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  1. Not sure what I've done wrong on the install, but I'm guessing it shouldn't look like this - any ideas?
  2. Hi, I am not too sure for how long I have had this problem as the areas I have generally been flying seemed ok to me. A friend has been trying to pull me to XP 11 and show me his sceneries and that made me wonder. My conclusion is that I have a problem with my sceneries and I need help. Needless to say, I'm staying with FSX:SE and waiting for MSFS 2020. Flying over Southern California it appears to be ok, but a section of the ocean is black while the rest is ocean/water colour. Flying over the UK is definitely much better, lush green and detail but yet again with some blac
  3. Hello, Can anybody tell me why the water's edges look like the tide has gone out? Xplane 11.41, Orbx EGLC, traffic global xplane11, Is this because I haven't purchased the TE GB South? Or is there a work around? Thanks
  4. Hello, So having just completely reinstalled a fresh Win 10, P3D, and the Orbx Base, Trees, Open LC Europe, and finally True Earth GB South with no tweaks or complication, just a fresh clean install I am presented with this issue... As you can see in the first image terrain/texures appear underwater and begin to emerge out of the water, similarly in the second image you can see around the coast line there is a load of terrain/texture that handrails the coast and then a strange sand coloured terrain out to sea from there. The rest of Europe looks fine,
  5. What´s estrange water texture in ORBX TRUE WA scenery? 10:28 am local and Sky Cavok
  6. Lately I am getting a lot of black patches in rivers and lakes. As I get closer to them some of them change to actual water. This is a relatively new issue, I have tried detuning my graphics settings with no improvement. Anyone have any suggestions on this?
  7. I have FTX Central Rocky Mountains installed and in the region I have been flying...mostly South Central Idaho...the water color in both the rivers and lakes is so close to black that it takes away from the "immersion" of flying here. I am from Idaho and I know this is not how dark the waters really are. By way of example, here is an image from an aircraft of Anderson Ranch Reservoir on the South Fork of the Boise River Northeast of Boise... And this is what I see in FSX Deluxe (the disk version...I do not have the STEAM version)... I read seve
  8. I have FSX: Steam Edition installed on my computer, which was working great. I bought FTX Norway to upgrade my scenery. When I installed it (via FTX Central), nothing happened on the simulator. I added all the sub-folders (scenery, mesh, custom...) manually, and it showed up. However, I have some issues with the textures. 1. The main problem is where there should be water, there are land. All the fjords are not visible, but the terrain is flat. 2. The roads do not show up. I can see some cars driving around, but there are no roads to drive on. 3. White squares with no te
  9. I have just updated to the latest version of P3D ver 4 and installed ORBX Australia scenery.I have also updated my Graphics driver (Ge Force GTX 670) There a numerous lakes in the scenery in various locations e.g north of YSCN and YBCG Is this a ORBX scenery issue or is it the way P3D ver 4 autogen handles the texture files in P3D V4 ? See photo just north of Gold Coast airport.
  10. I have just updated to the latest version of P3D ver 4 and installed ORBX Australia scenery.I have also updated my Graphics driver (Ge Force GTX 670) There a numerous lakes in the scenery in various locations e.g north of YSCN and YBCG Is this a ORBX scenery issue or is it the way P3D ver 4 autogen handles the texture files in P3D V4 ? See photo just north of Gold Coast airport.
  11. N36° 36.44' W93° 28.14' Time of day: 14:15 GMT, July 25, 2017 A water elevation change "line" is visible in Table Rock Lake, Missouri (nearest airport MO64), and the shoreline is also affected. Thanks, Carlyle
  12. I have Global base, England and Vectors installed and have noticed on the River Avon, in Bristol, UK. Starting under the suspension bridge and along most of the gorge., the water is mapped on the cliff face (See attachment) looks a little strange, like a large waterfall, should be a flat river:) Has anyone got the same issue, or has resolved it? Thanks
  13. Hello I have had quite a few issues with trees and houses in water. It happens with purchased scenery and without purchased scenery. It happens at FTX Orbx free airport scenery like Wiarton in Ontario as per my attached screenshot. It happens with Aerosoft Detroit scenery as well. I can't fix this. I uninstalled FSX Steam as well as all FTX Orbx stuff and then re installed everything. Even without an add on scenery in my folder and only Orbx free airports it still happens. I have run the airport elevation thing numerous times to no avail. This is making me crazy. I have done the migrate t
  14. About a week ago I installed the newest client of Prepar3D_v3_Academic_3.4.22.19868, but the water behavior is very weird. So, I asked for support at LM. I followed the advise to remove the files scenery.cfg and terrain.cfg from the ProgramData folder and tested again. The result was the issue was gone. So, that is the reason why I knock on the Orbx door. Are you aware of this phenomenon. Is there a fix? I hope you can help. Wil Here is an image:
  15. Trees and buildings are showing in the ocean, rivers and lakes, and water is showing where there should be no water. I have uninstalled all FTX Orbx products and started fresh, with only the following installed: FTX Global BASE Pack FTX Global Trees FTX Global VECTOR Orbx Libraries AU Australia Holgermesh Australia YPEC I have also tried with FTX Global Trees uninstalled, with no change. I took off from YPEC and flew North to Newcastle and took the attached screenshots. Additionally, I started another flight at Albury, where
  16. Cant even explain it. Flight from KSFO to KJAC. 10 min into flight NA change for me. Was working fine before. Nothing changed recently.
  17. Hello guys! I recently bought FTX Norway (FTXN) and installed it by following all the instructions etc etc.... But when I spawn in anywhere in Norway, the water is replaced with woods and ground textures (see picture). The inside of the blue markings on the pic is suppose to be water (Oslofjorden / the Oslo fjord), but as you can clearly see, it's everything but water. I don't have any other ground scenery installed that could prevent FTXN from working properly. Does any one know how to fix this issue? Thanks alot! Sincerely
  18. Hello good people! I have a major issue that happens every single time I fly, mostly over water, and sometimes with land textures. Textures won't load properly, and kind of "flicker" in and out. Also, for some reason, the "world map", as in the textures used for planet earth from afar will sometimes show (i.e: the entire continent of australia will show on the ground from 5000 ft.) This is such a strange problem, so I attached a link to a video I made of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGhWu244Ny4 I'm running: P3D v3.2 - FTX Global Base - FTX EU N
  19. When I load into the default KMDT with vector completely enabled, i have water showing through the terrain and missing parts of the airport covered by water. When I disable ORBXVECTOR_CVX and ORBXVECTOR_EXX in the scenery library these problems go away. There is no option to enable or disable KMDT in the AEC so what could be causing this problem? Airport coordinates are 40.1931° N, 76.7633° W With CVX AND EXX disabled http://imgur.com/H7yQxh9 With both enabled http://imgur.com/FyHH5ye Any help would be appreciated.
  20. I downloaded the free Tasmania scenery and when I fly from YMLT which looks great, I fly over some lakes and rivers and those lakes and rivers have houses and trees in them. I have tried hybrid on and off, region Oceania on and off and even disabled some AU scenery in the scenery folder through FSX and still I get water populated by trees and houses. How do I fix this? I have not purchased any Australia region scenery yet. Would purchasing proper scenery get rid of this problem? I tried to download Australia SP4 service pack 003 but the download does not finish. I tried that 4 times.
  21. Good Morning. I am experiencing a large amount water appearing in random places in of in rural parts of the FTX EU regions England, Wales and Scotland. The issue appears to be ground morphing. No such corruption appears in FTX Global or the Pacific North West demo. Neither has it yet occurred in South East England. On one occasion I could identify some patches of dry land in an apparently flooded as being the southern end of Novaya Zemlya in the Arctic ocean, complete with snow on high ground. I have firstly upgraded to the latest libraries and have installed any missing patche
  22. Hello guys. I was flying today near Valencia and Ibiza in Spain when I saw this: - http://gyazo.com/b54f5ac10ff2e02ae24a82eeb830be19 - http://gyazo.com/d4cf0681fa38fd8abf4422986e4b124b Can someone help me? I know if this happen in a airport all I have to do is modify the altitude correction via the ftx vector configurator, but as is in the water I don't know what to do. Thanks in advance =)
  23. On patrol over the coastal waters of Canada in a Lockheed Orion-P3C and a luck to have a moon reflected on the watersurface:
  24. My Order No is: FSS0356024 I have recently purchased EU:England as a pre-cursor to buying a number of Airports in England starting with Southampton. Unfortunately having installed it there is water all around Southampton Airport (and other areas as well namely Bristol and Isle of Wight where there should be land). I have uninstalled both FSX and FTX EU:England several times (as well as turning off Norton Anti-virus as a Trojan is detected in one of the FTX files) and still no joy. I have also applied patch 004 which also hasn't made any difference. Since I purchased the software on
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