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Found 11 results

  1. Hello XP support I noticed that the two Windsocks from EGTF Fairoaks Aiport are not showing the cone. Could you check this issue? See the figures below: 1. 2. 3. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, First, I am aware of the background for why windsocks in FTX regions do not work in Prepar3d v4, and the big development effort it would take to replace the now static windsock library objects with Object Flow windsocks. But could we please have the <Windsock> element instead? It is still there in the Prepar3d v4 SDK, I am talking about this one: <Windsock poleHeight="5.5" sockLength="3.5" lighted="TRUE"> <!-- Windsock data --> </Windsock> The advantage would be that automating that replacement would be significantly simpler than automating the Object Flow replacement, since the replacement is made in the same .xml file. In principle, the script would look for a <LibraryObject> entry with a certain GUID, and replace all those entries with a <Windsock> entry. All the parameters in the <Windsock> entry would be the same for each entry (pole color, sock color and so on), and the lat long and so on remain from the parent <SceneryObject> entry. The <Windsock> element is not as pretty as the current <LibraryObject> windsock, but having a functioning windsock is a really critical aspect of a flight simulator in my view as a real-life pilot. Am I alone in that view? Thanks, /Bjoern
  3. Hello, As a student pilot flying out of Healdsburg Muni, I do much of my take-off and landing training at nearby Cloverdale. I fully appreciate (and am in much awe) of the precise amount of detail found in Orbx's Cloverdale Airport model and the nearby town and region. I find many familiar POI's to aid my training when I'm not in the cockpit. One important thing missing from Orbx's Cloverdale Airport is the windsock. It is located about 175 ft. NNW of the hangars, in the grass between the taxiway and the vineyard. You can see it in Google Satellite of the airport (looks white, but is familiar orange,) as well as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xVq6URVHNk0 at about the 5:50 and 6:30 marks. Any chance of updating O60 Cloverdale to add the missing windsock? Thank you for all your impressive artwork, Steve
  4. Hello folks, good day! I found a small issue with LEBB Bilbao: The mast of the windsock between the runway seems to have no texture and the windsock itself is missing. In use is P3D v4. Can you confirm this or did something went wrong installing the scenery via FTX Central v3? Thanks a lot in advance - best regards! Bert ID / receipt number is 596f324f18b10.
  5. Did the update to P3D v3.3 which fixes ground texture issues at San Carlos and Meigs but I notice that the windsocks are free hanging in the air in KSQL without the poles. Would you recommend me to reinstall KSQL or is this an issue also seen by others?
  6. Just installed the updated Bella Coola CYBD and I noticed that the windsock comes and goes (appears and disappears from view for a second or two everytime the wind changes). Is this normal or should it remain visible at all times? Aside from this many thanks for the wonderful updates with new installers that bring us back so many wonderful airports and regions. Brian
  7. I noticed the 'fluttering windsock' issue at KPSP was solved in this post here (see ID#12 response by Jarrad M.) : http://www.orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/87146-kpsp-windsock-flapping-wildly/#comment-796054 Anyone know if the same 'fluttering windsock' issue at Vashon Island has any remedy I may have missed ? I have REX Essentials Plus w/OD and using their weather engine for weather injection. Thank-you, in advance, for any advice re this issue. MZ.
  8. Hi, I noticed that all windsocks at the ORBX Sumburgh scenery point in the opposite direction compared to what they should do. Is this related to this particular scenery or could it be an error of FSX:SE? Everything else works like it should. I use Windows 7 Professional 64 UK. Kind regards, Henri
  9. Am I doing something wrong? None of my windsocks work while using ORBX products regardless of payware, objectflow, freeware, regions, etc. The only way for me to get windsocks working is to change FTX Central to Global and go to a non-orbx airport. I thought the windsocks were working at least with the custom payware airports through object flow but I get nothing. Please help. If it's broken for everyone, then fine...but I feel as though something is off on my installation right now because I don't see an overwhelming outcry for help on this topic (besides the prepar3d/orbx windsock incompatibility threads months and years ago seemingly resolved with objectflow for some people) Please please please help. Installed products on Prepar3d 2.5: GLOBAL FTX Global Iceland Demo FTX openLC Europe Region 8 (Iceland Demo) Version 1.10- June 2014 REGION Central Rockies FTX NA CRM Central Rocky Mountains V1.00 Patch 004 February 2015 Northern California FTX NA NCA Northern California V1.10 Patch 001 June 2014 Pacific Northwest FTX NA PNW PACIFIC NORTHWEST V1.0 PATCH 008 February 2014 AIRPORT KHQM FTX NA KHQM BOWERMAN AIRPORT VERSION 1.1 KTVL FTX US KTVL LAKE TAHOE AIRPORT VERSION 1.10 February 2015 OTHER Europe Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS EUROPE PACKS 1 to 8 - March 2015 North America Freeware Packs FTX GLOBAL FREEWARE AIRPORTS NORTH AMERICA PACKS 1 to 21 March 2015 Orbx Libraries FTX AA ORBX LIBRARIES VER 150331 31st MARCH 2015 Yosemite National Park FTX US YOSEMITE VALLEY VERSION 1.00 - September 2014
  10. It makes me wonder.We are spending lots of time on improving cute little houses, where actual aviation aids, of which windsocks are essential are not functioning properlyI have published about that a few months ago and I've seen other posts on the same subject, but every library update I hope for this to be resolved, and - NOTHING.please look at the picture and test it , it happens in many locations that sock is showing opposite direction of the actual windthe picture shows fsx with default weather at KMSO and default windsock is showing correct direction.please fix it TH mike
  11. Hi. I have noticed that at 74S Anacortes airport, whilst taxing to runway 18, the taxiway sign next to the hold marking is showing 36, not 18. I haven't noticed that before as in the past I have taken off from runway 36. Also, whilst panning around whilst parked at Parking 1 I spotted a windsock (not attached to anything) stuck inside the San Juan Airlines Maintenance building, although it isn't visible from the outside of the building. The above issues aren't actually causing me any problems, apart from the taxiway sign confusing me at first as I thought I had taxied to the wrong runway, lol. Does anyone else see the same or am I the only one, therefore indicating I have a scenery conflict somewhere. If they are issues for everyone, I thought I would highlight them in case you decide to patch this airport at a future date. By the way, Anacortes is fantastic scenery. Thanks, Martin
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