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Found 349 results

  1. Hello everyone, Here's a quick sneak preview of TrueEarth US Washington for X-Plane I've put together. It really shows the incredible diversity of this amazing new region. Bush flying is finally on the agenda for XP11 users! A full announcement is coming next week with all the info you need. Enjoy!
  2. Struggling with my laptop, but just made my first amphibious landing/beaching on Thurso beach after circling Scrabster harbour. This looks lie a fun plane to explore the lochs of Scotland with. Managed to get TEGB North working again, but run totally out of RAM when trying to start Central or South - Grrh - because they ran in the past!
  3. Afternoon folks, another comparison this time from my flight out to Faro showing Sandbanks Peninsula in Dorset, UK. From the left you can see Swanage, Poole and Bournemouth. 1. XP screenshot. 2. Real photo. ATB, Dave
  4. Evening all, on a recent actual flight from Faro into Birmingham I grabbed a snapshot passing Heathrow with my iPhone. Decided to recreate snapshot on XP11 TEGB for comparison. 1. XP snapshot. 2. Real life snapshot. ATB, Dave
  5. So after doing a flight from Shoreham to Manchester I decided to do a quick flight around it as I'm heading there next weekend 1st shot is from my Shoreham-Manchester flight - turning over the Trafford Centre towards Manchester Barton. Taking off from Manchester Barton past the Chill Factor centre: Over Old Trafford: Over the Etihad: Looking over the city: Approaching Manchester Barton: Parked up:
  6. A little flight out from Orbx Shoreham (Brighton) airport, whizzing over Lancing, where my grandmother lived and we spent many a family holiday, and then turning towards Brighton and the South Downs. Amazing detail... you can read the text on the memorial plaque. This looks like a nice spot to watch the coming and going... My gran had a house almost at the end of the runway, before moving closer to the sea, which was also great for plane watching. Setting off in my freeware Grob (great name ) ..... Some lovely detail on display at this airport. Lancing... The flats below the right wheel is where she moved too... it was great, with a hop just over the road to the beach, and a huge pleasure park (Brooklands) just down the road. The old docks at Shoreham and the exit of the River Adur. Brighton with its sole remaining pier, with the west pier (which was already abandoned and in decay) burning down in in 2003... You can see the remains accurately modeled in True Earth, just above right/center... You can also see the British Airways i360, which is a 162-metre observation tower a little further right, on the beach. Heading out over the Downs, now a National Park A27 from Brighton to Lewes. For these last two shots I turned on XEnviro, for some real time weather... nice, if blustery conditions; and the clouds look very nice. This is v1.07 with HD replacement textures. Thanks for looking.
  7. A few more flying the Spitfire over the west of Cornwall, where we just spent a lovely week... We were further west than these caps, but we pass some of these places on our way down and back. This part of Cornwall is a strange mix of pretty in one place and scruffy in another, the latter especially true around St. Austell and it's clay industry, where huge swathes of land have been quarried for china clay extraction, leaving vast open pits and massive pyramidal mounds of shining white waste... Beautiful it is not, but it is very interesting, as is the tin mining that has changed the landscape in the far west of the county. Leaving Falmouth and heading over the Roseland Peninsula. Lovely light on the River Fal. Clay country. I change the time of day here... something you can't do in real life, but as this is a sim anything goes. I love the way the changes to the TOD bring out different elements in the scenery; the lighting in XP combined with the detail and accuracy of True Earth just blows me away... everything blends so perfectly. St. Austell to the top. One of the blue pools just below the aircraft... it does have some beauty after all. Following the A30.... ... to Bodmin moor. Devon and Dartmoor in the distance. A photo I found online of the clay mountains... Thank you for looking.
  8. Testing XP11.33 beta1... which seems to be working fine with True Earth... North in this case..... Also using XVision 121 with my customised preset. Out from Inverness... an area I've not visited and know little about, so I can't add much apart from the images themselves. Thanks for looking.
  9. XP11.32 / UWXP / xVision / 4K
  10. Hi all, a little bit Warbird flying over the great TEGB
  11. XP11.32 / UWXP / xVision / 4K
  12. So while I've been having issues in the south with memory errors (which I think I've fixed now) I took a flight from Inverness heading towards Manchester. I have to say it looks beautiful when flying over Scotland.
  13. xp11.32 / UWXP / xVision / 4k
  14. XP11.32 / Ultra Weather XP / xVision / 4K
  15. XP11.32 / xEnviro v1.06 / xVision / 4K
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