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Found 7 results

  1. I own a significant amount of Orbx products for FSX Steam and I am having a tough time landing at Flightbeam's KSFO and KMSP without getting VAS issues on either takeoff or landing. It is crazy frustrating. My system specs are as follows: 3.7 GHz Intel Core i7-8700K Six-Core 32GB DDR4 | 240GB SSD + 3TB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti (11GB GDDR5X) Gigabit Ethernet LAN | 802.11ac Wi-Fi I am having a number of VAS issues. I am running Orbx scenery (but I turn off Northern California and Southern California and all other Orbx scenery except Vector and
  2. KFOT Rohnerville - Unreasonably high VAS consumption when high density volumetric grass is enabled. An observation (using FSX acceleration): With the KFOT volumetric grass options turned completely off, I get memory usage of ~2500 MB (1500 MB remaining - this will obviously vary with aircraft used, etc). This is good. I also have KEKA installed and flying between the two airfields still leaves a decent amount of memory (there are points in the flight when memory usage actually drops). However, when I turn the KFOT volumetric grass option to high density it appears to eat an extra 500K o
  3. I've looked at the forums but cannot find a solution ... I've purchased your (beautiful) ESSA scenery but hold and behold, all three times I've tried to land it results in an OOM. My PC is very well tuned and with FPS locked at 30 I pretty much average that even at heavy VAS airports like Aerosoft's EDDF and EGLL - never any OOMs. I've turned everything OFF at ESSA and water on 1x to even reduce the VAS more but still an OOM. What else?? FSX on Windows 7 x64 16GB i7 4790 3.6GHz GTX750 Regards Terblanche
  4. Hi- I'm a huge Orbx fan, and own a great many of their very fine products. I recently noted a possible VAS issue when flying from KSMF (Sacramento CA) to KPSP (Palm Springs CA) with both NorCal and SoCal products installed and active. My free happened about 98 NM from KSMF Sacramento. Does anyone know if this could be a possible issue when transitioning between the two? I am now running Orbx Direct FTX Central 3 with all updates. I don't think this is a tech support question... but if it is, I apologize. Appreciate any comments.
  5. I downloaded the KFHR update just now and installed it into FSX. Then I placed my plane at KWYS. I was going to fly to KFHR. But I ended up not doing it yet. So I then set the plane to KFHR and saw two antennas as shown in the screenshot. Also, VAS - I know KFHR is a demanding area from Microsoft originally and not Orbx's fault but look at the difference in VAS. Just sitting on the runway at KWYS I had 2,329,472 left Sitting on the runway at KFHR VAS left was 890148. Notice the floating antenna. Another one above the trees. I
  6. Hi! I am a little worried! I updated to Windows 10 recently and did a fresh install of Prepar3D V2.5 with the latest update. All was smooth and running even better than what I had with Windows 7. Yet, when I installed FTX Vector and spawned at FlyTampa's Toronto with the PMDG 777, I got a very very high VAS reading (about 88-92%) and almost 10 minutes later, I was greeted with an OOM error. Prior to installing FTX Vector, I had no such problems. VAS readings prior to the installation of FTX Vector was in the range of 60-70%. Moreover, when I was on Windows 7, I had no such problem with
  7. Hey Orbx Devs, I believe I may have found a major area where VAS drops happen in PNW. I would really request for constructive feedback from the Orbx devs. I hope I did my best to provide as much as information possible with this VAS drop. I did post few big pictures here to show exactly where and how FAST the VAS drops. Around approx 500-600MB of VAS is consumed in very few minutues as one approaches PNW default CYVR from PNW default KOR. On a funny note:- It looks like I have to virtual Canada TAX (and they only take VAS payments) as I approach the country. With this current situat
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