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  1. I'm running the latest stable XP11. It seems as though the pan lights stay on no matter the time of day and it gives me terrible FPS. Or it's just the scenery. I have a GTX 1080 and an i9 10700k and performance in the zibo hovers around 20fps with meduim settings. All other airports I get around 35-50 FPS but this one is unusable, especially when looking at the buildings. Are they any plans to try and improve the FPS here?
  2. I subscribe to many of Orbx forums, especially new releases and updates. I watch most stuff related to P3Dv4.5+, MSFS and XP11.5+ I was a bit concerned that MSFS would take over the limited resources for company's like Orbx who are declared partners and have "great passion" for the new sim. I am unable to move to the new sim at this time due to some technical issues and cost issues and am heavily involved with Xp11.5+. I'm wondering if Orbx will be sending some love and passion to XP again or has it fallen off the table?
  3. As I visited often this Islandgroup as tourist in better times, I'm very pleased with this new XP11-Add and I must confirm the gorgeous quality of this package. I can recognise in fine detail from the air the areas that I visited. Hereby some first shots from 2 Islands: the most northern -> La Palma and the middle locaced Tenerife with it's (for the whole of Spain) highest mountain Teide surrounded with spectacular large vulcanic fields to drive through. Airport La Palma (GCLA) a bit north of La Palma Island capital Santa Cruz: A roundflight of La Palm
  4. Yesterday I made a first flight and posting of the marvelous made scenery via TE-Canary Islands for XP11. Hereby a couple of shots over each of the 7 Islands. El Hierro (the most western Island): La Gomera (between El Hierro and Tenerife, in the first shot to see in the background): Tenerife (in the middle and 2nd largest): Gran Canaria (the largest and SthEast of Tenerife): Fuerteventura (between Gran Canaria and Lanzarote to the East): L
  5. The freeware Seabee - 'Luminar' skies. Journey begins abeam the 'O2' - trying to look like a boat. Old and new - a historic panorama. Might've been something if I was airborne. The 'London Eye' - the view from the top is great Where the sauce was created.
  6. TrueEarth EU Canary Islands for X-Plane 11 TrueEarth Canary Islands for X-Plane 11 delivers nine idyllic islands to explore in phenomenal detail and also includes the fully hand-crafted and highly detailed GCLA La Palma Airport. Discover the sun, sea and serenity of this stunning archipelago in an experience that only TrueEarth can deliver as you cruise along the coasts of Gran Canaria or marvel at Mount Teide as it towers above the island of Tenerife. Combining detailed hand-corrected aerial imagery and refined mesh means the islands are more lifelike in X-
  7. 2 around and 1 on East-Midland airport EGNX in a Fokker Friendship F27. Also for the motorsport fans: the Donnington racecircuit west of ther airport The Ratcliffe powerstation NE from the airport with his 8 cooling towers Just arrived on the parkingspot of the airport EGNX
  8. HD-Quality Global Tree Autogen for X-Plane 11! Developed by the talented team at Turbulent Designs, TerraFlora XP has been designed to provide realistic, HD-quality trees for the whole globe in X-Plane 11. Building on the success of the ESP version, TerraFlora XP transforms your world to provide greater detail, more realism and enhance your simulation experience. Whether you’re taking flight over densely populated forests or soaring around lush islands, TerraFlora XP will ensure trees of the world look pleasing to the eye in all scenarios. A diverse range of tree-types
  9. A vintage B-17 flying north at sunset over Seattle
  10. I always keep coming back to this wonderful airfield.
  11. I have been flying most of my time in MSFS, but I still see so much beauty in XP11. It was not, by any means, "killed" by MSFS (not yet, at least ) BTW, I wish we had at least decent road traffic in MSFS, which in XP11 works wonders.
  12. Cruising over London and landing at the City airport EGLC via Twin Otter in Flybe livery, Sim = XP11.50 - Scenery = TE GB South + Airport EGLC:
  13. IMHO, 1S2 is one of the most spectacular small airfields ever created for any sim. After some days playing with MSFS, I came back to 1S2 in XP11. And I loved every single bit of it. My conclusion? MSFS is revolutionary, but I will happily keep flying with XP11 for a long time - together with MSFS. I am sure MSFS will mature beautifully. No sim has ever been as nice on day one as MSFS did. However, XP11 is already a quite mature sim, with lots of wonderful sceneries and aircraft, and I love it.
  14. A little flight out from Orbx Shoreham (Brighton) airport, whizzing over Lancing, where my grandmother lived and we spent many a family holiday, and then turning towards Brighton and the South Downs. Amazing detail... you can read the text on the memorial plaque. This looks like a nice spot to watch the coming and going... My gran had a house almost at the end of the runway, before moving closer to the sea, which was also great for plane watching. Setting off in my freeware Grob (great name ) ..... Some lovely detail on display at this
  15. Orbx is pleased to announce its next TrueEarth region - the Balearic Islands. As we venture (temporarily) away from the US, experience summer on the archipelago off eastern Spain. There are many popular holiday destinations in this stunning sun kissed archipelago at the center of the Mediterranean sea. The Balearic Islands are known for their lively and electric atmosphere, sun-drenched beaches, and hundreds of quaint coastal towns and resorts. Whether you want to soar above the party island of Ibiza, take a more relaxing and scenic tour of Mallorca
  16. I went Euro this time haha (my first non USA paint!). This is almost a 100% replica of the real D-ESUB, a German Lancair Legacy. This version is for the amazing Aerobask Legacy RG. Shots are taken in and around Riverside CA (KRAL) and also with payware Orbx TE SoCal I did a custom prop and worked pretty hard on getting it looking decent. All the other paints are with the hartzell prop and chrome spinner. Untitled-1 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-3 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untitled-4 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untit
  17. XP11.50b14 is awesome!!! The lighting is simply superb: dramatic yet capable of great subtlety: This is the Khamsin T-6 over Gloucestershire - TEGBS -such a great region to "test fly" over! Silky-smooth performance and no issues. Unless ther are loads of nerdy bugs in the background, I'd say this must be getting close to finished! Adam.
  18. I've made a repaint for the Aerobask Legacy RG. I haven't painted since the FSX days with Realair. I'm definitely not a pro but I feel pretty good about this paint (even did a custom partial interior). I'm not sure if it's from a paint kit, but it came from a white livery. I guess I'd say its from scratch. What do you think? It's almost finished but I'd like to find a few more mystery parts and give them a splash of color. I also started another paint which is pretty cool - I've added one shot at the bottom Untitled-1 by Ryan Butterworth, on Flickr Untit
  19. A smooth flight at 17,500 ft (and then lower later) from Oceano Co, CA (L52) to French Valley, CA (F70). This is one of the most stunning addons for XP11 to date - the Aerobask Legacy RG with user paint of reno racer N913MP. I effortlessly cruise around 250 knots while still being very fuel efficient. I depart L52 SE, towards Vandenberg AFB, then onto Gaviota VOR to the shoreline of Santa Barbara CA. I continue east towards Ventura, pass the Point Mugu NAS and then east towards Malibu and the Pacific Palisades. I fly by LAX, pass downtown LA, starting a slow descent beyond Santa Ana
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