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Found 12 results

  1. A different look at EGHI Southampton Cheers Renault "Best viewed in dim lighting"
  2. Thanks very much for stopping by It is appreciated Cheers Renault Location TE Oregon HD
  3. Just the one Cheers Renault Who else but Orbx would model a bottle of water, with the scan code visible on a work table inside a hanger. Their attention to detail -- It just left me speechless . What a team !!!
  4. Just the one …. This scenery is fabulous Cheers Renault
  5. Just the one. Best viewed in subdued lighting Cheers Renault
  6. Cheers Renault The story so far ... I was excited to see my friend OlderNdirt @olderndirt (we call him OND for short) , so I was up early Its nice to see the sun come up, and a new day beginning Its going to be a hot one again today, but no worries .... I guess I should have found out what time he is supposed to arrive. But I'm not bothered This is a pretty small airport Yep, its already starting to warm up ... Well nothing so far, but its ok , I used to waiting ... Its kinda cool. I always have been fascinated by the interplay of light and shadows. I find it makes the wait seem so much shorter ... But here I am , still just waiting .... And another hour goes ... where is that man? And another .... boring ! But at least the sun isn't shining in my face anymore... Where is that guy ? I been waiting, a while now hummm. I've been here a while now. He is a good friend and all that, but OND -- I'm, still waiting Gosh, I must have nodded off, standing up. I'm getting a bit stiff too. But still no OND ! Gosh maybe , I got the day wrong . Ooops ... Well, just a bit longer ... You know, most reasonable folks would say that you gotta be pretty patient to stand out here in the heat all day waiting, just waiting ... or they might say something else But, my phones vibrating and the wife is talking in my ear. Where the .... are you? OND came in hours ago . Big red plane, looked around but didn't see you. So he phoned me and I brought him over here. What the .... have you been up to all day. The barbies hot, the beer is cold and we're all waiting on YOU! Well that explains everything ....
  7. I really am enjoying one of @Dario 's favourite airports ... I apologize in advance Dario - I didn't really do it justice as you do so well , but I tried Cheers Renault Disclaimer ... Just in case you noticed and were wondering …. I hadn't realized that one of my screenshots has a little box with a b in it and in another there is a box with two red bars. This is from a fantastic little .lua script I found that gives full differential braking on any xplane aircraft. You can set it up with pedals (which I don't have) or set it to work off the trigger on a joystick (which is what I use). The longer you hold the trigger, the more braking is applied ( the bars start at the outer edges of the box and move towards the center as a visual indicator). The b is reminder that the parking brake is on. If you use pedals, the longer a pedal is held down, the more braking is applied. It is available at https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/37662-differential-and-progressive-brakes-for-x-plane-11/ . Just drop it into your FWL Scripts folder, set up your controls and enjoy ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Dust wasn't optional it seemed … And I just wondered what it would look like at dusk ....
  8. Its been a bit cold where I live and I needed a little something to warm me up Beautiful scenery, ocean mist and blue ocean - TE Nor Cal to the rescue Cheers Renault
  9. Perhaps not for everyone, but I was just playing around with different views ... Thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault
  10. One of my favourite places to fly, back in my FSX days was from Bowerman to Ocean Shores and back to Bowerman For some unexplained reason, this Sunday afternoon, I decided to start at Ocean Shores. Both are not Orbx airports, but XPlane Gateway, but the surrounding scenery is TE Washington ... It does bring back memories .... And off we go . Even though it is different than FSX, it does seem familiar all the same And since I'm in "exploration mode", I'll just go down to the far end of the runway Houses seem to be updated, but most places in the world get renovated to some extent over time... And we're all ready and we're off .... Oh, oh, not looking good .... OMG Well that was exciting ( I think !) - now on to Bowerman, but that's for another day As always thanks very much for viewing Cheers Renault And a close up look ..... It's beautifully rendered. I think that somethings buried there
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