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Found 15 results

  1. a winters day in Switzerland with p3dv4.1 and rex sky force and pta hope you enjoy my shot regards Stewart .
  2. Its getting colder... Norway Pula Airport, LDPL
  3. Today o Downloaded Via FTX Central the OPEN MESH South America and ORBX Libraries. After That i´m seeing Big Inscriptions around Sao Paulo and Rio De Janeiro Regions that correspond the year Season selected on Prepar3d V3 (SPRING in green, WINTER in red). I´ve tried Uninstal both but only openLC MEsh gives me the option to. I tried To disable the Layers on Scenery Library - nothing Change. I dont Know What to do to Solve this problem. Need Help.
  4. Hi all, Been doing some winter flying around Canada and also at Sumburgh and noticed some strange scenery. The screenshots below are from Sumburgh. Very geometric patterns/triangles. As you can see there are some saw tooth lines and then areas of triangles. Also seen what looks like rows of small pyramids and what look like inverted pyramids. Sometimes the snow texture is late to load up so flying towards green country and then white snow squares start popping up. Any ideas or pointers greatly appreciated. Without the snow all looks fine! Using Orbx Sumburg
  5. Hi, The area around USMV Monument Valley is snowy, but the rest is not. How I can change the season here? Please find picture attached showing how it looks. Thanks,
  6. Lone American 737 NGX at Meigs Field on a winter morning...
  7. Hello. I have a question about winter time in Seattle. Why in ORBX PNW I have snow in the winter time. I live here about 10 years and never saw snow. Is it can be fix? If yes, how can I do that. Thank you.
  8. Hey Guys, I was cruising with 777 over NRM-PNW area with FTX Global/Vector/openLC all set to hybrid and I noticed a huge texture issue. I don't know why after flying from CYYC (Calgary) to CYVR, I originally saw green textures and then all of a sudden sharp snow textures. I assume I entered PNW territory? All are installed with P3Dv3 installers and I have installed the new libraries that were released yesterday. I also have frozen water disabled in vector and in all the 3 Regions - NRM, CRM, and NCA (I am surprised that PNW doesn't have any options to conf
  9. Good morning, I recently got myself P3d V3.1 as a Christmas gift and naturally installed the latest version of FTX Global (1.40). I have been doing some flying in the wonderful country of Switzerland and noticed something strange. While flying over the city of Lucerne I noticed some green patches of land unlike the others that were snow covered. I flew over other parts of Switzerland such as the city of Zurich and it was all snow covered as I would expect for late december. I am wondering if this is an issue or if it is as the developers intended? I will attach som
  10. Hi All Just a small point in the magnificence that is P3Dv3 I note that flying in the Winter -heavy snows etc around Goheen W52 and Monroe First Air W16 that it remains "green" around the airport whereas around Lake Tahoe KTVL which has a winter configurator - the airport environs are snowy as per the surrounding countryside. Anything I could do? xxd09
  11. Hello, I am sure that this pretty simply. EGPB seems to be stuck with Winter textures, can i change this to Spring / Summer? Have i missed something in configuration? Thanks
  12. Guys Just installed Norway and she's lovely, even just after a few minutes airborne you can tell this product is another winner. One thing I've noticed though is that it seems to have a different hard winter than FSX. I first took off from Bergen X which was white to see that Norway was still green. I un-ticked the Norway items from my scenery.cfg editor and FSX Norway was indeed white. I'm not questioning who is right or wrong (FSX ,Bergen X or ORBX) but I just wondered if there are any particular dates in which FTX Norway will be in its hard winter colours so we can match our Nor
  13. Just two quick shots for now. During some testing over the Goose Bay photoreal area I loaded up FSX in the dead of winter at about 1pm and was reminded of just how dark Alaska gets! Here are two quick shots of Anchorage and Goose Bay in early January around noon
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