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Found 20 results

  1. Whyever Qantas did this, they currently route their flight QF1941 in the opposite direction as the passengers need. You would start as usual in YBAS... Twas quite a cloudy day over the outback. No much to see until the first officer spotted these rocks. The captain also got a spectacular view. Touristically interesting, but this is not the place Qantas was asked us to bring!
  2. Our arrival time in Conellan is scheduled for the afternoon, right in time to visit the area during sunset. So we pass Yulara, ... ... from a slight altitude even Kata Tjuta comes into view, ... ... before the famous sunset perspective is ready. Most visitors spend their night in Yulara, some in hotels, ... ... some in tents, ... ... before they get up early to catch the sunrise view. Who has been here before in real? Don´t hesitate to post your teasers!
  3. The next leg of our real travel plan would be done with Virgin Australia VA1627. Getting ready in Sydney (domestic): After a southbound start sitting on the right side of the plane would be advantageous. Too high to enjoy the Blue Mountains... ... not even the other way round. But you can still see the Pacific. Fly-by in Bathurst... ... and finally you see the green-red border. I will surely do a flight like this in Australia v2 to compare. Hours later. A landmark for orientation...
  4. Put some peaceful music from the inhabitants of this country on... ... have a good flight plan at hand... ... and off you go. Crossing Yulara village... ... no more words needed. Sure we respect the beliefs of the owners of the site, and do not cross the mountains. Just a few kilometers to the west the next icon appears from the haze... Looking back on the way to Conellan... ... and into downwind to the 31, again over Yulara.
  5. After some days in the red center it is time to leave. QF1854, departing 15:15 hrs from YAYE (again sorry, I use the 320 instead of the original 717). At Conellan the ladies wear correct biz dresses. MacDonnell Ranges, ... ... Mt. Isa, ... ... and into the night. Landing was 6 minutes late compared to QFs original flight plan. First thing to do next morning is a short hop over the town... ... to the beautiful promenade... ... to meet old friends.
  6. The wealthy tourists can do things like these... https://www.uluru.com/activities/Uluru_Scenic_Flights.html, we have to make this in virtual. But this is also some kind of pleasure... A good preparation is essential. That looks like a plan: And off we go froom Conellan over Yulara... ... with Kata Tjuta in view... ... and Uluru. Starting the round @ 4000 ft. ..., ... climbing to 4500 as required. Moving over... ... and descending to 4000 again before flying back to the airport.
  7. Mates, I can´t get to posting or even simming, there is so many funny discussions going on here today. Let my try to get one thing done: Continue the touristic exploration of the NT. Ready for boarding? Bye, bye, Alice. Pine gap tracking station & the Alice correction center. From here there is only... the outback. And a certain rock. In real life QantasLink does this flight with a 717. My AI does know this - I just had to use a subsitution. Deboarding the luggage, ... ..
  8. Sun through Cloud layer at 9000ft above Alice Springs More Cloud and Sun Such a Beautiful Scenery Product from Orbx Going to change planes at Conellan, passenger wants to see Uluru from the air "As far as the Eye can See" Short Final YAYE Conellan Uluru from A2A P51H High Performance Mustang More of Uluru Such a beautiful piece of Aboriginal History
  9. Put the tiger in your tank... ... and say "goodbye" to the two icons. Salty ponds... ... and the coast. With a perfect timing into sunset. No problem to land the A320 here, but the taxiways are a bit tight... ... while other things are predominantly short. See ya!
  10. Low & slow - if only I had an aussie repaint...
  11. Royal Flying Doctor Service from Alice Springs... ... westwards via Hermannsburg, ... ... Gosses Bluff, ... ... Areyonga and Kings Creek, ... ... to a place ev´rybody knows. Just in time!
  12. minor issue with YAYE tarmac. planes will sink in to the ground when parked in the light gray or light blue area. FTX Australia, SP4, Library 151108
  13. ... and rarely something else on these pictures. Or, maybe ... after all ... The ground traffic controller is on duty. If that stone ain´t well known... ... with a touch of salt... Kings Creek: Areyonga: Hermannsburg: The McDonnell Ranges, leading towards... ... Alice: Amazing scenery, always as good the first time.
  14. Well, maybe I need to actualize my grammar for going more and more into the red centre... Next part of my little tour, from Coober Pedy to Conellan. Not many additional words needed... In the parking lot:
  15. While Brad was doing a flight in the red center (http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/72029-some-from-the-red-centre-p3d-20/) in P3D, I happened to be in the same region with FSX. OK, I was on duty for the RFDS... a veritable excuse I think. Pine Gap: Hermannsburg: Areyonga: Kings Creek Station: Lake Amadeus: Docker River, the westernmost airstrip of this tour: Kata Tjuta, on approach to Conellan airport (an OZx must-have!).
  16. ... for the price of one (picture): Unedited, REX real weather.
  17. You've probably heard of the Olgas And of course almost all of you know Ayers Rock But how many non-Australians have heard of Mount Conner? An impressive mesa rising majestically out of the surrounding plains just over 80 kms east of Ayers Rock and probably belonging to the same rock formation? Not quite as detailed as the other two, but still nicely represented in the sim. Otherwise I'm on a flight through a region where I was glad to have a second engine "in reserve" Approaching Alice Springs Some cropping, but otherwi
  18. A paint like the one I chose here can mean only one destination... Take-off from Alice Interesting topography If the outside should get boring - there's enough to see in here. And there's also an entire flight technician's panel to watch over... Approaching Ayers Rock Took a wide circle passing by the Olgas as well Comforting signs at the airport Closing up shop for the night Some cropping. Cheers Mallard
  19. Into the early sunrise of the Outback. Flying around near Kata Tjuta/Olgas (unedited, only resized and cropped) I was honestly and very positively surprised about the rather subtle and quite colourful variations on these unique rock formations that FSX offered here! So i wanted to share it with all of You: Captured during a very, very short flight undertaken mainly to try out this nice livery … … and then, just a bit later (in the sim at least): Some “heavier arrival†at YAYE (with some little edit this time though): ... in case You want to compare: Below is the unedited
  20. G'day all, Today's flight sees me returning a charter plane to Alice Springs after delivering the charterers to Conellan Airport, Ayre's Rock. I love this part of the country, a lot of people think the centre of Australia is boring, just flat, red desert as far as the eye can see. I reckon that's one of the attractions, as it puts on show just how old this country is - everything just looks weathered down, worn away... utterly timeless. Then you get these standout bits of geology rearing up from the landscape, twisted layers of sedimentary rock laid down aeons ago and giving evidence to
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