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Found 19 results

  1. Part 2 because I took so many, there will be several more parts.
  2. More still... Ok, I LOVE this plane, it even has circuit breakers that will trip. But one problem, as far as I know no way to fix what happened. I tried all the pertinent breakers but my ADI was stuck after going inverted. Yet I had good vacuum. I am going to have to read the manual, going inverted should not make the ADI stuck at an angle like this, and it does move in pitch and roll but it's stuck in this banked position. So I had to fly to Manchester with a goofed up ADI
  3. Just a quick flight around Barton, didn't have much time.
  4. Thank you Crom Uk and Meabeachboy for putting me on this freeware Spitfire.
  5. I want to get a Spitfire to go with TEGB to enhance my enjoyment. I hope it's ok to ask here, I don't want to break any rules. Which Spitfire do you guys recommend and are flying in XP11? Is it the Spitfire Mk IX by FlyingIron at the x-plane.org store? I would appreciate a recommendation since I'm new to X-Plane. Thanks!
  6. JV's recommended JF Turbo Arrow, flew from (of course EGLC) to something Orbx, I forget now, too much testing. Almost had a "yard sale!"
  7. I have to hand it to JV. He really knows what he's doing with Orbx but he knows way WAY more than I know about these Lua scripts thingys. Not only did he make XP look fine he made it easy for me with his Twick preset. Just LOOK at that will ya! Show me amazed. I love Pink Floyd's Animals. Here I had a "yard sale," it wasn't pretty. "Don't ya know about bumbles? Bumbles bounce!" A lot Boing boing boing goes the Bell A nice way to trim trees! Dat's all folks!
  8. Can't remember who first bought this freeware Bell 429 to my attention but I just want to say "Thanks!". It's a real gem. I can almost land it! ASXP weather
  9. It was a story day in London. Then the SUN came out! I mean a big, Big, Big, BIG sun! Does anyone on this Earth know how to make it smaller? Parked at EGLC of course.
  10. Did a lot today in XP, first got angry then got it worked out. Here's some with xVision and Renault's preset. ASXP on, and learned how to use XP's date function because I use AS's weather in historical mode all the time, why? Because it holds the weather for two years.
  11. Overcast provided by ASXP real time
  12. Went from London to the northern coast in literally ten, maybe fifteen minutes! Beautiful scenery too, and smooth as butter. Low and slow, ahhhhh Got up to 65K feet!
  13. I think I'm done messing with all these tweek apps for awhile. Really like this scenery. I think I'm getting there. Not always happy with the clouds though. Sometimes they're ok the next time not so much. So what am I going to do? Tweek some more?
  14. Finally got some sunshine. Of course if you don't click it you can't see much. xVision, UWXP, VMI-Twick, ASXP
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