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  1. How much time will it take to Update to P3D V5 the following products: EGNM, EGNX, EGPH, EGPN, LEAS, LIEO, KTIW, KSUN, YTYA.
  2. Any news on Telluride and Idaho Falls coming to v5? Is that even going to happen at all? Cheers A.D.
  3. Hello guys... Guys stockholm arlanda needs an update, the gate still dosn't have the big number like ESGG have on their gates, Arlanda have a new remote parking place on the T2. im a pretty much sure there more stuff to updated. Please guys give us the updated we need. Have a nice day
  4. Hello. Can we please get a small update for YBBN for the new runway titling (01R/19L) and get the missing link on taxiway B filled in?
  5. Hi I've updated True Earth GB South recently and find that this crashes at 6fps on my rig. Previously I was able to run it okay with the original installation in the mid to upper teens (tolerable for me whilst on the ground) whilst standing at London City airport. I also noticed this when I did an update on the Central region eralier in the year. It happened around the Preston, Lancashire area after flying from Blackpool airport. I'm apprehensive about updating GB North in case that becomes unusable as well. Please could you take a look at my log.txt for the London City crash and the scenery
  6. Hi all, TrueEarth Oregon HD has been updated to version 1.1.0 and is available on Orbx Central. Please note that the SD update is in the pipeline still. The updates include: Updated orthoimagery for Portland, Medford and six tiles along the west coast with the newer, sharper and colour corrected imagery Added mesh fixes for upcoming airports Fixed flickering/duplicated trees Fixed bridges in Portland so they fit more snuggly on the terrain
  7. Here are my experiences with the Update to TE GB South: For testing I use Carenados C152 II (a rather simple aircraft) and settings from here: All tests I do from the cockpit, observing smoothness and fps in turns. For testing only TE NL and GB South are installed, 3rd party airports deactivated. In TE Netherlands I can do between 50 and 60 fps, also when approaching Amsterdam. FPS never goes below 40. In TE NL the only change I made in the Control Panel was to switch off traffic (road and boats). Now, with TE GB South I can do the same
  8. Hi, just trying to load TrueEarth GB South in Compton Abbas but my P3D loading times has increased significantly (stuck at the dreaded 6%) by about x10-longer when compared to FTX England. I suspected the shaders could cause the issue, so cleaned them and also the scenery library but this did not improve the loading time. Should I expect much longer loading times with TrueEarth GB than with England? Any advice, much appreciated. The Compton Abbas parking position still puts the plane in a hole in the ground, but there was a fix for FTX England which might still solve this, or will there be P3
  9. Hello. After i updated Prepar 3d to version 4.4 and after reinstalling all ORBX products, some cenarios had a blue and pink "aura" arround some parts of the map. In the southern alaska region and St. barbara almost all airports have the problem i mentioned previously. When i updated Prepar i reinstaled the 3 files mentioned in the guide including the client. I do not know what to do to fix it. Thanks in advance. Vitor Manuel Amaral Marques
  10. Hello, I am a new customer, using FSX Steam Edition. I have just bought FTX Global Base, great product. Before buying some airport products, I had a look at a freeware one (EDBH) that I installed through FTX Central 3. BTW, I was invited to update the FTX Libraries, so I did it. Starting FSX, I saw this problem of untextured objects shown on the "EBDH App" attached image. I thought it may come from your libraries, so I went to a very standard FSX airport (LFBO) that has no scenery add-on, and I saw the same problem again (see the "LFBO" image). I am not very happy to
  11. In terms of the latest KSAN update, the file size is only 228 Mb, which takes only a short duration to d/l. However, the installation duration at present, is taking well over an hour and I'm still waiting for it to finalize. Am I missing something here? Is this normal and to be expected? Thanks,
  12. An update of FTX global vector is available on FTX Centrel but I can not download it. What should I do ? --------------------------- FTX Central Download Error --------------------------- If you are continuously seeing this "retry download" message for a single product, please take a screenshot of this message and post if on the forum: System.IO.IOException: Erreur de données (contrôle de redondance cyclique). à System.IO.__Error.WinIOError(Int32 errorCode, String maybeFullPath) à System.IO.FileStream.ReadCore(Byte[] buffer, Int32 offset, Int32 c
  13. Any plans to update the Austrlian ai traffic pack? I wouldn't call it obsolete yet, but there are many thing that have changed since-qantas 787s, cathay a350s, no more 767s, no more embraers, less 747s, and a few airlines that didn't preiously fly here now do. There is plenty more stuff, but those are the main things I think. Maybe it's already happening. Anyone know?
  14. Good morning, I would like to know when will ORBX available for X plane 11? Are there news and is there a release date?
  15. I hear from the manufacturers of my PC (a well known supplier building flight sim PCs to a You Tube 'celebrities' spec), that "a small percentage of systems globally are going to fail the update to 1709. They do not have any idea why. This includes me - despite hours of trying fixes posted online, troubleshooters, clean reboots etc, my PC is refusing to update to 1709, and sticks on 'requires a restart to complete installation' before reverting to V 1703. The PC is new, well Sept 2017, and the manufacturer says all I can do is a fresh reinstall of Windows 10 using up to date media
  16. Chester airport - KSNC Welcome all to my next project! This time is the turn of KSNC Chester airport. Chester airport (KSNC) is a public use airport located 5 km southwest of the central business district of Chester, a town in Middlesex County, Connecticut. Chester airport has a runway (17/35) measuring 782x15m. The airport is sourrunded by very big forest and to many lakes. The particularity of this airport is it's runway and apron, in fact the runway has a moderate slopes and one part of the apron is about 3mt under the runway level, and to acces to the apro
  17. Hello Several months ago I asked about the ability to transfer my boxed products over to ftx central (see link below). I'd like to know how this process is going and if they is an estimated time this will be implemented as i'd very much like to enjoy my YWOL scenery in an updated and current setting. With up-most respect I understand digital is much easier for consumers however for people like me physical products grantee security so much more then digital does and I cannot pay twice for the same product. Thanks for reading and I hope this will be implemente
  18. FTX NA Southern California isn't updating, it keeps saying download interrupted. I was given an error message and stated "post this to our forums". So that's what i'm doing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  19. Hi, just to make sure that I understand the new panel on the updated regions... "Compatibility with FTX openLC NA" Night lighting, check this to disable night lighting in the ... area for openLC NA. If I understand it correctly, leaving it unchecked is the recommended setting?
  20. Hi there, I have managed to download all the latest updates that are available for DVD customers - except the update SP9 to bring Pacific North West PNW up to Version 1.9. The following message is given when trying to download the update zip file: The requested URL /orbxfreewareOrbxFTXNAPNW190.zip was not found on this server. It seems that the link or URL may not be working. Alternatively - the file may not be there ? Kind regards, Rhett
  21. Reading through the RM for 2017, didn't see any mention of additional NA regions? I'm still waiting for adjoining regions to Socal & Norcal for a smooth Orbx transition. (ie Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado, etc) Any info on these? Steve
  22. Hi all, After update the vector to V1.5, I am getting a pop window saying "Unhandled exception has occurred in your application. If you click Continue. the application will ignore this error and attempt to continue. if you click Quit. the application will close immediately. Cannot create a file when that file already exists." This happen after I click the "Run Auto-Configuration". When I click continue the application At the FTX global Vector configuration tool does not do anything. The fallow details of the error is below, please advise. thank you. See
  23. I saw a post from last year providing instructions on removing a Vector update. My question is whether these instructions are still valid for the just-released update to Vector? I upgraded my previous version this morning and was distraught to see that the Ohio River near my home (near KHTS) is now filled with intermittent black squares and triangles rather than water textures as you fly west. Even some small lakes are half water texture and half black emptiness. Also, there are now entire communities of homes floating in the middle of the Ohio River. None of these problems existed
  24. I have previously purchased some FTX products from my Steam account (Meigs Field for example). Reading through the topics, I see that you soon hope to address the boxed version syndrome and wondered if anything was happening with software via Steam. These do not show up as installed through FTX Central 3 and I wondered how I would get these updated or showing in FTX3. Do they automatically get updated when my Steam account is active? Many thanks
  25. I recently purchased three DVD versions of various airports. They are acknowledged in FTX Central, and there is an "Update Available" tag for each of the three. However, there seems to be no way to transfer the license for update support. Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Raphael
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