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Found 518 results

  1. Sometimes you really don't need to fly, you just want to explore the terrain. This scenery is an absolute masterpiece. There are so many details to explore. And every bit of it is perfect. Wow, ORBX! The more I explore this scenery, the more speechless I get. So let the Merriam Webster dictionary define this scenery: masterpiece (noun) mas·ter·piece | \ ˈma-stər-ˌpēs \ 1: a work done with extraordinary skill especially : a supreme intellectual or artistic achievement
  2. Small GA or big iron? Grass or tarmac? XP11 or P3D? For me, the answer is " I want (and love) them all" BTW, I heard something about MSFS 2020 using more the 2 Petabytes. Nowadays I do it all with 2 Gb. If I need to multiply my storage by 1000, this is crazy, that will be a no-go for me. For now - and for years to come - let me (let's) enjoy XP11 and P3D!
  3. Hello all. I use Active Sky but never get realistic winds and turbulence on XP11. If I turn ASXP off and manually insert turbulence and winds, it works. But the weather injector only adds clouds, rain, etc. No winds, no turbulence. Any hints??? Thank you all and best regards, Dario
  4. It's hard keeping up with the various hotfixes and patches, but I've made a start with XP11 and xVision. PTA and TomatoShade for P3D are next on the list!! As ever, testing new presets in any of the ORBX (TrueEarth) sceneries is an absolute pleasure. Here are a few from TEGB and TEWA: JF Hawk near RAF Valley, Wales: Freeware Lancaster in the Lake District: Staggerwing near ... guess where LOL: Somewhere in Washington (I got lost!): For all you XP-based screenshot addicts, the new preset can be found here: https://www.nzfsim.org/shaders/xvision-presets/adam-xv-130_01-agi/ Adam.
  5. What a lovely a region! Some shots were taken in the border with Washington.
  6. Flight from Leeds Bradford to East Midlands with challenging weather conditions.
  7. I enjoyed this flight very much. From a precious airport to another precious airport, over a precious TE region between them.
  8. I am finding this airport a pleasure to fly, for its location, the sloped runway and the (many) amazing little details.
  9. Today I tried WA79 on both XP11 and P3D. I enjoyed them both, each one excelling in different aspects. But IF I had to choose only one of them, I would still choose the amazing P3D version. Why? I will respond with something @Jack Sawyer once told me, and I think it is a perfect definition: "P3D has meat on its bones." Don't get me wrong: the XP11 version is also a joy to fly, and IMHO it really wins on some aspects (for many people the XP11 will be the winner). Just to mention one of its wonders: the amazing surrounding area (state), TE Oregon. My choice was to buy both , and I am happy with my decision. Here are some images from my flights, hope you like it. XP11 ---------------------------------------------------------------- P3D
  10. Some from beautiful Seattle. TE Washington SD + Enhancement Pack
  11. I loved my first flight from/to EGNM. The airport is absolutely wonderful, and the detailed and hilly urban/rural surroundings provide a perfect setting for this gem. Congrats ORBX for another 10/10 scenery.
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