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Found 68 results

  1. A small test flight from San Francisco with the version 3 of Manfred Jahn's famous DC3 transposed for Xplane by Aeroworks. 2 jewels in a way!
  2. The perfect gateway to Yosemite’s impressive national parks. KFAT Fresno Yosemite International Airport will provide you with the opportunity to connect quickly to multiple destinations and soar above the famed forest of Yosemite. Featuring an impressive level of quality, Fresno Yosemite International Airport is the perfect place to experience a variety of piloting opportunities. Take a flight from the airport and fly over the famous Airways Golf Club that sits just north of the dual-runway airport, or take on a helicopter tours around the city. The airport had its origins as a military airfield in World War II and is home many government agencies as well as the 144th Fighter Wing of the California Air National Guard. Another critical function operated out of Fresno is the coordination of firefighting aircraft which is managed by the Fresno Air Attack Base located at the airport. The airport gets it code (FAT) from the former name of the airport, Fresno Air Terminal, and has tried unsuccessfully in the past to have a new identifier allocated due to the negative connotations. The airport changed its name to Fresno Yosemite International Airport to hopefully attract visitors travelling to the Yosemite National Park. Featuring: Detailed and accurate rendition of Fresno Yosemite Airport Perfect for GA pilots, private jet pilots and helicopter fanatics Incredible quality texturing with PBR materials throughout Interact with the airport with SAM jetways and marshellers Atmospheric night lighting Custom static F15 and Blackhawk models Interior modelling of the main terminal Optimised for great performance Designed for TrueEarth Northern California Be sure to check new previews as we gear up for launch this weekend!
  3. Hi all, Just a quick prepurchase question, do all X-plane airports sold through Orbx include correctly placed taxiway routes and parking stand data needed for a plugin such as Traffic Global? They obviously look fantastic and are of a great visual standard, but beauty is only skin deep. I only ask as there have been a few posts in Traffic Globals forum about incorrect taxiway routes and/or gate placement with London City and Leeds which causes issues unless corrected in WED. I know you can't be compatible with every addon, but I'd just like to make sure the data we can't see is just as high quality as the visuals we can see before I buy. Thanks for any help! Phill
  4. Hi, at Stapleford I have this blue surfaces under the hay bales. Does anyone know where this comes from? A piece of advice would be very appreciated. Thank you very much. Cheers Mike
  5. Just a little comparison between ORBX Innsbruck (right side) and Ortho4XP (left side, Bing with ZL16). The improvement in quality really is amazing! You guys did an awesome job with this scenery. I enjoy it so much and it already became my new favorite airport! 10/10.
  6. Let's not kid ourselves.. It isn't an Orbx scenery in the PNW without a good old Bowerman shot! Orbx TE Washington UltraWeatherXP Xvision Bowerman freeware airport off the org Just Flight PA-28-181 Archer III
  7. Help when i try to load into X-Plane i get this message? I didn't get it yesterday! Also my True Earth South is installed but FTX Central says it isn't?
  8. After years of struggeling with P3D, never-ending tweaking, fixing and micro-stutters, the last CTD (after starting to descent down to the Canaries) was the final straw that made me delete everything having to do something with P3D. Guys I feel like a burden has suddenly fallen from my shoulders. Honestly, it has been more hate than love for a long time, already. So, no more looking back and hello beautiful smooth new sim!
  9. Strange effect. i am not able anymore then more then 1.25Mb upload my shots per topic. No clou why it changed. Regards Peter
  10. Took a trip from Goodwood up past London, then via Coventry and Birmingham then back to my local airfield Wellesbourne Mountford though annoyingly I must of forgotten to actually hit the take photo button as I got to Wellesbourne so I'm missing a shot of my landing. Taxiing at Goodwood: Take off: Coming up on London: Looking towards the city: Random shot over the countryside: Passing Coventry: Passing over Birmingham city centre:
  11. While doing some very low altitude flying across GB I realized that TEGBN is missing the grass effect. First screenshot is somewhere around EGHI and second one is around Edinburgh, however I tried it around Inverness as well - same problem. Am I missing something or was this made on purpose? I attached a screenshot of my scenery order as well. Kind regards, SEB
  12. Hi, I have EGCB installed for xplane and also truearth central, it looks great but the buildings for EGCB dont load in, any idea why? I have the folder for EGCB above all the truearth folders but that diosent help, neither does deleting EGCB and moving it back in, I manully installed them by the way. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  13. So I finally got round to installing GB TrueEarth last night into XPlane, and thought I'd share just how good it looks Terry
  14. Earlier this year, we announced that we would be developing TrueEarth Great Britain for X-Plane 11. Our X-Plane team headed up by specialist Tony Wroblewski has been working tirelessly to bring you the first title in the series, TrueEarth Great Britain South. TrueEarth Great Britain for X-Plane is series of three with GB Central and GB North to follow in the coming months. We always intended to release TrueEarth Great Britain as three separate regions, just like we did for the original UK FTX Regions. However, we cannot release them based on geographical boundaries as with did for the FTX regions, because the only correct way to distribute mesh based sceneries for X-Plane is using 1-degree tiles. For this reason we have split GB into South, Central and North as you can see in the map. We will also split TrueEarth GB for P3Dv4 and AFS2 in the same way to keep the product line consistent between simulators. GB South covers a whopping 42,000 square miles (107,349 km2) and covers Southern England and Wales. We have developed new autogen technology especially for X-Plane which allows for region specific houses to be placed accurately to ensure maximum immersion. What really makes TrueEarth Great Britain unique, are the Points of Interest. We have hundreds of iconic UK landmarks from Tintagel to Cardiff City Stadium, from the Brighton Pier up to Buckingham Palace in London – all based on 2018 data - You won’t find a more comprehensive and up-to-date British flying experience anywhere! Features: 42,000 square miles (107349 km2) of hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery New autogen technology developed specially for X-Plane 11, allowing thousands of realistic looking UK-themed houses to be placed at a realistic height with minimal impact on performance 130 million trees at the correct height and location 13.2 million buildings at the correct height and location VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed. Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, castles, piers, and monuments – this is especially noticeable in city areas such as London and along the coast. Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as hills and beaches Superb watermasking along the entire coastline Accurate road and rail network blended into the aerial imagery with moving left-hand drive traffic. Control Panel option to use photoreal major roads/motorways or synthetic X-Plane ones. Summer season only with full night-lighting supported We have also added a new built-in decompression feature in FTX Central to greatly reduce the download size (approx 35GB instead of 90GB) ensuring an efficient installation process. In addition to these features, users will get free service packs for life as well as more POI models in future updates. TrueEarth GB South will be available to purchase from OrbxDirect this month for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $39.55 / €33.95 / £30.60) Please note that there is no cross-grade discount from the landclass-based FTX England, Wales or Scotland regions. Here are three shots taken by Jarrad Marshall Using ReShade 0.19.1 / SweetFX Here are nearly 90 screenshots taken by Filou on the following system: i7 4790K / GTX 1080 / 24 MEMORY/ SSD Shaders: ReShade 0.19.1 / SweetFX / MaxxFX Weather: Ultra Weather XP / xEnviro v1.09 A few more things to mention: These screenshots are from the Beta2 build. We’ll be sharing many more shots from Beta3 in the coming days which has even more 3D POI models, texturing and further improvements All of the Orbx FTX England and Wales airports are in the process of being ported to XP11 right now, and EGHI Southampton, EGFF Cardiff and EGKA Shoreham will be released very soon after TrueEarth GB South is out - we will demo those at Cosford. All the Orbx UK airports will be available for XP11 before the end of the year. The P3Dv4 version of TrueEarth GB South is about 60% complete and we’re aiming for release by the end of the year. After Great Britain, we begin development of TrueEarth regions in the USA from early 2019, beginning with Pacific Northwest!
  15. Orbx Sunrise. Time Lapse. Leaving London in a Bell 407 For The Coast. True Earth Great Britain South. No other add- Ons. Thought I would do a nice simple video with the Bell 407 flying over London towards the coast at sunrise. Used Cyberlink Power Director to make a time lapse to speed things up a bit. Hope you like it
  16. A great little vintage flyer. It handles really well and is a very enjoyable aircraft to fly. The added advantage is that the "Avitab" moving map display is integrated into a little ipad in the cockpit, which is very nice indeed. Available from https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/48223-vflyteair-ryan-navion-205-vintage-freeware/ All screenshots TE GBS -- around Bournemouth -- you can see exactly where from the moving map display Cheers R The "ipad" moving map display. It can be rotated to your preferred viewing angle. All controls work exactly the same as on the larger convential Avitab display The convential Avitab moving map display for comparison
  17. One of the observations I have about XPlane is that the trains (freight trains especially) are based upon North American style locomotives. They are very nicely done, but do look a bit out of place in True Earth GBS. The following library file , although dating from 2014 does a nice job of replacing the locomotives and a lot of the rolling stock with a more "European" style. It's a small thing, but I think it really adds to the immersive factor. All of the following screenshots were done using Manchester Barton (only as it was easy to find a lot of railway lines) and my version of XPlane is 11.26r2. Installation is really easy, as it is a library file, just unzip it into the XPlane Custom Scenery folder, adjust it's position in the scenery_packs.ini file and thats it. The file is "Custom traffic for Europe Library 1.11" and is freeware from ( https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/21719-custom-traffic-for-europe-library/ ). I tried to do "like for like" screenshot comparisons in some of the attached images, but since it required afull restart each time they are close but not quite exact. This library also updates a number of car models, Volvo, Volkswagen etc and buses. I have also included one screenshot at night as I liked the relections in the motorway lights. Cheers Renault Manchester Barton North American Style trains North American Style - Image 2 Manchester Barton "Same Image(s)" - European Style trains European Rolling Stock Commuter Train Sample Freight Trains Day view besides Motorway Same View at night showing night lighting on locomotive Motorway at dusk - new car models from library
  18. I am really enjoying TE GBS , but it is so incredibly detailed that I am continually wondering where I am (befuddled is more like it!) The existing moving map in XPlane is good if you want airports etc. but for an armchair pilot like myself I would like a bit more detail like community place names, roads , motorways etc. Just all the stuff that helps us mere mortals to get by. I have my UK atlas by my side, but it takes a fair bit of time to keep track of where you are and I kept thinking wouldn't a moving map like the gps in my car be a great add in. I came across a little plug in called Avitab ( https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/44825-avitab-vr-compatible-tablet-with-pdf-viewer-moving-maps-and-more/ ) which more than fits the bill. Simply put it has increased my enjoyment of TE GBS by 1000%. Installation is incredibly simple. After unzipping, just put the Avitab folder in the XPlane plug ins folder. When you start up XPlane go under the plug ins menu, select Avitab and then Maps and you are good to go. ( I bound the "t" key on my keyboard to toggle it on and off) and that was the extent of the installation. There is also a full forum on the plug in at XPlane-org ( https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/forum/425-avitab-plugin/ ) as well. Lastly, a number of aircraft now have the ability to fully integrate the plug-in into a fascimile of an ipad in the cockpit to allow the moving map display to work all the time, but I just choose the simple approach to toggle the tool on and off when needed. The following screenshots show a number of scenarios . The common theme to all of them was "Where was I ??" . And with Avitab,I now know exactly . There are several options for maps - I just took the default to use open source maps , which are downloaded on an as needed basis (they are also stored permenetly in the Avitab Maptiles subfolder. Although completely a function of the map sourcing, I particularly like the great detail in the open source maps such as the contour maps if you move in (closely spaced contours on elevation features indicate how quickly the elevation is changing) which I find very helpful when the view is partially obscured by cloud, mist etc. I hope that you find the following interesting and if you are an Avitab user, please accept my enthusiam for a really excellent product that has really enhanced the pleasure of flying in TE GBS. Cheers Renault So here we are. Each sequence shows the original screenshot , following by the Avitab window and moving map display ... I deliberately chose a dusk sequence , because this is when I find it most difficult to keep track of my actual location. 1) Typically when I'm flying I'm never quite sure exactly where I am ... ( I am somewhere "over Bristol" -- not very exact!). And toggling up Avitab, I now have all the detail in real time that I want ... 2) And turning into the sunset.. Nice view but again where am I ? This almost makes it too easy ... 3) Here you go Jack .... a bit of orange 4) Sorry I just liked the view ..... 5) Just flying over Bristol Filton , EGTG Airport info is also available in Avitab 6) Coming in to EGTG ... And the map .... 7) The final two ... And the map ...
  19. One of the earliest "Condors" was the Curtis Condor. Popular in its day (1930's) it was often touted as the height of luxury flying being fitted out with sleeper berths for the longer flights while being able to cruise upwards of 180 mph. It had a range of approximately 1300 km. and a service ceiling of approximately 6700 metres. Suffice to say that the screenshots of the forum "Condor" and it's wonderful journies would seen almost magical to the original crews and passengers. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
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