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  1. Don’t get a shock, she looks a bit different
  2. Scheduled passenger flights have returned to Carlisle Lake District Airport, Cumbria in the UK for the first time in more than 25 years. Scottish-based Loganair are now operating routes to Dublin, Belfast and London Southend. Today a Saab 340 took off from the airfiel for a passenger flight to Dublin More info https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-cumbria-48856523
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada on Thursday May 23rd 2019. On the 22nd floor of the Wynn Resort hotel. I stare at the window, contemplating the last spells of sun on the Red Rock Canyon mountains. It's been a long day.... After a last game at the Wynn's Poker room , I pack my stuff and jump in a cab to Mc Carran airport. My flight BA274 to London Heathrow is leaving in two hours so I need to rush now... Security Checking done, heading to the OneWorld lounge. I can see the good old 747 BA parked at the gate E3. My thoughts are mixed, I rememb
  4. More to follow but I made some changes. I didn't like the look of UWXP 2.5's purple clouds so I went back to 2.4. And I didn't know how much of a hassle it is to simply change textures. I mean you have to reload all the cloud puff textures, it's very non-intuitive but it works. So this is Orbx's TE, UWXP 2.4, ASXP with real time weather on.
  5. Somewhere near Monument Valley Easy on the pedals will ya! Let's land here. Gonna set it down nice and slow like. OOPS! Got any marshmallows?
  6. Just flying around and having fun. EGNT, Newcastle to EGXU RAF Linton.
  7. Continuing south. Loving this amazing scenery and at the rate I'm going it will take me a while to criss-cross the country. UWXP 2.5 - ASXP on - xVision with Renault's preset.
  8. Just having a fun time over Meigs. XP11.32 - UWXP 2.5 - ASXP - xVision with Renault's preset. Might have to change the water color?
  9. Made a flight from Dundee to Edinburgh after making changes to UWXP. Many thanks to @jjaycee1. This is XP 11.32 - ASXP - xVision - UWXP 2.5 The absolute joy of flying!
  10. Got UWXP 2.5 working, now need to add Renault's xVision preset.
  11. The last set of shots of a nice flight to Newcastle.
  12. Second part of flight to Newcastle. Haven't had much time to fly lately.
  13. The last set of shots of this flight. Landing at Aberdeen in some cool weather.
  14. A scenic cross Channel nav from Le Touquet to Biggin Hill
  15. XP11.32. Orbx KCGX Meigs Field. Bell 429 V1.2 (Freeware).
  16. IX(B) Squadron, the first RAF squadron to operate to Tornado and the last to fly it. Now no longer to be seen in the skies but not forgotten. X-Trident Tornado Orbx TEGB North. Over the highlands. Following the River Dee. Aberdeen.
  17. Just one for now. Early morning fun.
  18. Well, I upgraded UWXP to 2.5 today, might roll it back. It caused two problems, first the one already seen, bluish clouds, and the veathervaning effect of planes on the ground despite the friction LUA script. But I have some good screenshots nonetheless. Flew the next leg of this southerly flight from Aberdeen to Dundee. With ASXP on I had some nice foggy haze. Nice details here but it gave me hot brakes I love the fog. Now this is different, look at the line in the sky. The skies got some
  19. Not much time to fly lately with house restoration after the disaster. Here's part 1 of a flight from EGPE to EGPD.
  20. Got the Vulcan out of the hangar this afternoon and went for a short trip. Got to 53000 feet over Yorkshire before heading back to base at RAF Waddington.
  21. Since installing FlyWithLua and the Friction script I no longer have planes weather vaning on the ground and XP is a joy to use. So I left Sumburgh, EGPB and headed to Inverness, EGPE with ASXP on and it was brilliant.
  22. Was doing incessant testing. But this is quite nicely detailed hangar at this airport.
  23. Some saved shots of a flight to Fairoaks, EGTF from Southampton, EGHI.
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