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Found 18 results

  1. Arrived at the Old Warden airport EGTH in England and put my WWII vintage plane Hawker Sea Fury at one of the display locations near the appron. FS=XP11.35 Took my sportscar AC Cobra and drive to the nearby Castle where I was invited for a dinner: You can take a shortcut by crossing at the south of the major runway Turn right where a lot of sheeps keeps the grass short The Castle is in sight and make further a U-turn to stop at the entrance and be welcomed for my dinner
  2. Left London in the morning for a short haul to Paris. Flight KE503 for Korean Cargo. All landscape is openLC EU (no England yet sadly) Crossing one of the other London airports on FL 50. UK has amazing SIDs. 10 minutes in and still on FL 50 :-) "VFR" in a biggie is amazing. When leaving the mainland a roll-cloud made a race with me If your unfamiliar, its one of this and REX Skyforce really simulates those https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Morning_Glory_cloud https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arcus_cloud#Roll_cloud
  3. Loving the previews of UK TrueEarth. It is great news for the X-plane platform! Just one thing though, with it being photo based what are the plans for night textures? Laminar is introducing "generic" far night tiles due to the draw distance restrictions on scenery. It makes high altitude night flying much more immersive. They are beta at the moment but do look OK. Do you plan to accommodate night flying with similar effects in your TrueEarth regions?
  4. We use Liverpool as a training airfield for both IFR and VFR flying. One of the Visual Reporting Points used is the famous horse race course Aintree, where the British Grand National horse race takes place. Any chance it could be added to the England scenery pack? At present it shows as a housing and light industry area. If not possible, is there anyone out there who could point us to a scenery mod which would work? Thanks in advance for all constructive replies
  5. After a roundflight over London doing some acrobatics, I landed at the Damyn's Hall Aerodrome(EGML) nearby but the engine was overheated and I didn't notice directly the gauges showing extreme oil- and watertemperatures....perhaps a slight fuelleak and the whole engine took suddenly fire....resulting in a very costly repair....
  6. For a low and slow flight to show the lovely UK-countryside to my friend(who also love trains) I took the DeHavilland Chipmunk and airborned from Southampton airport:
  7. Royal Air Force Training Flight Leuchars. In my case, that would training wheels flight.
  8. before it's to dark to enjoy the UK-landscape in Kent, I made a slow and low flight in the Cessna CT182T Skylane(Carenado-model), enjoy the different view-angles:
  9. crossing the channel, still have not found a reasonable water texture match for FTX water.
  10. A work colleague of mine sent me this: http://www.content-delivery.co.uk/aviation/airfields/ Some nice aerial views if you're interested in that sort of thing, Simon
  11. Hi all, Got two shots of my newly downloaded airbus A320 to share. This is my first FULL flight from Newcastle,England (EGNT) to London Heathrow (EGLL.) Shes a great model but VERY different from the NGX Thanks for looking. Regards Josh
  12. Hi all, I had an online flight on Ivao tonight. Here are a few snaps Thanks for looking, Kind Regards Josh
  13. I posted yesterday only one shot and was the final parkingplace at Stapleford airport(EGSG) not so far from London, hereby a serie of shots of the whole trip: 1. Loaded and ready to startup at Shoreham : 2. Starting the engines but a bit polluting the area : 3. Taxiing to the only hardsurface runway 02 : 4. On runway 02 and ready to roll over the max of 1000mtr at full throttle : 5. Airborned and turned right to fly a bit along the coast to Brighton : 6. Fly sidewise over the famous Pier of Brighton and heading to NE : 7. Fly over the destination: airport Stapleford(EGSG) to show at the public : 8. Almost touch down for hard braking on the total of 1000mtr leftover : 11. Come almost to a stop at the end for a 180 dgrees turn to runway 04L : : 13. Crossing a leisure plane that is preparing to airborn and almost on my final place : 14. Turned right nearby gas station and come to a stop : Thank you for viewing, any comment is welcome. Sorry, but I arrive not to enter in a normal way a blank line between text and/or screenshots whatever I try via my keybord or mouse (have it posted as issue in 'general discussion') Is it due to Win8 as OS?. By editing and trying to align shots with text ore vice-versa the last initial posted shot disapeard, hereby again:
  14. I just need to say, that this little airport is a gold mine! I spent much time at small GA airports similar to Stapleford in the UK , and have to say the spirit of such airfield has really been captured here! Now where's that Spitfire so I can give those people of "people flow" a spontaneous solo display to celebrate such a fantastic ORBX release.
  15. Been quite sometime since I posted a screen shot, actually it's been quite sometime since I posted at all! Just a few shots of a repaint I have just completed for the Dodosim 206, awaiting approval on Ozx. For those interested I have also recently uploaded a couple of other Dodo repaints as well, another for the UK G-PORT and one for New Zealand ZK-HTC - perfect for exploring Milford Sound Taken around Goodwood... Paul
  16. Hi guys, After a few years of simming now I find myself prefering to fly the 'big boys' more often, on Vatsim, but Iam now wanting to add more realism to the whole experiance. I mainly fly the PMDG 737 and want some hardware compatiable with this aircraft. I currently have the saiteck pro flight yoke,throttles and rudder peddals. So I was wondering if you could advice me on what else you would reccomend.FYI I live in the UK and use FSX on a Windows 7 x64.bit system.So any help would be greatly appreciated and I will look forward to any feedback. Kind Regards Josh I was concidering these so far: http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-370.html?cPath=22_61 http://www.opencockpits.com/catalog/0-p-110.html?cPath=22_61
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