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Found 28 results

  1. I've always wondered which buildings &c. are 'real' and which are not. I've had strange things happen when getting to know this sim and how it works--like being able to taxi *through* certain buildings, flying through the London Eye, and yet once clipping what seemed to be something real in Canary Wharf and being able to land on raised autobahns. It would make bridge stunts that much more interesting if bridges are real--and also sets up the possibility of landing on them. And raises other interesting questions too--can you land on Blackpool Pier, for example? Anyway, I had a little shock yesterday. Runway 27 at EGLC, planning to see the sights so I kept low... (I've always been inordinately pleased to see the cable cars actually moving in this—great work guys!) Didn't think this would be a problem: when there was an almighty THUMP and Nikki banked to the right. As you can see: There was no airframe damage, and she kept flying sweet as you like. But made me wonder if there's a canonical list of Things Not to Fly Into (not that I'd like to make a habit of it anyway). Richard (aka Curious of Gravesend)
  2. Highly recommended freeware aircraft which was released a few days ago:
  3. Wonderful weather for a short VFR flight:
  4. Another test video and hopefully learning all the time about the editing. This is a short flight from EGGP Liverpool to EGCB (Orbx) Barton Manchester City Airport then to EGCC Manchester via Jodrell Bank and EGCD Woodford. Also testing Live Traffic so see if you can spot any other aircraft.
  5. So I decided to mess around with formation flying using a new LUA plugin as posted here. https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/files/file/50534-formation-flying-flywithlua-script-update-see-notes/&tab=comments#comment-266502 It jerks too much for video recording but is pretty nice for screenshots especially with an Orbx background.
  6. Max Upload size is 1,25Mb instead appr 5Mb. Log out and Login again didn't help Reboot my PC didn.t help either. Any suggestions are welcome. Regards Peter
  7. So I've been staying in Norfolk the last few days and decided to see what it looked like from the air - thought i'd try FSE modifications too. First shot was as after I had just flown over Norwich: Next up was Great Yarmouth: Then Lowestoft:
  8. Damn you.... You had to release Sumburgh and I had to buy it. At this rate I'm going to need a big drive. My bank balance hates you. But seriously thank you another great scenery addition
  9. First flight with TrueEarth GBS and I'm blown away:
  10. EHAM - EGFF using ORBX TEGB South: Pushback at EHAM: Approaching 24: Just crossed the English coast at Southend: Over London, Hyde Park bottom left. Wembley Stadium under aircraft, Heathrow top centre: First glimpse of the Bristol channel from above Wiltshire: Bristol Airport below: On final into 30 at CDF: Almost touchdown: Heading for gate 9: Thank you for flying Trans European, we hope you enjoyed your flight.
  11. Hello everyone, We are pleased to announce that the second installment of the TrueEarth Great Britain series for X-Plane 11 is coming soon: Great Britain Central! TrueEarth GB Central covers a massive area of 59,383km2 of hand corrected imagery covering the entire central region as shown below in the coverage map. Of particular note are metropolitan areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle. We have also faithfully recreated scenic areas such as the Lake District, the Peak District, Snowdonia National Park, the North Yorkshire Moors, and the North Wales Coast/Llandudno. If you like castles and cathedrals, then you'll be excited about the hundreds of POIs, especially around Bangor, Caernarfon, Cumbria, Northumbria, and Yorkshire. Features: 37,000 square miles (59,383km2) of of hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery New autogen technology developed specially for X-Plane 11, allowing thousands of realistic looking UK-themed houses to be placed at a realistic height with minimal impact on performance 72.5 million individually counted trees, ensuring maximum accuracy in forest areas Well over 4 million buildings at the correct height and location VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, and lighthouses are all accurately placed. Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks placed throughout the scenery such as bridges, skyscrapers, castles, piers, and monuments – this is especially noticeable in city areas such as Liverpool, Manchester, and Newcastle. Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh brings out stunning detail in natural features such as hills and beaches Superb watermasking along the entire coastline Accurate road and rail network blended into the aerial imagery with moving left-hand drive traffic. Control Panel option to use photoreal major roads/motorways or synthetic X-Plane ones. Summer season only with full night-lighting supported We have also added a new built-in decompression feature in FTX Central to greatly reduce the download size ensuring an efficient installation process. In addition to these features, users will get free service packs for life as well as more POI models in future updates. TrueEarth GB Central will soon be available to purchase from OrbxDirect for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $39.55 / €33.95 / £30.60) Brenden and Aimee will be previewing GB Central on the Orbx Twitch Channel at 20:00 GMT on Thursday 22nd November (Thanksgiving) - don't miss your chance to get a sneak peek! Please note that there is no cross-grade discount from the landclass-based FTX England, Wales or Scotland regions. Coverage Map: Here are some screenshots by Emmsie, JV, and Filou - Enjoy!
  12. Passing EGKA at 7000 feet. Note the synthetic vision on the G1000...
  13. Spot the Horse ORBX TrueEarth GB South Wales: See him now? left of my port exhaust outlet....
  14. Sunset landing into Broome, X-Plane 11: Enjoy...
  15. I had forgotten all about this freeware airport for X-Plane Orbx released.. Ortho'ed up the area (The Airport comes with ortho'ed photos around it regardless but I wanted more further away) and loaded up the airport.. My god... This is a highly under appreciated airport and location. The airport scenery is simply stunning and something I'd expect out of lower pay tier payware.. I think I just found my `Bowerman' for X-Plane.. Thank you Orbx for this fantastic free airport. And thanks to the Friends of Oceano airport group. It's simply awesome and instantly set as my default flight.. This is a GA flyers dream..
  16. Couldn't help myself and purchased EGCB for X-Plane.. Ortho'ed the area (w2xp also etc).. Beautiful airport.. I think this is my first purchase of a grass field.. Quite different... Quite beautiful.. Can't wait to explore this area more! Highly satisfying! The flags even wave in the wind! Think it's the first I've seen this in X-Plane
  17. This is the first UK airport to be released in the new ORBX X-Plane 11 range of scenery titles. It has long been wanted that a major FSX player turned it's eye towards X-Plane, as most FSX simmers have been graduating to XP rather than upgrading to P3D, as it was the first to offer a 64bit system. I realize that most ORBX forum members are with P3D, but that does not stop you from having a look see at XP. I went the XP route instead of P3D and have not looked back. So I along with most of the XP community are pleased that ORBX have decided to produce items for XP community also. So without further lets have a close look at ORBX latest UK offering Barton EGCB. Barton EGCB also known as Manchester city Airport is a grass GA aerodrome along with Manchester Heliport. My aircraft today has been relocated to Barton from Cardiff. We pick up G-ZIVA on the grass parking area near the tower. G-ZIVA is a type Cessna 172 in blue and white with checked ribbon adornments. After final checks and clearence for touch and go circuits, we take off from 26L Now we will have a close look at the surrounding scenery that comes with Barton: Manchester City Heliport: The Manchester Ski Center: The Bell Stadium: Makro: Remember in X-Plane if you are out and about on the main roads. Keep a check on your speed as The Police are very active on the highways. Now we will have a look at approach to runway 02 at different lighting levels: Bright Day: Overcast: Dusk: ORBX have made a brilliant debut in the European arena and Barton has excelled in being a First Class rendition of a UK airport. Barton has been a good choice to start off for the XP community. Well done and thank you ORBX...
  18. Between the 40% off and the really great screenshots that several of you have already posted, "resistance was futile" as they say and I had to go ahead and pull the trigger on this for X-Plane. I usually just use XP11 for PilotEdge and for helicopter flying, but since Chicago is my hometown I can now do some virtual traffic reporting for WGN.
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