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Found 21 results

  1. Have had computer problems for a while but, hopefully, they are now sorted. On re-opening XP11 and trying to set up a flight from East Midlands, I noticed that the scenery did not appear to load correctly. At the western end of the runway is a grey shaded area that extends into the cargo facility area and the car parks beyond. I am fairly certain that this was not the case when I originally downloaded the scenery. Looking closely at the grey areas, it appears that they are covered in water. I have tried uninstalling and then re-installing all to no avail. The grey a
  2. Operating system: Windows 10 Simulator: XP11.35 Screenshot: See below. Issue: I am trying to download Leeds Bradford that I have just purchased. As you can see from the attached screenshot, I am being told that no downloads are available for this item. The same applies for EG20 Clench Common.
  3. Applying Renault's fix for XP11 , my tree's are not "Radioactive" any more , thank you kind Sir !! . This is a flight from Ione WA to Chewelah WA : Traveling South down the Pend Oreille River : 49 degrees North Ski resort : Chewelah airport : https://i.imgur.com/x0Vf3vM.jpg[/img Have a great weekend mates !! . Cheers John
  4. Soaring where the wind blows. Now if I could just find some lift. Ikarus C42C another LSA ~
  5. What´s estrange water texture in ORBX TRUE WA scenery? 10:28 am local and Sky Cavok
  6. Sim - XPlane Scenery - TE Washington ASXP
  7. Someone did a nice job modeling the Centralia Power Plant in Washington. North East of Centralia. Give that developer a bonus! Wish I was lower and gotten a better screenshot. Looks like everything is there, the buildings and the three stacks. Nice! Go check it out. ~
  8. I just made this flight and I was wondering if these look right to you guys. It was a flight from 77S, Hobby in TE Oregon HD to 7S3, Starks in TE Washington. Thanks for any critiques.
  9. Too many to post in one go so this will be a multi post. Made a nice XP flight the other day from KVUO to Mt. St. Helens to 2S3 Swanson.
  10. My first loop around Portland. Been a long time since I was there. ~
  11. This was a wonderful flight. I departed 2W3, Swanson and was going to go to KEAS but had to go out, so I landed at the nearest place. It was McChord AFB, KTCM and I was stunned by what I saw, I don't know if this was from TE WA or XP itself.
  12. I caved and installed Orbx Central so I could buy and install Skagit. There's no hope for me. But I'm enjoying a nice evening. ~
  13. I am having a conflict with my Utah Ortho Scenery and Monument Valley Scenery. This conflict affects one tile of ortho, which is a big area. The ortho becomes suppressed and shows default scenery for this one tile area. If I move my Orbx MV mesh higher up (toward the top in scenery.ini) in priority it prevents my Ortho from displaying, If I drop Orbx MV mesh lower down (near the bottom of the scenery.ini) I have Orbx MV mountain objects floating in the air above my Ortho scenery but my ortho shows correctly. The challange is where to actually place the Orbx mesh for MV
  14. This is a cool place indeed! And this was after Renault's @renault"radioactive trees" setting.
  15. Approaching Protection Island with Diamond Point at my 3 o’clock Thanks for viewing
  16. Indeed Its XP11, Xvision, Xeviro. With a special thanks to the Xplane Wizard Renault for helping me out. I have been using Xenvio for a while anyone else using it love to know what people think of it. I have a real love/hate relationship with it I must have all the weather plugins you can think of but I do always go back to Xenviro . Enjoy the screens.M
  17. I am getting a scenery error with 1S2 Darrington on load. It is missing "chainlink512.dds" in the objects folder. I have verified files and still the error persists. Can someone provide the file? I've attached an excerpt from the log.txt file showing the error information. I am aware of the "Veh_Landrover01.obj" error and the fix. The error I am referring to is below that. Thank you. DarringtonError.txt
  18. With xEnviro driving my graphic card hard but the frame rate is good.
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