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  1. Just as the title says. Spent the day puttering about. Cheers Pete
  2. How hot .... Probably fry an egg out there Cheers R TE Canary Islands, XPlane 11.50 & a liberal sprinkling of "Renault Pixie dust"
  3. Now that I got your attention, its not really Its just lights along the Oregon coast, that reminded me of the time we took a helicopter ride in Hawaii. Cheers Renault
  4. I spend a fair number of hours just puttering around my Orbx world, tying new ideas for image rendering, clouds and stuff. It's called "experimentation", but my dear wife just calls it "wasting time". But she does concede that it keeps me off the streets and as long as I keep having fun, I guess I'm allowed to continue Here's a few that I snuck by her. Ssh - no telling Cheers Renault It's all XPlane - just straight off the "V" key .... The only time in my entire li
  5. Please submit a fix for the San Francisco & Oakland Bay Bridges. They are horrible. Mister X has a great Bay Bridge model, maybe you can borrow it from him? But really, this is below Orbx standards. Even Minecraft renders a better Bay Bridge.
  6. Hi, I'm coming across an error in X Plane 11 after installing TerraFlora. I currently have TerraFlora, Washington, and Anacortes in my ORBXLibrary folder that is not in the same folder as where I installed XPlane 11. I haven't had any issues prior just having Washington and Oregon installed. When loading a flight that starts at Anacortes, I am getting an error that reads: "Error, could not locate image file for forest Custom Scenery/Orbx_orbxlibsXP/veglib/TFXP_Trees_1024_TE_NA.dds" I've attached a screenshot as well. Any help would be great
  7. Makes me feel warmer just looking at it. Outside my window its cold & snowing Cheers Renault
  8. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault XPlane 11.41r1 My travelling companion is Walter's niece She doesn't manage to visit often, but when she does it's hard to get her to leave We'll just stop for a few minutes to let her have one last look She has many happy memories . Walt and her Aunt Bess, where like a second set of parents for her Some of her best times were when they could convince Walt to take the motor home out and go camping She'll point out her favourite fishing spot when we get up.
  9. I am having issues with getting Orbx airports to display properly in XPlane 11. I have TrueEarth Washington installed and several ORBX airports in Washington. I have uninstalled and reinstalled TrueEarth Washington and all the airports. I have also looked into how to orderer scenery_packs.ini. I am fairly certain that the products are installed properly in my Main Library. I have attached my scenery_packs.ini and 2 photograph taken at 74S. Many structures shown in the photos on the product page just aren't there and others are incomplete for example the floats in the second photo are missing
  10. Apologies to Orbx support. I just realized I posted this note in the Bug Reports area by mistake. Sorry Pete Hello According to the attached log.txt file, there appears to be missing data for the Tacoma Narrows install. I have run verify files which completed saying all files are present. I have uninstalled, reinstalled and verified with the same error message re appearing. Thanks Pete Screenshot Log.txt scenery_packs.ini
  11. Renault tries heavy metal and waits ..... Warning - lots of screenshots! As always thanks for stopping by for a while Cheers R Here I am all ready to go at Southampton Intl and I'm waiting .... Its always good when you're not the only one . At least we have a plane I called for a pushback, but they told me they are busy and I will have to wait We might as well enjoy the views, as I don't have much else to do. Its my first big assignment and I've double and triple chec
  12. some screens of me tearing up XP11 True earth again with all the 3 Xs hope you like and thanks for looking. M
  13. One of the things I most enjoy with TE Washington is the abundance of trees and forests. They are very well modeled and really make flying in Washington state a memorable experience. One of the annoyances that I have with XPlane is a bug, some would call a feature , that makes trees in diffuse backlighting take on a very unnatural appearance , losing all definition and taking on an almost pale metallic appearance. I have coined the term "The Radioactive Glowing tree issue" to describe this. This first screenshot illustrates a very typical behaviour when trees are backl
  14. My first sightseeing flight EGHA. I like it very much. A dream location. Thank you very much ... Xplane 11 - JF Archer III Cheers Mike
  15. Hello I have asked it on an other thread but that was probably a mistake (no support thread). It's probably written somewhere but what is the version for which TE Great Britain is qualified ? ok non bêta version but wich version ? Thank you in advance
  16. Just started a flight around sumburgh area set in the summer at dawn with xplane 11 i hope you enjoy my set of shots regards EMM 1 2 3 4 5 6 6A 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20
  17. Its the kind of day that you maybe should have stayed at home with a good cuppa ….. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers R
  18. Now look, I was supposed to be playing golf this afternoon but decided to install TE GB North before going out. Then I decided to fly VFR (natch) from Campbeltown (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Campbeltown) to Oban (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oban). And now I've missed my tee time because I couldn't leave it alone, so to speak. Thank you to all the ORBX team for a wonderful product, lang may yer lums reek laddies and lassies. "Oh I've just come down from the Isle of Skye, I'm not very tall but my heels are high..." (sic)
  19. Hi, After a very long break from FSX I jumped into XP11 because of the TrueEarth UK scenery. Always preferred to see the real thing out the aircraft window and now we can as the TE scenery is totally fantastic My background is virtual tours so made up a few views of TE Central for anyone that wants to take a look in this format. You view in a VR headset, Google Cardboard etc. by moving your head around or also on your monitor as you would a regular virtual tour / Google Street view. When using the Oculus browser inside the headset, open the page as you no
  20. Hi All "A little gift for the Orbx Community" If you are interested in the "Easy Lut" approach for improving XPlane Colour rendering but didn't want to go through the process of attempting your own Lut creation, here is a sample LUT.png for you to try. It is somewhat subtile but does a nice job in showing what can be possible I think. It also works quite nicely if you want to add additional effects in Reshade. More Screenshots and complete instructions at : Cheers Renault Both Screenshots are straight from the XPlane "V Key"
  21. The "Easy Lut Method" -- Adjusting Colour Rendering In XPlane - A Simple , Effective Approach. This is a bit of an advertisment for a detailed document that I have posted in the Tips, Tricks & Techniques section under the same title. Forward "I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to my colleague and "Orbx friend" , "Olderndirt". He has been instrumental in providing advice and guidance on the writing of this technical note and and has generously given me the benefit of his time to beta test the idea and methodolgy that is described here. Without him and h
  22. Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault "Straight from the "V" key, just a little bit of "Pixie dust" from Reshade and the Renault LUT"
  23. I had placed the following in a reply to a topic that OND had posted "Navajo - "Valley of the Rocks" , but I thought it might be of general interest to XPlane users. It is the simplest solution I have found to giving a very simple, but effective way to improve the colour rendering in XPlane 11. It has minimal frame rate impact Hope this is of some interest Cheers Renault A couple observations that may help if you wish to try Reshade with XP. XPlane uses OpenGl (at least for the present versions up to 11.26r2) for graphics rendering. When you are installing
  24. I realized after I had posted the attached note earlier today, that this method of color adjustment is much more universal than a methodology only for XPlane 11. Reshade will work on FSX and P3d as well as XPlane. The only difference is in the initial Reshade setup when you specific the rendering system as DX11 for FSX and P3d and OpenGl for XPlane 11. The rest of my note is unchanged. Sorry for the confusion - I was unable to edit the original note, so I created this note linking back to my original posting Cheers Renault
  25. I've just purchased Orbx True earth South. But on loading I'm just getting the message advising that it cannot locate image for terrain! I've attached my scenery config and a screenshot of the error message. I'm in the process of re-downloading, that went fine. However I received an error when converting the files? I've included this also. Would really appreciate some help!! Many thanks Simon
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