The SID gives passengers on the left a chance to see the airport. This fantastic city view is hard to get from the cabin. Sometimes we simmers are in a better position... Passengers on the right can have a view of the Atherton tablelands and the valleys. Changing sides again to spot the reef. Do not underestimate the distances in Queensland. The flight takes nearly 2 hours. The top of descent is just next to Hervey Bay, which could be seen in the distance here. Descending into Brisbane. On the STAR around the city... ... and on final into the 01. I am sure Jack would feel a strong gravity of the bridge on the right. Deboarding at the Virgin AU terminal. Good work of the combination UT live and Pro-ATC/X.
  10. Hello, I have just purchased your excellent rendition of YBBN and am very impressed. However, I notice some gates are unavailable as departure gates. In particular, gate 24 (large domestic). This is a problem when flying a 744 on domestic routes and particularly when flying online. Is this something that will be fixed in future updates? Cheers, Peter Jenner
  11. Flight VA962 is ready for boarding at Brisbane, gate 44. During taxi passengers can enjoy a last city view... ... and one of the terminals. Then we climb out... ... over Moreton Bay... ... into the clouds. Look carefully towards Gold Coast. I don´t mean the skyscrapers at the coast. I mean the foreground! I am not sure if this is Orbx or OZx. Ocurrence was about 4:15 pm on a Sunday. After notifying the local authorities (by mobile for sure, the way to the cockpit is forbidden !), we continue to the dry fields of NSW. Warnervale. And here we have Pittwater Bay, where @teecee has his weekend hideaway. In the distance we see our destination. The Caltex refinery below us, ... ... while the sun sets over Botany Bay. On final to the 16L. I can´t give you more close-ups, cause I use add-on scenery...
  12. To the northwest of Brisbane is Mount Coot-tha https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Coot-tha,_Queensland . The aboriginal people used to collect honey ("ku-ta") up there. This is the view from its top: Just a few miles south should be Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_Pine_Koala_Sanctuary , but it is missing here. So I had to head back to the city center. The vector data are good here, even the landclass makes sense. But autogen and buildings are still far away from reality... That means: Down to Brisbane River, ... ... to Story Bridge (you can also climb it if you like http://storybridgeadventureclimb.com.au/), ... ... and further on to the M1 motorway bridge. For navigation purposes we pick up the airlink railway here... ... pass the cargo area... ...towards the domestic terminal, ... ... where the airlink line ends. Does anyone need a map or signs, or is Orbx just enough?
  13. Not from the start at Brisbane, ... ... and also the "Port of Brisbane" is not significant in the sense of the post title. But wait and see. We cross Saint Helena Island... ... and come south over green estuaries to Boonnahbah Island, ... ... followed by Woogoombah Island. This part of the Gold Coast settlements is Coombabah. The view to the left uses different letters: Runaway Bay. Turning to Surfers Paradise, ... ... before we arrive in Coolangatta. Tmrrw I will have t type with ther letters.
  14. In this case the King is a KingAir 200, being started in Hervey Bay. Climbing out over Fraser Island, ... ... and southwards to Rainbow Beach, the second ferry point onto the island. Passing Noosa... ... Caloundra, ... ... and Redcliffe... ... on the way to Vegas. Brisvegas I mean... When you are travelling in Australia, always look out for the Roos. They don´t follow established traffic rules and quickly come closer than you like!
  15. Qantas flight QF1709 was getting ready in Cairns. Severe rain this season in the lowlands, ... ... resulting in a foggy, partially even blind takeoff. But the Queensland coast was clear on the way south. Unfortunately the clouds came back as we descended, so it was difficult to spot Fraser Island in the background (under the 320´s belly). In this case the weather radar was of no big use. But some visibility was left, Brisbane showed up! Archerfield airbase was part of the approach procedure... ... before we turned over Brisbane River... ... and along the CBD. Some of our fellow simmers would probably modify the approach and fly under the M1 bridge? I did the conventional way. In FSX YBBN always turned into a slideshow on my computer, even when flying GA. P3dv4 makes it work much better, though still demanding (with the given weather and my standard AI setting just above the 10 FPS mark). Even worse: Still raining at the Queensland coast. Better stay inside today!
  16. After arrival from Cairns we change vehicles in Brisbane, domestic terminal. Following Moreton Drive, just right of the airlink railway, until it meets the M1. On the way north we pass Caboolture, nicely upgraded in OZx. The Glasshouse mountains appear to the west of the motorway, ... ... and Caloundra to the east. We pass the coastal settlements of Noosa in the distance... ... and the surprising location of the airstrip IN Lake MacDonald. This is sugar cane land. No doubt. You can follow the road to Hervey Bay, but we are already on base... ... final, ... ... and parked.
  17. OK, last time we sailed across the big ocean to lovely Brisbane, so we have to get back to lovely Vancouver. "We decided to make the passengers jump the last meter today as a fitness test, just to make sure they won't need the rescue helicopter when they go hiking in our dense Canadian woods." A selection of pacific carriers. I love the bridge. Gateway Bridge? "We're going to do an APU-to-pack takeoff due to our heavy weight and the high outside temperature, i. e., bleed air for the air conditioning is coming from the APU, freeing up the extra power for the engines." "It's a loooong way to Tipperary..." Passing in front of the domestic terminal... "That beach must be visible from the ISS." - "Confirmed." "We have a fuel imbalance!" - Ten minutes of scrolling checklists back and forth. - "I forgot to switch on the left center tank pump." "Wave politely, you never know who might be looking." Ureparapara Island, Vanuatu. It's getting dark over the Pacific Ocean. "Switch it on, just in case!" - "Oh Canada, the true north strong and free..." The sun is rising, and so are the mountains of Vancouver Island. Mountainous terrain ahead. The interior of the island is very mountainous. The east coast less so. "I can almost smell the salty air!" A last look at Vancouver Island... "Did you take photos of my brilliant touchdown?" - "Ehmm..." "Thank you for flying with Air Canada! We wish you a pleasant stay in Vancouver." Thank you for flying with me once more! Regards Lars
  18. Hi folks, this time we will be cruising from Vancouver, Canada, all over the Pacific Ocean to Brisbane, Australia. Pushback Taxiing via Lima... Lineup runway 08R It's pitch black outside, have you got the sextant for astronomical navigation, First Officer? *Glmps* Look, sir, the passengers of the tween deck already report the first light of day on port side, sir! The first class reports the sun has risen, sir! Captain went to search for his sextant, so quickly taking a photo. A massive storm front building up on starboard Sure wouldn't be fun to go there... Brisbane ahead and New Caledonia astern. Soon we are drifting down into the port of Brisbane. Gently heeling over to starboard There sure must be landlubbers dwelling there. On short final runway 01 In full motion: Vacating A long way to the international pier, sir! - Ay. One of the dockers forgot the pushback truck right in the way of the gangplank... Not our business. Welcome to Australia! I hope you liked my little cruise, as always. Regards Lars
  19. Hi There simmer, this is my video about AI Traffic Australia and New Zealand by Orbx! Enjoy! Regards, Almedin
  20. Hello, I've spent a few hours in YBBN, and I've noticed no service vehicles moving around, except for one only refuel truck is it a known issue ?(sorry for missing the search, in case) might it be addressed? thanks
  21. Hi there I've noticed for runway 01/32 that the approach lighting is not correct, it it utilising T-vasis which is uncommon in Australia, I checked the latest ersa for Brisbane and it is still using papi X2 for the runway. I'm not sure if this is a scenery error or something else, I am using prepar3d v4 _---------------- Ybbn order number 59ec833a2284f
  22. I know there have been a couple of other topics but none recently and none with my specific issue. This occurs with both the P3D V3 version and the current P3D V4 version of YBBN Jetways don't attach to the aircraft correctly and whenever you send them back to their starting position the front bit just rotates endlessly. This only happens at the international terminal. The T-Jetways at Domestic work fine. Attached are 2 images of different aircraft types both with the same problem. On a different note, YBBN seems to perform a lot better in P3DV4! The FPS issues I had in V3 are almost completely gone!.
  23. I wanted to do just a quick evening hop down the coast from Brisbane, so I chose the Lancair - in a colour that will be welcomed by some. A little look at the fabulous detail of the YBBN scenery... ... before turning towards the M1 Gateway Bridge. The obvious, part 1. The obvious, part 2. And now down to Gold Coast, just OZxed, despite of current rumours there might be an update in the making... But just after spotting the runway... ... my FSX hung up. OOM, the first after a long time. Reminds me of two things: 1) Never fly Brisbane with more than default planes in FSX. 2) Quickly proceed installing last weeks purchase, which runs in 64 bit. Good motivation! But for the sake of this post, I just restarted from a tiny airfield nearby, YSPT Mason Field, flew downwind... ... and enjoyed the massive AI traffic at YBCG.
  24. I followed Martyns advise and left Noosa Heads quickly, though my ladies did enjoy the Café Latte bars up there... Should be space enough for a German towel on Peregian Beach... Mooloolaba. Has there been a discount on O´s when these Aussies named their cities? Toowoomba or Mooroopna or... ... Caloundra. OK, just one O. But always worth a stop. ... and an equipment change, as my next destination is one of the most famous frame rate- and VAS-graves in FSX... A short look at Glasshouse Mountains... ... and OZx´s Caboolture, ... ... before arriving at the endless sea of houses of Brisneyland. The plane change to the default C172 pays off, no trouble arriving in YBBN.
  25. I have problems with a blurred runway in Melbourne and Brisbane (see pictures). anyone a idea why?
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