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Found 19 results

  1. read manual several times cannot uninstall Orbx central or any of its components. Want to move scenery to new xplane path location while testing Vulcan. How to move Orbx to new Xplane location? Thanks Igorv
  2. I purchased a new rig recently, and had two questions before installing Orbx Vector: How much RAM, on average, will Vector add to my FSX process? I am running at about 3.0 to 3.1 GB right now, with maxed out settings. Will Vector push me over the top and give me OOM errors? If I install Vector, and find that it uses too much memory, can I cleanly uninstall it, to where there are no traces left of it being there in the first place?
  3. Hi - I'm a new user with ORBX. Sorry to say its been nothing but hard work. I downloaded the demo Tasmania scenery. 'eventually got Launceston Airport OK and subsequently Melbourne. However the Tasmania scenery is a mix of random rectangles. What Id like to do is uninstall but I cant - I also now cant reinstall FTX central. I also cant delete the "scenery " and "texture " files associated with the scenery as "I don't have permission" - it appears to want administrator rights.
  4. Hey Devs, I recently tried to uninstall OpenLC Europe from my installation. I did use FTX Central 3 and clicked on Uninstall. It then tells me that it is uninstalled. But I did see that all 10 directories plus eu lights is in my scenery.cfg and all the respective directories are still in my system. I had to manually delete (please tell me that is this okay). Why didn't FTX Central not do these steps when I click Uninstall. I would like guidance on moving forward because some of these extra steps do cause time waste, as why this isn't working or is. Unin
  5. Hello, I have been using both FSX:SE and P3D but now I want to completely delete ORBX from FSX and just keep the basic FSX installation. I tried to uninstall ORBX from FTX Central, and then delete all ORBX contents in FSX directory, but I don't know if that is all. And now when I go to FTX Central it still shows up FSX and P3D. Is there a way to make P3D default everytime I load up FTX Central? Thank you, Hoang Le
  6. If I want to reinstall Global or Vector do I have to uninstall them before reinstalling?
  7. Friends, I've made a couple of boneheaded errors with FTX, and need some help. * I tried to install my OrbX products on a 100G SSD drive that turned out to not have enough room on it. Had about 20gig free after Win7 + FSX, though it was enough. So... * Downloading all my products filled the HD and bombed overnight, where I left it running. * I removed all unfinished downloads from the queue in FTXCENTRAL3... * but didn't gain back any space on the HD * I tried SETTINGS / Clear Unfinished Downloads, it had no effect either, no regained space back on the SSD, noth
  8. Hi, I am a relative newbie after returning to flightsimming following a few year's absence and have installed FSX SE. I have also installed the Orbx PNW Demo (with FTX Central 1) and the Iceland demo through FTX Central 3. This has convinced me that Orbx Scenery addons are the way forward! Do I need to uninstall the demos before installing FTX Global Base, Vector etc? I will eventually install the UK FTXs where I do most of my GA flying.
  9. Hello, New to ORBX and would really appreciate any help. I have just installed the freeware libaries and EU airport pack to take a look at what ORBX do, and I am having a lot of issues on Vista - yes...I know old kit. None of FTX configurator, FTX central, FTX Control panel are working, returning a variety or errors. I just want to uninstall all of the ORBX software to retry or reconsider, but no obvious uninstall options exist, guessing this may be in the control panel. Appreciate any help on how to do a complete uninstall.
  10. Since purchasing Global, NA Blue, NA Gold CRM, and NA Gold NC I have switched to FSX-Steam edition and changed the drive it's located on. I can't even start FTX Central any more. I haven't been able to update anything for over a year. I think the best course of action is to completely uninstall all ORBX FTX stuff, clean out the registries and start fresh. I don't know how to remove FTX or ORBX stuff and clean out any residuals. When I have tried to update or install the new FTX Central it try to reference and install on a drive that no longer contains FSX. I'm sure many others have had
  11. Order No: FSS451149 Hi all, I needed some clarification on this. I wanted to uninstall YBCS v1.0 (originally purchased via PC Aviator on DVD). I purchased the Crossgrade-upgrade via FSS recently and I need to install the latest YBCS v1.2. Tim Harris' uninstall FTX airports instructions on the FAQ page dated March 2011 don't seem relevant to my situation here and now. 1. Tim refers to using an "FTX Configurator.exe" as part of the final step toward uninstallation - however, I do not have the FTX Configurator and ther
  12. Hi recently I installed Vector but in the game I did not see the difference. Checked ftx central I got the error message that my manual's path cannot be found. I checked the forum here and found the "Uninsall Vector", which I followed then I tried to reinstall Vector, but got this error again. My FTX Global works fine. Any advice? Thanks
  13. I have just tried to uninstall my Orbx files & it looks like Ive broken my fsx in the process. I have spent most part of today looking on this forum for a clear procedure to uninstall all orbx files from fsx & found patchy answers to this problem ! I haven't found the "sticky" answer "pinned" solution yet. Very frustrated with this. Please can someone give me the direct link to the uninstall directions. Its seems to me that the word uninstall is some sort of dirty word with Orbx ! Why isnt there a uninstaller for each product area ? Or at least a detailed procedure to uninst
  14. Hi forum, having the Orbxlibs and the previous version of FTX Global Freeware Airports North America Packs 1 to 20 installed, I'd like to install the latest FTX Global Airport Packs. Which actions do I have to take before running the FTXGLOBAL_NA_AIRPORTS setup application in order to install Airport Packs correctly? Thanks for all helpful answers! Bermuda425
  15. Hello, I've been working on reloading my laptop with Orbx scenery so I can fly on the road as I do a home. I have a new FSX install at D:\FSX and have added only KJAC and CRM plus the CRM patch 003 and Updated libraries. When I would run FTX Central and try to set NA I would get a series of errors and missing file indications incuding: Custom Files Validation Report Custom file does not exist. D:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\BLDG2LM.dds Custom file does not exist. D:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\BLDI2.dds Custom file does not exist. D:\FSX\ORBX\Scripts\Custom.na\BLDI2LM.dds Custom file does n
  16. Hello, I've installed Iceland Demo Off whithout issue. In the Orbx/Ftx file I have found the uninstaller. Everything Okay. But as I tried to use it, I got an error message: "invalid start mode: archive filename". So it's impossible to remove the demo and to get back the previous Ftx Central which allowed me the choice "Fx default" or to install the Iceland demo ON . "Easy to use uninstaller " is praised on the download page of FtX. Easy? Easy is for me straigthforward... I hope somebody knows a fix Thanks in advance
  17. My installation is a complicated mess where 2/3 is installed directly into FSX and then linked to P3D1.4 and then the rest is installed directly into P3D1.4. I've been doing this with airports and patches and everything and it seems to work but with P3D2 now coming out I feel the need to free up HDD space and also simplify the install. It seems easiest for me to just uninstall everything Orbx from both FSX and P3D1.4 and then reinstall everything back to P3D1.4 and hopefully Ill be able to link that install into P3D2 I've seen the instructions that say to just delete the orbx folder b
  18. Where do I uninstall this aircraft from please It does not appear in the control panel Thanks Howard
  19. Just a note to the developers of BOB: I was looking for some strange other effects and tried to use the menu "Orbx/Uninstall BOB". This links to a file in the main FSX folder "Uninstall_Bob" which does not work, as it has no suffix. If you change the files name to "Uninstall_Bob.exe", then it works as suspected. You should change this to avoid confusion, otherwise the menu item is useless. Regards, Fritz
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