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Found 30 results

  1. Not much time to fly lately with house restoration after the disaster. Here's part 1 of a flight from EGPE to EGPD.
  2. Got the Vulcan out of the hangar this afternoon and went for a short trip. Got to 53000 feet over Yorkshire before heading back to base at RAF Waddington.
  3. Since installing FlyWithLua and the Friction script I no longer have planes weather vaning on the ground and XP is a joy to use. So I left Sumburgh, EGPB and headed to Inverness, EGPE with ASXP on and it was brilliant.
  4. Was doing incessant testing. But this is quite nicely detailed hangar at this airport.
  5. Some saved shots of a flight to Fairoaks, EGTF from Southampton, EGHI.
  6. Some nice flying today in True Earth - England & Scotland. Started out of EGNX and headed for Norwich ... Down into Norwich - EGSH in Sunny Norfolk Then a quick Scots Hop from Edinburgh -EGPH to Aberdeen - EGPD for instrument familiarisation... On approach to Aberdeen Time to chill out in style...where is that drinks cabinet???
  7. Inspired by a real event from 5 April 1968 when a RAF Hawker Hunter pilot flew his aircraft through the spans of Tower Bridge. Read his story here: http://www.rafjever.org/4sqnper004.htm I don't have a Hunter in my XP11 so used the next best thing: the Hawk!
  8. Just testing this plane around Sumburgh and Wick I think, in XP.
  9. Just some various around London in the 172, ASXP off and then on.
  10. takin' the FF A320 for a spin... settin' up the A320 at Heathrow... overfly London... approach Edinburgh... phew... happy flights...
  11. Don’t get a shock, she looks a bit different
  12. This is the TBM 900, it's outstanding, right up there with A2A and PMDG, in fact better in some ways. You really have to be careful with this plane as it will break easily if you don't fly by the book but I absolutely love it. Anyway, I wanted to make an Orbx to Orbx airport flight like I usually am wont to do but I left the gas caps off and in one shot you can see gas just streaming out of the tanks so I had to try to land in a hurry. It was cool because I could see the fuel indicators falling. I made a nice landing at EGTF, Fairoaks after departing EGTR, Elstree, both VERY nicely done! First shot, over temped the engines and added fuel too soon, so a jet-BQ! Back at it. This plane has some serious git up an' go! Don't know if you can see the fuel streaming out but you can se the caps off. Oops! In XP it's so incredibly smooth that looking out the window at Fairoaks was surreal.
  13. Second part, from Llanbedr to Welshpool, and actually landed for once.
  14. Part two of my flight. This time some adventure.
  15. another quick trip to somewhere never been before - to get an idea of the topography around and approaching an interesting POI... another natural wonder... virtual touring is fun - & helps piloting skills... & definitely some modelling effort by the Orbx XP team - cheers...
  16. off to see Dover Castle - built around 12th century - & apparently the largest in England... off from Lydd... approaching Dover... this trip has reaffirmed how much modelling detail is contained within the TE GB series... learning lots about history & culture along the way...
  17. Well, after buying a bunch of stuff I decided on a short helicopter flight to EGHP, only problem was I can turn on the autopilot but in this chopper I can't figure out how to shut it off so I never got a chance to land.
  18. First, a huge thanks to @craigeaglefire for convincing me to use xOrganizer. All I did was run it and it sorted my ini file and now I had all these beautiful details at Barton. So this is part 1. xVision, ASXP, today's real weather, all Orbx stuff, and the JF Turbo Arrow with the GTN. I can't believe how far away this is from all the other Orbx airports, average distance is 150 miles! I have to look on a map to see where this is as I don't know the UK like you guys do.
  19. Forget where this was, it was testing.
  20. Departed Manchester City Airport a little late as I wanted to see the Lake District but didn't make it. Ran into some bad weather on the way. Got a few shots. ASXP
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